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wow… this one for washing my face? hello and welcome to my youtube channel this is video part two, of my trip in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam if you haven't watched part one, you can click the link above if you've watched part one, let's start part two in this video I talk more about culinary in Vietnam, especially halal cuisine, let's review Halal Saigon restaurant first along this road there are actually several other halal restaurants both owned by local residents, as well as those of immigrants from Malaysia but this Halal Saigon restaurant is the favorite This restaurant is one of the halal-certified restaurants located in downtown Ho Chi Minh City in this restaurant we can enjoy dozens of halal versions of Vietnam food such as fresh spring roll, yam soup spring, and others this restaurant was founded in 2009 by dieting so besides Vietnamese food, we can also taste some Malaysian food this location is indeed a favorite for Muslim travelers because besides being able to enjoy halal food, also because there is a mos que, that is located right in front of the Halal Saigon restaurant this is the Musulmane mosque or originally called Masjid Jami al-Muslim Also known as the Dong Du mosque, because it is located on Dong Du Street This mosque became one of the old mosques in Vietnam since it was founded in 1935 by the Muslim community of South India who then settled in Ho Chi Minh City but this mosque is not reserved for Indians only but for all Muslims This mosque can accommodate up to 350 worshipers this is a place of ablution , in the Musulmane mosque, Ho Chi Minh Although communist, Vietnam is quite tolerant, even the total mosque in Vietnam reaches around 12 mosques for a Muslim traveler, of course you can pray here after eating behind the Musulmane Mosque, there is a madrasa ( islamic school) named Noorol Imaan Arabic School that has existed since 1968 tonight we will eat at saigon street food market of course for a Muslim traveler, halal food is important therefore we will find out inside In Saigo n Street Food Market, there are quite a number of stalls selling a variety of foods but if it is halal-haram's business, the choice is limited, from around 20-25 food vendors in saigon street food market, my choice fell on this turkish kebab because in my opinion the safest is the Turkish kebab This kebab has only chicken, but there are two choices for the bread this place is quite cool, and we can eat up here but in my opinion the kebabs are pretty bland, not so tasty like in Jakarta but don't worry, if you want to try the halal Vietnamese cuisine right beside saigon street food market there is a Malaysian restaurant which is guaranteed halal they sell halal Vietnamese cuisine the next day, we tried Vietnam's legendary culinary PHO located near Ben Thanh Market why is this restaurant legendary? because this restaurant once hosted U.S.

President Bill Clinton in the 90s therefore the name is Pho for the president I'm curious about my friends' orders, what do they eat ?? me: it's you're (Nanda) order? the order hasn't been eaten yet, would you like to order again ?? this one for washing my face right? for face wash? (laugh) how the food tastes? it's ok! does it contain pork? no.. no.. it doesn't contain pork, it's safe it's taste good it's safe it's all safe just use chili didn't use shrimp paste so delicious! this is my order, beef PHO regular size why do i choose the regular size? because you can see, the large size is very large, the bowl is like a place to wash your face I haven't felt the right taste for me I add some lime, tomato sauce and chili sauce then it feels right for me these foods are like meatball noodles in Indonesia it's halal from PHO 2000 restaurant we can cross to Ben Thanh Market Ben Thanh Market is a traditional market, just like a traditional market in Indonesia I'll give you tips for shopping here you have to dare to bid up to half the price because some traders can give high prices Vietnam is also famous for its coffee I want to try coffee sold by this woman she sells fresh coffee, not sachet or instant coffee even now she is making fresh passion fruit if in Indonesia the seller only sells sachets or instant coffee the secret is that green milk after tasting Vietnam coffee I think the secret is in the condensed milk she said that it's condensed milk in Malay, i heard that she said 'susu susu' (used milk) are you sure using used milk? after i heard her one more, i'm sure now that she said "condensed milk" (condensed milk) so she speaks Malay with a Vietnamese dialect that way, i heard something different she speaks Malay very well because she sells on Malaysian roads, which are a lot of shops owned by dieting You can even pay using Malaysian ringgit here, instead of using Vietnamese Dong thank you very much the last food i wanna discuss is Banh Mi Banh Mi is like Vietnamese sandwich actually I was a little hesitant about eating this, because the frying pan might be mixed with pork, I don't know i try Bahn Mi with eggs Banh Mi contains pickles, Vietnamese vegetables, sauce the leaves that taste unique can't describe it nothing special in it taste, just ordinary sandwich with Vietnamese leaves ok, I end this video, just wait for the third video we visited Ho Chi Minh University see you soon

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Halal Food Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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