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assalamualaikum hello everyone welcome 
back or welcome to my channel in this   video i want to talk about halal food since 
i reverted to islam i obviously had to change   the food that i am eating as it has to be halal 
as we muslims are following the islamic sharia law   and that means that we can only consume halal 
food and in this video i want to share my   experiences with you when it comes to finding 
halal food in the netherlands where i am living   and to show you i'm going to take you in this 
video also to the supermarket in my village   i went to two supermarkets because the 
first supermarket where i went to is   the most famous supermarket in the 
netherlands it's called albert hein   but since i'm living in a very small village 
they didn't have any halal meat unfortunately   and i know that in the bigger cities they 
have halal meat but here unfortunately   not so i went to another supermarket also in my 
village and there i found halal products so i will   take you with me to the supermarket at the end 
of this video fortunately in the last years there   are more and more dutch people who are consuming 
halal meat not only because the muslim population   is growing in the netherlands but even non-muslims 
nowadays they are more likely to choose halal meat   over the regular meat that they are consuming here 
in the netherlands and there are more reasons for   this but one of the reasons is that some people 
just say that it tastes better and others they   choose halal because of the well-being of animals 
actually halal meat was known as cruel here in the   netherlands and some of the organizations still 
think that it is more cruel for the animals   to kill them in the halal way than to anaesthetize 
the animal before slaughtering it so let's just   mention one of the halal rules that are attached 
to halal food and halal food needs to be   certificated before they can sell it here in their 
shops so if a product is certificated as halal   they follow the rules to identify it as halal most 
of the people know that muslims may only eat halal   meat and that muslims are not allowed to eat all 
the animals the most famous example of this is   that muslims are not allowed to eat pork but there 
are also other types of animals that muslims may   not eat you can think for example about animals 
that produce poison animals that were already   dead animals that are still drinking milk from 
their mother and animals with clothes or incisors   and in addition muslims are allowed to eat only 
animals that are in good conditions and therefore   the animal must be healthy well-treated and 
well-fed only when all those points are followed   you can speak of halal meat the animal must be 
slaughtered by a human and the butcher must be   a practicing adult muslim the animal must not 
be slaughtered in the same room as other animals   so the animals may not see each other it is also 
important that the animal cannot see the knife   and during slaughtering the animal the butcher 
must say the prayer bismillah allahu akbar   and that means in the name of god god is great 
halal meat is different than other kinds of meat   because you will find no blood in the halal meat 
as it is not allowed to eat blood in islam and   that is actually more healthy because it is well 
known that blood can contain a lot of bacteria   and even some kind of diseases before i became 
muslim i've been vegetarian for over seven years   and the reason that i was vegetarian was because 
i didn't want to hurt the animals i didn't want to   let them suffer by slaughtering them so i decided 
to not eat meat at all that was especially because   i've seen a lot of videos about the bio industry 
and about the slaughtering process how it goes   here in europe and i've seen that it cost the 
animals a lot of stress and their main goal   is to produce as much meat in less time possible 
and even the anaesthesia causes a lot of pain   also for the animals so i don't think that that is 
always the correct way uh to slaughter an animal   and when i read about slaughtering followed by the 
islamic sharia law i found it a much better way   and that is one of the reasons again why i think 
that islam is really the right path and is really   the right religion when i was vegetarian and when 
i was not interested in the religion of islam   yet i read already some information about halal 
slaughtering because i thought actually that it   was a really bad and cruel way for the animals but 
then i came across some articles that explained   the rules and that totally changed my mind one 
of the reasons is because animal welfare is very   important when it comes to halal slaughtering and 
i think it is so important that we don't let the   animal suffer more than is necessary even there is 
a verse in the quran that states that animals must   be treated well and that we are all creations from 
allah you can find it in surah 6 38 and i read   also that our prophet prophet muhammad peace be 
upon him said that if you are going to slaughter   that you have to slaughter it in the less painful 
