Halal Food in Singapore| Halal Restaurant in Singapore| Steak and Salmon

If you are new to this channel, please subscribe to my channel and be my friend. If you like this video like share this video with your friends. And don't forget to let me know your opinion in the comment section Peace be upon you all! Hope you all are doing well and hearty Today we will eat in a restaurant chat with you along I also have to ask you something as well! Before all that, let me tell you where I will have my dinner tonight.

It is Javier's Rotisserie and Salad Bar Restaurant This restaurant is one of the famous restaurants and of course halal! BTW, The interior of this restaurant is very nice, you will see more soon! Definitely will talk about food as well Before that, while queuing to order food, we were trying to decide the menu from the big pictures lol! There is a short waiting period due to this pandemic distance maintaining rules, thank god! That's why everybody is waiting in the queue and then getting into the restaurant During this queuing, I was trying to have a sneak peek of the interior of the restaurant Hope, you also are enjoying it! So, now we are ordering our food on the counter, and we will enter the premise along with you. One salmon and one beef And please add a water 33.49 Pay wave, please Later, collect your salmon when the buzzer rings So, after ordering the gentleman showed us our table Now all we have to do is grab our food from the food bar During we collect our food, I will try to repeat whatever we ordered.

Because I am unsure whether u have heard it properly or not due to the noise We have ordered a beefsteak, a salmon and a bottle of normal water And with each main course, we got two salad or sides. And we spent only 33.49 SGD for this particular order So, you can see the salad bar with a lot of options there are two types of salad options: cold and hot We have chosen one option from cold salad and the other three from hot options A cold option that we chose was a mixed lot of beans, white chickpeas, onion, cucumber, tomatoes and with a yummy sauce And from the hot salad option, we chose potato wedges, sweet corns and roasted potato with onion We were hesitating to choose two potato-based side options, especially my husband was a bit against it! As I love potato, he agreed at the end! As I convinced him saying that one is mine another he can try.

No big beal … So, this was the drama during choosing salad!!! By this time, our steak was served and we still had to wait for our salmon.

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Halal Food in Singapore| Halal Restaurant in Singapore| Steak and Salmon

I love how many options for Halal food in Singapore and we tried the medium-rare steak and baked salmon with salads in Javier’s Rotisserie Salad bar. The food and environment both were super cool!
Suntec City mall has so many options of food and a lot of them are halal. So we tried this amazing restaurant named Javier’s Rotisserie and Salad bar! The interior is so good as well as their foods (steaks, salmon and four salads and sides) that we tried were yum.
It was not that expensive as well!
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