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The famous Tzatziki, it’s been a while since I last had my Tzatziki. So let’s try it. I’ve never had this before. I think I ‘m gonna dip it in the Tzatziki like a fry. Mmm! Oh yeah! Yeah? Yeah!! Lemon on the sea bass. Wow this is a huge fish. Yes I just know that it’s fresh you know just looking at it. Ohh! I’m excited.

Let's go. It's very delicate. Cheers! Mmm.. So sweet. Welcome to Foodie Momma Ph! I’m now here again with Hafidz of Lepak Corner. We are at HomeTeamNS. And we’re gonna try apparently a little restaurant called Ela. But it’s a Greek food and it’s Halal so I’m very exicted. Let’s go!! Alright, so we’re starting this Greek feast with this Dip Party Platter. What are these dips? This is spicy eggplant. This is the Tzatziki. This is the spicy Feta. And this is Cod Roe. And of course the quintessential Pita. -Pita bread. They have crushed salt on this, sea salt. Or some herbs, smells like oregano. Oregano. I could be wrong, I don't know. Smells fancy. Alright let’s go! I want to try this spicy feta.

Cheers! Thank you, let’s go! Spicy Feta! Feta is like a light nutty cheese and crumbly right. And you mix it with something spicy, a little bit of seasoning. It’s good! I want to try the spicy eggplant, as I mentioned in the other video I don’t eat eggplant and okra. just a bit. Out of your comfort zone. -Yes! Mmm… I can smell and taste the roasted flavor in there. It’s actually much more better than I imagine it to be. Oooh.. That’s good! Yeah alright. Just a little bit salty, just enough because the Feta is very light. Yeah. And the eggplant is not too spicy. Yeah it’s nice, very nice on your palate.

Let’s go fot the Cod Roe. Cod Roe okay let's go. You see the olive oil in there. Mmm!!! Yeah! Wow! It’s very savory. It’s like the flavor of the ocean. It really tastes like anchovies. I would think they would be good with like toasted bread and lots of olive oil. And the quality of olive oil is top notch. -Yeah. Last but not the least, the Tzatziki. it’s been a while since I last had my Tzatziki.

So let’s try it. It’s exactly how I imagine it to be. Very light and tangy. I believe there’s yogurt there as well. Yogurt yeah. There’s some herbs in there as well, olive oil. It’s grated cucumber normally it’s cubed but for them it’s shredded. I think it’s really good. It’s very cooling. I think this is a good summer flavor. Especially now that it’s very hot in Singapore, I think this is a good appetizer for you to get at Ela. So far whatever we’ve been trying is really good.

All the dips are very good. I think this place is like family oriented. Yeah, it’s very big. We feel like very Lepak (chill) here . Very Lepak . Four cheese pizza, there’s Feta, Kasseri, Mozzarella and Parmesan. With olive oil, thyme and it’s a Pita Pizza. Slowly, alright! Pizza cheers! Mmm… For cheese lovers this is for you. I never imagined Pita being a pizza but it works. I’ve never had it like this. Yeah, it’s not as doughy you know. It’s really good. Wow! I love the combination of the cheeses they use, I feel like it’s very well balanced. Adding a Feta a white cheese makes it have that contrast, so they’re savory but there’s lightness in it as well. This is good! It’s like a lasagna. Yeah it’s like a fancy lasagna. Are you ready for the Moussaka. -Yes. Mmm.. Oh it’s really good. It’s meaty but it’s light and tomatoey, a little bit so there’s tartness in there. The bechamel sauce, a quintessential ingredient with making Moussaka or Lasagna.

It has that creaminess that you get from the Bechamel. And I love tha they put eggplant in there as well. Andi it’s made for fairly so it’s not dry at all, it’s actually very moist. Wow! -The zucchini inside, oh so good! The seasoning on the beef ragu. As you know ragu it takes a long time to simmer the stew right. So this is really a labor of hard work you know.

-Yeah. And it goes well with this, it looks like a big lasagna shade as well. Really hearty and comforting. I think they have a lot of pasta dishes on their menu as well that you can try. -Yeah. More options that you can try than the usual restaurant that you got to for your Western food. Yeah. There are other dishes that’s coming. Onto the main course! Yes, so this is the Farmhouse Platter. It consists of beef, meatballs, beef kebabs, chicken kebabs, chicken sausage, lamb kebabs, Greek salad, lemon, olive oil, potato and Tzatziki. Yes correct we have it all here. And what is in front of you is a Seabreeze Platter. Look at this. That’s octopus. Look at this huge octopus. -We have sea bass. Swordfish, white bait and we have calamari. With oregano, pizza, red onion and tomato.

