HALAL JAPANESE RAMEN & Fried Gyoza in TOKYO! Harus coba! | Kaori Hatsuse

oh hey guys welcome back to the Carrie show I do sound very sexy right now because I'm not feeling very well today we are in Asakusa to try out some halal ramen I have never tasted this before people saved this restaurant we were really good to have five reviews that's the reason why I'm coming here so let's just go right in yeah here we are guys we are in natty taya ramen and it is definitely certified as hollow which is Muslim friendly and this is a menu over here I'm mocking me ordering some stuff that is like recommended online I've read some of the reviews and they totally recommend spicy miso ramen and you know I love spicy food so I don't mind and we're gonna try the fried them fling it also the fried cutter game and for all you guys that are vegetarian out there they also have some vegetarian from it Oh without further ado we are going right in I love this is the vibe of it is very rustic it's a little bit dark hello [Music] and he's letting us use the second floor we're gonna order is this fried dumpling and karegi company and the potential for a Muslim origin kita that my family got what what like I see and look at how sexy that love we got our chopsticks ready [Music] let's taste the soup first it's not that spicy all right there's a little kick to it [Music] dark chewy evict assistantship or noodle the suit is definitely so flavorful I mean it's not that spicy for me so I'm gonna add another extra chili sauce as recommended [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Fryman it was definitely a great job the staff was really really nice and it was fresh it's delicious it's worth the try so you guys need to visit not eat a ramen in Asakusa and overall I only had to pee in because the guy was just so nice to me and what a lucky day go check it out you guys please do that's all that I helped you get today I'll see you guys next time bye e I hope I'll get better soon bye

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HALAL JAPANESE RAMEN & Fried Gyoza in TOKYO! Harus coba! | Kaori Hatsuse


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In Today's videoI ate my first ever Halal Japanese Styled Ramen with some amazing chicken fried gyoza and the classic karaage in Asakusa. The wrappers were thin, and fried to perfection, leaving a nice crispy texture yet moist and delicious filling on the inside. I definitely recommend getting those three dishes! If you ever visit Asakusa, Tokyo make sure to stop by this Ramen Shop. I provided the information down below ⬇️

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Halal Ramen Information:
Naritaya Halal Ramen Shop https://www.fellowscompany.jp/


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