Halal Food mukbang and How to travel Malaysia like a local (Feat. Asyallie)

Hello hello hello hello hello have a good day it is your strange super korean lover Shi Bin Today I will meet with the millionth follower on Instagram Asyalliee Ahmad and then I will explore the wonderful culture of Malaysia in Kuala .. Kuala Kalam? Do you pronounce koalakarim? Kuala Lumpur! Yes! Well, my pronunciation is bad. It's too hot in here because of this (crack style) I can't get in, right? So I have to change clothes. Hello! My name is Asyalliee! YouTuber and Influencer in Malaysia Influence of 1 million people on Instagram I have 1.3m followers on Instagram I have many fans from Malaysia & Indonesia and I love Korea so much Can you teach me something from the Malay language? Malay language! I like I like going I like going to I like going to the mosque I like going to the mosque because I like going to the mosque because I like going to the mosque because it's beautiful Please, would you introduce yourself I'm Hussain, one of the tour guides of KL Mosque Thank you for coming.

I want to teach you a greeting in Korean. Pass by, love, love. This is the official mosque of Kuala Lumpur, KL, with a capacity of 17,000 people . The mosque is designed so that the worshiper can come to perform Friday prayers, because every week on Friday Muslims must come to the mosque to pray once, in the afternoon OK, now I am And Asyallie in her husband's car, have you ever watched sibongtv? Youtube channel? my videos? How is that? I'm very famous! This place is the king's place the king's place? Yes! King's Place This place was built in 2011 2011? For a new house? Yes, with a new design, Islamic, Arabic, language, long life, long life for the king, please forgive, long life for the king, something like this, please forgive me … This is a popular Malaysian restaurant. There are many dishes. You have to choose what you like. Come on. Welcome. This is Kui Tiao Lad Na.

Is it from China? And it became a popular Malay meal, right? Focus here = part of the culture now! If Pari Masa Assam Badas I would like to try this Well we usually taste it For this food we use our hands when eating So do you want to use it Actually, it's delicious It's hot but delicious Can you hmmm?! use my hand? Ayam Masa Lama Chili Padi Malaysian hand style of eating You first come on try delicious? Tasty? Delicious Delicious Delicious This is Teh Tarik and this is Bandon Do you know the name of this color? Pink? No, that's a pink heart yeah yeah… a pink heart So this is cera bandun chencho Well, I'm going to try this pink heart Cheers I smell the flowers sambal bluchen Shrimp paste lemon chili onion mixed not bad It's tea with milk milk tea milk tea on The Malaysian way as the bartender does the mixing like that so what's the best dish for you? What is the best dish for you? I love pasta, it's the best. How do you pronounce the name? Ko Tio Ladna My second dish is fish! This was sponsored by ASEAN-Korea Center and we are grateful for this opportunity Thank you for watching this episode Don't forget to follow me @asyalliee Don't forget to subscribe and like if you liked the episode See you in the next episode See you later! good bye

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Halal Food mukbang and How to travel Malaysia like a local (Feat. Asyallie)

Thank you Han Asean and Asyallie for helping me to tour Malaysia!

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