Yeah we live for like a whole family. Served with the pita and golden fries here. -Yes x2. I don’t know which one to start first. I think this octopus deserves to.. -Okay. It’s my first time eating this big of a tentacle. Look at that! I’m labeling on the white bait, it’s really fresh I really like it. Do the honors. It’s so big I don’t know how to cut. There you go.

That’s yours. Tentacle cheers! Mmm… wow! Yeah. You know why I don’t order squid or octopus anywhere. Why? Because it’s usually chewy and overcooked. But this one, grilled to perfection and it’s very tender. Almost melt in your mouth kind of feels. Wow! So you’re not chewing and chewing and chewing and chewing and chewing. This is like a lemon butte sauce or something on top of it. Yeah. Wow, I think we’re gonna have to cheers the swordfish. It looks like Wagyu cubes almost but it’s white.

The sauce is tangy. This swordfish is very succulent. Wow! Really good. Meat that has been cooked right, done right. And this.. -Yes the one that I tried. That you already tried. White bait, this is like a small fish where you can eat on it’s own. It looks like tempura. -Yes. I’ve never had this before. I think I’m gonna dip it in the Tzatziki like a fry. Mmm! Oh yeah! Yeah? Yeah!! Now I think we have to drizzle the lemon on the sea bass right. -Yeah. Lemon on the sea bass. Wow this is a huge fish. Yes, I just know that it’s fresh you know, just looking at it. And the thing with seafood is that you don’t have to season a lot. Because you really want to taste the freshness of the seafood. Ohh! I’m so excited! Let’s go! It’s very delicate. Cheers! Mmm.. So sweet. The nutaral oiliness of the fish, the sweetness like you mentioned.

This is sweet yeah. And it’s still steaming hot, cooked perfectly, still moist. What I love about the sea bass it’s meaty but at the same time it’s soft. The taste is very clean, very fresh. Not many seasoning is used so it doesn’t overpower. You know you don’t feel anything overpowering the other, it’s just nice. Just the natural freshness. Yes, this is really good. Oh my god! With a bite of.. This is squid? Calamari! I thought it was onion ring earlier. Mmm.. I’m already impressed. They know they’re seafood here. Yeah. Guys, again I’m gonna dip it in the Tzatziki. It’s reaaaally tender. This is good! Just wow! On to the meat! Alright. I’m gonna start with the ball.

Ball cheers! Mmm… Oh that’s gooey,definitely there’s oregano there. What I love Greek food is they’re simple salad so it’s like a mix of cucumber, tomato, red onions and olives with feta. And they love their feta cheese huh. Yeah! I think we need to do a bit of sprinkling again. -Yes. Let’s go. On the meat. And you can see that the meat to pita ratio. With your chicken sausage. Let’s go! Is this lamb? It’s lamb. I think it’s lamb. Wow! The heat, the spice and it’s not gamey at all. Slightly spicy. Yeah it’s really spicy. -But it’s good spice. It’s very soft, very tender. From the first bite you can really taste the smokiness in there. That’s what happens when you put a good marinated, well-seasoned meat on the grill. It just works the magic. I’m not really big a big fan of lamb because like you said they can get gamey. And there’s a certain smell with lamb.

True true. You know, much stronger than beef. But this is perfect. Chase it with some fry. One last stick to try the beef skewer. Let’s go for it. Let’s go! So look at the skewer, there’s oregano on top with like butter lemon sauce. Cheers! That’s so good. It’s medium rare. It’s legit beef cubes. Wrap it up. Wow! Very tender. That’s the perfect cook on that, medium rare. I’m gonna dip a pita again on my Tzatziki. I appreciate the Tzatziki because it kinda balances and contrasts the heavy flavors on your mouth. Kind of like a palate cleanser. I haven’t tried the sausage though with some spices and herbs again. Nice. Mmm… Very mild. -Yeah. But you can taste the herbs in there, very light. There are some sausages when you eat, you can already tell that.. -It’s processed. Overly processed. This is I think made from scratch so.. which I appreciate you know. Oh my goodness I can’t stop. I want the fish right now. I can’t stop with the fish. Go get some more. That chunkiness of the fish already i like eh.