way for the animal and in the best possible way   also the animals may not have any broken parts of 
the body unfortunately a lot of animals here in   the meat industry broke parts of the body because 
of transport or the process of the slaughterhouse   before it's actually going to be slaughtered and 
that is also not allowed in halal slaughtering   in the way how halal slaughtering is done the 
nerves to the brain are caught in one movement   this results in very rapid consciousness and 
the heart stops beating it is a quick death   with less pain for the animals but that is also 
one of the reasons for a lot of european people   who are not muslim to choose for halal meat for 
the well-being of the animals but not only when   it comes to food in the supermarket there are 
also more and more restaurants opening that are   selling only halal products and also for delivery 
for example in my village i have also some choices   on delivery at home from halal restaurants so 
that is really nice and you can see also now   in the shop's products that are halal certified 
to be sure that there are not ingredients used   from ingredients that are haram such as alcohol or 
animal ingredients that are haram and the number   of products that are halal certified are growing 
so that is great because for example for me it was   obvious that i had to change my diet as a muslim 
but i wouldn't think so fast about the products   that i'm using if they are actually halal so it's 
very useful if brands are using a halal stamp to   let us know if it is halal to consume for muslims 
so that's also great and i just wanted to tell   you about my personal experience on changing 
my diet the hardest part from eating halal   is that you always have to check the ingredients 
of the products that you are buying because i am   living in the netherlands there is a lot of food 
where they use not halal animal products as one of   the ingredients think for example about gelatine 
so i always have to read very carefully the   ingredients before i buy something and when i'm 
eating at my work or when i'm eating in somebody   else's home i have to be very careful and very 
clear that i cannot consume any food that it's   not halal and also of course when it comes to 
alcohol because i am not consuming alcohol at   all anymore so i have to be careful also that 
there is not cooked with alcohol and even in some   non-alcoholic beverages there is still 
sometimes a small percentage of alcohol inside   so it happened also that someone thought about 
me and bought some non-alcoholic beverages   but then i was still not able to consume it so i 
guess that's the hardest part of changing my diet   to a halal diet to disappoint people at that point 
because then they say to me come on it's not that   bad and you don't have to be that strict but for 
me it's just very important to follow the rules   of islam and they don't really always understand 
that and yes my friends and family they are not   muslim so they can just eat whatever they want and 
sometimes that means that i cannot eat something   that they have but for me that's not a very big 
problem or anything and i just keep checking the   ingredients very well before i buy something so 
now i'm going to take you guys with me to the   supermarket here in my village and i will show you 
some of the products that i can choose off when   i'm going to the supermarket here unfortunately 
we don't have any turkeys or moroccan shops like   how you can find them in the bigger cities for 
example in amsterdam and then hake and rotterdam   there are lots and lots of shops from muslims who 
are selling only halal food but here in a small   villages we don't have that so i will show you 
what i can choose on a normal day when i go to the   supermarket here at albert hine in my village they 
didn't have any halal food so i went to the yimbo   this is a typical dutch snack for candela and they 
are halal i found a lot of asian noodles halal and   there are a lot of different flavors i found this 
chicken spread and these sausages they also have   harira soup halal and even halal haribo candy but 
the packages are very small if you compare them   with the normal packages they had also a lot 
of halal meat most of the meat products that   they sell is from the mark waheed i guess that 
is a big company and in the freezer section i   found also hamburgers beef kebab lachma jun 
so there are quite a lot of halal products so let me know what you think and is it easy to 
find hello products in your country i hope that   you enjoyed to watch this video and i hope to see 
you soon in one of my next videos thank you very   much for watching don't forget to subscribe and 
to like this video then i see you soon again bye

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Halal food in the Netherlands? ūüá≥ūüáĪ

In this video I talk about my experience changing my diet to Halal food. I am living in the Netherlands and in this video we go together to the supermarket to see if they sell any Halal food.

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