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hey guys welcome to my channel Desi
abroad for this video we are going to visit some halal restaurants in chiang
mai and check out their food alright guys before we continue make
sure you subscribe to my channel and the first place that we
are at is called Khao Soi Islam so we're gonna go inside
and try their food so let's go like i said it's a really hot weather
today so we're just gonna wait for someone to
serve me and after that I'm just gonna order some food so
let's wait for the menu.

Okay guys so Khao Soi Islam
is a really popular halal restaurant okay guys so i ordered myself Khao SoI.
Khao Soi is a very popular dish in the northern part of Thailand. it consists of
egg noodles and the curry is a special curry which consists of
coconut milk. Now you can order it in chicken and beef
but i ordered myself chicken Khao Soi. You can also add some fermented vegetables and onions to give it much more flavor also lemon gives it a good taste
so if you are ever in the northern part of thailand
you definitely need to try this and i'm sure you will love it.
This dish Khao Soi is actually a variation of the Burmese dish
by the same name but it has different variations. This one is a
variation that was created by Chinese Muslims which came over to
Thailand and it's a very popular dish within the northern part of Thailand.
It might not be served in other places but it's a very popular dish for the
northern part of Thailand guys, the second thing that I ordered
is called chicken dumplings they are also very
popular around here .

The chicken dumplings, they're really good so okay so let's try the dumplings and see how they taste so all this costed me 110 baht,
very economical for any person who's living in Thailand.
It's a really good price. So next time you come around here
make sure you visit this place called Khao Soi Islam they have some halal snacks around here
as well if you're interested in those you can try them out as well Hello alright guys it was hot during the
breakfast time but now it's actually raining so the weather is
very unpredictable here in Thailand.

So now for lunch we are
at Sophia restaurant. So at Sophia restaurant
we're gonna order up some meals and check the food out they are quite a lot of dishes that they
offer but these are some of them that are displayed on the wall Hello and guys for lunch i am being
accompanied by my beautiful wife Hey say hi hey
so guys this restaurant is owned by a very kind lady she reminds me of my
grandmother, she's actually in the background you can see her right now
she's a very very kind lady and the food here is really nice as well
so we're just going to order up really good your favorite yes alright guys so i ordered myself Phad see ew a very traditional noodle Thai dish and
it's really good it's made of rice noodles and they have
some vegetables on it as well and also I ordered beef so it has beef
inside as well.

So I'm gonna try some but before that, tastes better with some
chili so we're going to add some chilies to it
and lemon as well before i came to Thailand I was not a
big fan of spicy food and chili and all that but since
I've been here spending so much time with my wife and
eating her food I've been accustomed to spicy food now
so I really enjoy chilies and spicy food and all that
compared to I did when I was back home so babe, what did you order
like stir fry basil is it spicy? yes it's spicy but i'm going
to put some more chili and fish sauce Thai people can eat a lot of spicy food
trust me when I say this. When I came here in the beginning
i could not bear eating fried basil that she's eating right now
it was so spicy for me but as you stay here
and you know you have to eat your wife's cooking most of the time so you get used
to all that so now I really enjoy the spicy food.

brings really good taste to it and it's really really
good food when you try eating like this with a lot of spices
it's a new experience for me when i came to Thailand so
I'm really enjoying the food the Thai food is really amazing these amazing dishes which is
rice noodles with beef that I ordered and fried basil beef that my
wife ordered cost us a total of 120 baht
now again very economical dishes and these are very common standard
dishes in Thailand that are very basic and can be found in any restaurant
within Thailand so it's still raining right now we're just gonna wait for the
rain to settle down and then we are going to head back home
and then later we are going to visit another restaurant
for dinner guys we are going to have dinner at this place called Fatimah burger
one of the best places for burgers within Chiang Mai
and it's not only that they have an absolutely amazing service, the owner of
this place is a really kind person and he's very
generous person as well it's a small establishment
but for a small establishment they have amazing
absolutely amazing delicious burger so we're gonna try those out
right now so guys i ordered myself a beef burger
with cheese, vegetables and French fries it
looks delicious really big portion it's really big
and looks really juicy so we're going to try this
right now and my wife ordered a chicken pizza
so she's gonna try that i'm gonna share some with her as well and we're just
gonna see how they taste so how's your pizza
really good yeah excellent guys I need to tell you something funny and amazing at the same time my wife does not like pizza at all.

is the only place ever where she said the pizza was
actually good and she really enjoys eating it only and
only at this place so it's a really really good
place to come so guys we just finished up it was a very fulfilling meal it was
absolutely delicious it costed us 340 baht for the pizza and
the beef burger that I ordered it was
absolutely delicious so it's highly recommended for you to come to this
place and visit also all the three places that we have
visited for this video are actually in the same area so they're
actually in in a walking distance from each other so
they're at this place called the night bazaar so at the night
bazaar there is this road it's a very there's a very big Muslim
community around this area so you will find a lot of halal food over here as
well there's a mosque right opposite to where
i am fat my burgers right now and one more thing i would like to tell
you all of you guys is that all the three places that we
have visited have economical food so it's not
expensive it's like local food the establishments are not
that fancy at all but the food is absolutely
amazing so don't worry about what kind of place
it is but the food is amazing and i highly recommend that
to you guys that you come and visit these places so
if you want to know more about these three places that i have visited
just check the description below and make sure you subscribe to my channel
and also like this video as well and i will see you guys for my next
video have a good night

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Halal Food in Thailand | Chiang Mai 2020 | Desi abroad

For this video, I visited a few Halal food restaurants in Chiang Mai, Thailand. All these restaurants have amazing food and I highly recommend to you all to visit these Halal food restaurants. I will be making more videos with regards to Halal food in Thailand and other places.

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You can find the names and the directions of the Halal food restaurant that I visited in this video (all being in Chiang Mai, Thailand) below:

1. Khao Sai Islam (Popular for its Northern food)

2. Sophia Restaurant

3. Fatimah Burger

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