We’re definitely gonna come back here and I’m gonna invite my friends here. And gonna bring my friends here. Wow. Super nice place. As it is with all casual dining restaurants the price point is very attractive as well. So it’s not exorbitant at all. Alright, I can’t wait to go for our dessert. Let’s go for some Greek yogurt and some tea. Dessert time but you still have your pita. Yes, my palate cleanser. I’m a carbs person, I love my bread. So with us today, we have now Earl Grey right? Supreme Earl Grey with a very high quality yogurt. So this is Greek yogurt with raspberry I’m assuming. Thyme honey and walnuts. I think you need to..

-This is Earl Grey. Pour the tea first. Let’s go. You can try the tea first and I’m gonna try the yogurt. Perfect oh my god I love the sound of that! The yogurt, I’m gonna get some blueberry with some thyme honey and some walnut. It looks so good. Cheers to your tea and my yogurt! -Cheers to your yogurt! Mmm.. Oh the Earl Grey is really rich, it really warms up your mouth. The tartness of the yogurt with the sweetness thyme honey, just blends well.

The Earl grey is good. The quality of the yogurt here and the honey is really good. That’s good honey huh. You have to try. Fine. Just a hint of the yogurt the peanut and the honey. The honey is really good and the yogurt is very tart. The sour and the sweetness really compliments each other. And it’s legit Greek yogurt. So what was you’re favorites for today? My favorite oh my god, it’s the Sea bass! I love the Sea bass. It’s really fresh.
I love the Sea bass. It’s really fresh. I love the chunk bits, I mean a fan of fishes like in general. The sea bass was a winner for me, that’s like the thing that I can finish on my own.

The second is the lamb. The lamb kofta kind really really good, really well seasoned. It’s not gamey, it doesn’t smell, it’s spicy, really good stuff! Yeah what about for you? For me… I am surprised and amazed with the seafood platter in general. Like every single ingredient in the seafood platter. Guys like if you’re gonna come here I highly recommend that for your family. The sea bass is huge. Octopus is huge, it’s the biggest tentacle I’ve seen in my life. Everything is cooked to perfection. The white bait like battered and then deep fried. Crispy, it goes well with the Tzatziki. And the swordfish, melt in your mouth. Yeah, I got to give it up for the seafood platter. But all the dips are good as well. My number one is the Tzatziki. For the Farmhouse platter, I think I love the lamb as well. It’s really tasty. The cook on the beef skewers are medium rare so it’s really perfect.

And for someone like me who doesn’t like eat lots cheeses and all that. Even the pizza is really good. It’s palatable you know. The eggplant dip is my favorite. Wow! For someone who doesn’t eat eggplant! It’s better than the yogurt. We have a convert here guys. And the best way to finish off the meal is with yogurt dessert and cup of tea. Alright so that’s it for today’s episode. We’re so full! I’m not even in food coma I’m like, I’m dead. So we pretty much covered most of the exciting and big platters. Again, thank you Hafidz for joining me. -Thank you for having me. Thank you for having me. Please if you need to go on more food trails you know who to call. And if you happen to be in the West we highly recommend this restaurant called Ela. A Greek restaurant, it’s Muslim owned, everything is Halal certified. So you can find it here inside HomeTeamNS in Bukit Batok.

I’ll put the link in the description down box below. That’s it for today’s episode. Again, thank you so much guys for watching and I’ll see you on the next episode. We’re gonna have Hafidz try 5 different types of Filipino Street Food Bananas. See yah!.

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Halal Greek Food in Singapore!🇸🇬 Kebabs & Fresh Seafood | Greek Street Food, Street Food in Greece

On today's video, Hafidz Rahman(of Lepak One Korner) and I visits one of the newest Muslim-Owned Greek Restaurants in the west. Ela serves 100% Halal Greek Food and we tried the following dishes:

-Dip Party Platter
-Four Cheese Pita Pizza
-Beef Moussaka
-Farmhouse platter
-Seabreeze platter
-Greek Yogurt Waffles
-Supreme Earl Grey

Try all these dishes and let me know what you think!♥

Check out Ela at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok
- 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, #01-07 A B, Singapore 659003


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