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I come with me again Aziza from Japan haha TV and today I'm gonna make a very special menu for you guys and that is the Japanese style fried chicken or known as car again so this is a homemade car again so it's not a store-bought karegi I'm gonna teach you step by steps on how to make a racket maybe you heard before like what is karaage karaage it's a little bit different with the fried chicken so this is the Japanese style we're gonna put soy sauce and then a garlic and anything else I'm gonna put all the recipe in the end of this video so please check it out please note that not all karaage in Japan's al-hilal why because in Japan it's not regular to use the halal certified chicken for car again usually the Karaka ingredients are contained the alcohol or Mary or sake so the regular karaage they usually use alcohol to cook with but be in this video I'm gonna teach you how to make Harrogate without alcohol or without the sake so you can have a Muslim friendly karegi in your house enjoy my video so the one thing that you definitely should have is the chicken so this is I use the chicken tights halal certified from Jammu supa and it's already cut so I don't need to cut it anymore so it's a cut already in a bite size like this so this is 400 p.m.

So you need a 400 gram chicken we're gonna marinate the chicken with this garlic or grated garlic so this is also have a certified over here this is halal certified okay and I got it from the game super – and I used this as an be grated ginger okay for the soy sauce I'm gonna use this key command soy sauce and with not non alcohol Kikkoman soy sauce okay so in shoulder you can use this one we don't and then you're gonna need the SNB white paper actually you can use white or black pepper because in my house there is a white paper so I'm gonna use this one instead and then you need this coma guru Baba Buddha is a sesame oil okay you can use any brand of the same olive oil as long as it's a pure sesame oil okay we're gonna use this one on the a little bit and for the coating of the chicken I'm gonna use katakuriko katakuriko means the potato starch so if you have any brand of potato starch please listen I'm not gonna use it all the assistants Mahler's size they're available in the shop on the ball please put the chicken okay so one and a half tablespoon of ginger I'm just gonna use this thing this is one tablespoon I think two tablespoon is enough okay so two tablespoon of soy sauce ginger ginger is maybe a half teaspoon you don't if you love ginger if you like to smell the ginger then you can add more then we're gonna add the paper okay so we're gonna add a little bit okay as you like and then I'm gonna put a little bit of salt so because we already put the soy sauce just just put a little bit a pinch of salt will be fine – pinch all right and now it's the last one the same in oil [Music] okay I'm gonna use one part of a teaspoon my hand is clean already so I'm gonna mix it like this makes it real good okay we're gonna wait for 30 minutes to fully marinated the chicken so let's wait [Music] [Music] beside it's about 30 minutes and this is the potato starch orthotic Rico that I mentioned earlier so what you have to do is like this is the marinated chicken just put it in the category curve like this so make sure that it is nicely coated with Kappa Creek oh yeah like this if you want to make it like a bigger side cook thoroughly oh my handsome business so I think we have this one nice we want to know in my kitchen background and uh very cute right [Music] okay guys we're done let's try it the smell it's really really good trust me you should try it at home okay okay yummy yummy color again [Music] [Music] guys seriously like I got this recipe actually from one of my Japanese friends and he opened a restaurant before and he taught me how to make a very simple karaage without million without alcohol so he told me to use this kind of karaage and I I tried this recipe for many many times so you cannot fail with this recipe okay this is so good seriously it's crunchy on the outside and also very juicy on the inside but it's not rare yeah this is very good recipe why don't you try it at home it's very easy to write okay guys that's all for today thank you very much for watching my video today and thank you very much for keep supporting Japan haha TV don't forget to Like share and subscribe Japan Hollow TV social media and I'm gonna make another review for you so please stay tuned with Japan model TV and don't forget that we are still collecting donations for the coffee 19 and if you want to pay your jacket to fees we depend on TV we are collaborating with global zakat so please feel free to send us I will put everything on a description thank you very much bye bye sonikku

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Halal Japanese Food Karage Recipe from Scratch // Japan Halal TV

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