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Hello everyone, we are back with me Agnes and this time we have guest coming.. my name Cynthia this time we will try Halal food restaurant in Taiwan which restaurant is it? this one.. 牛肉麵 niu rou mian, or in English is Beef Noodle Beef noodle is one of Taiwanese delicacies food you need to try this one when traveling to Taiwan
no more talking, let's go! yes go inside let's eat yeah.. our food is coming we have three kind of dishes and this is Beef Noodle the main course and inside have 3 different meat we order the special complete menu there is 3 type of meat here and what else beef soy sauce and chenai bread they explain how to eat this take this chenai bread filling with beef soy sauce and eat just like when we at Korean restaurant hahaha.. yes we order this one, actually there is two type of soup 清燉 Qīngdùn mean stew (not spicy) like soto (soto bening, google it) what we order is 紅燒 Hóngshāo soup this is more spicy..

This one more suitable.. for Indonesian people who like spicy
we try this now Awesome, look at this green onion.. for your information this food is HALAL they still waiting for the certificate Halal hope maybe this year because to get the certificate need to wait 3 to 6 months how it taste Ms. Agnes? the noodle chewy and usually Taiwanese food tasteless.. but this one savoury salty the beef meat is so soft.. see even melting with chopstick and when you bite it.. after try beef noodle now we try chenai bread this bread is like Indian cuisine
chenai bread like chenai bread
this one famous so we order this minced beef and green onion leaf sorry using hand
haha.. using hand make more delicious yummy.. need more minced beef you should put more minced beef to chenai bread
put more hahaha.. if eating this kind of dish i more likely if the bread is more thin and if you don't like chenai bread you can order white rice for replacement okay guys we will finish all of these first otherwise it will getting cold ahh so full…

How is it, Cyn?
yummy.. for beef noodle, this one is taste awesome yes not tasteless like other Taiwanese food but there is another beef noodle at Ximen we will compare the taste which one is better so stay tune for the next one hiii.. hello good afternoon.. we arrived at the second place this restaurant we can see here already have HALAL certificate already doing business for 50 years they got the certificate HALAL from Chinese Muslim association so if you wanna try, come on!! (HALAL) hii… hello.. this is our order what we just order now? this one is.. beef noodle.. this is they main course, the special one this have tendon and beef meat this noodle is curly like the first place and this time also same soup hongshao (spicy) you can choose the noodle which thin or thicker they make they own noodle and absolutely HALAL we try the thicker noodle
this one and there is also Kuotie or fried dumpling the skin just same like siomay (google it) they fried it only the bottom side on the pan like teppanyaki pan friend only the bottom one yes and it will looks like kinda burnt that burnt part is the good one
Indonesian people will like this one more than stew dumpling.

And they also have two dish more..
this vegetables small plate side dish
like snack this one is anchovy and dried tofu
yes looks like tofu (it is tofu) and salty beef sliced let's try eat this first before getting cold let's eat the meat already cut to this size looks like so delicious looks yummy this noodle.. wohoo.. (wkwkwk, google it) how is it, Cyn? compare with the first place, this one not spicy the first place is spicy.. this meat doesn't have prengus (javanese language) smell so this one so good because they doesn't smell at all the meat is so soft..

Look, easy to bite.. yummy, the soup also tasty very like this, the taste is great in my tongue because usually Taiwanese food less salt less salt mean tasteless this one is TOP so yummy delicious i like chewy noodle now we try this Kuotie inside there is ginger, minced beef and cabbage like usual when eat this you can add ketchup the ketchup they use is.. condensed ketchup like this not to watery [nyam] [nyam] look inside this one and this Kuotie skin is crispy make it taste good this burnt side will make.. Kuotie have good fragrant and they give a lot of meat usually at another restaurant the meat inside Kuotie is not much vegetables more than meat this one almost cannot taste vegetables, all covered by meat
there is a little like green onion or whatever we will eat all these first after this we will get to the result why you didn't finish it?
i'm so full~ my stomach almost blow up ah~ My God.. hahaha.. i haven't full..

Wkwkwk.. okay then we can still go to Ximending (Ximen shopping area) i like this one more than.. the first place..
why? this one the food not too greasy, the first one so greasy when you eat then your lips like wearing a lip gloss all mouth become glowing..
ah i see this one is more tasteful and the soup also tasty although this not spicy but if you like more spicy you can add more spicy there is a spice table over there and spicy etc so which one you like most? this noodle is great but i like the first place soup because spicy maybe because i like spicy food so if you like spicy taste you might like the first restaurant. all depend on you well when you coming to Taiwan you can try both place, okay yes and if you like to order this one if you coming to this place, what we order is a set menu there is beef noodle with side dish and drinks all only 300NT around USD10 it so full if you only two person if you coming with 3 or 4 person you can share this, also it become cheaper you need to come here with friends because if only two people then like Cyn she cannot finish her meal okay this is end of our video about HALAL restaurant in Taiwan for the next episode we will take you all to other HALAL places that taste great in Taiwan and if you like this video..

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HALAL FOOD IN TAIPEI, TAIWAN | Beef Noodle | Kolang Kaling

BEST HALAL FOOD IN TAIPEI, TAIWAN | 外國人吃台灣牛肉麵| Beef Noodle | Kolang Kaling

Beef Noodle Soup might called as Taiwan's national food, as this dish is easily to find in restaurants, nightmarkets, food courts all around the country. Traditionally, beef noodle soup is served with a handful of fresh greens, chopped cilantro, pickled mustard greens, and chili oil. You’ll love the tender beef stewed for hours in the accompanying savory, full-bodied broth.
In this video, we will introduce you two restaurants that famous for their beef noodle. These two restaurants also are moslem friendly. When you visit Taiwan, don't forget to try one of them~

1. 清真中國牛肉麵食館 (Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant)
No. 1, Alley 7, Lane 137, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
02 2721 4771

2.張家清真黃牛肉麵館 (Chang's Beef Noodles Shop) --- Muslim Halal Restaurant
No. 21, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
02 2331 2791

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