Halal K Food Cooking Studio [bibimbap]

welcome everybody! Watch halal korean food online! Welcome to the Halal Food Kitchen Studio 2020. Winner of the 3rd Season of the Master Chef Korea Program Head Chef in the Halal Food Kitchen Studio Master Chef in the “Table for One – Best Recipes” program organized by CJ O SHOPPING Today, We will cook some halal korean dishes, for foreigners who visited korea with interest in korean culture. Today, we are going to make halal bibimbap. Which puts the flavor and beauty of Korea in one bowl. Bibimbap is very popular all over the world. Bibimbap was discovered from mixing all foods together to eat after performing ancestral rituals,
and the recipe varies by region.
Gyeongju, Andong, and Haeju are also famous cities for this food. Bibimbap is the most preferred traditional Korean food by foreigners. It is known that the bibimbap dish was discovered from mixing all the foods together to be eaten after performing the rituals of the ancestors. Where you can feel the warm atmosphere of the scene of Koreans eating mixed food together in a bowl.

The taste of bibimbap can be different depending on the ingredients. The halal bibimbap that we will be making today consists of vegetables. Ingredients of “Halal Bibimbap”: 1 instant rice: 200 grams of spinach: 2 lettuce leaves: Half a Korean zucchini: Half a carrot: 50 grams of bean sprouts: 2 Shiitake mushrooms: 2 tablespoons of “gochu-jang (red pepper paste)” : a spoonful of sesame oil: half a spoonful of sesame: crushed garlic: seaweed leaves A lot of viewers who don't live in Korea might say "we don't have the ingredients for this food here". For example, you can replace Korean zucchini (aehobak) with another type of zucchini. You can also replace Korean lettuce (
sangchu) with another type of lettuce (lettuce) as well. And it can be difficult to find bean sprouts outside of Korea. In this case, you can replace it with green bean sprouts.

And "gochu-jang (red pepper paste)"! We have prepared halal alcohol-free gochu-jang! First we chop all the vegetables. Bibimbap can be made with all kinds of vegetables. Cut it evenly. Zucchini and carrot,
cut into the same size and width. It is best to chop the shiitake mushrooms a little larger. Lettuce is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins, calcium and fiber. And when you roll the leaves, it is easy to cut them. And we're done chopping. We will season the vegetables. Boil bean sprouts and spinach. Here's the boiling water. And we don't want to do more dishes later, do we? So the vegetables must be boiled in the correct order. There is no need to replace the boiling water if you start with the light-colored vegetables first. First, the bean sprouts. From a minute to a minute and a half. Once boiled, put them in cold water. to maintain its texture.

Now spinach, in the same boiling water. Spinach contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, iron, magnesium and zinc. Boil them for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and immediately put them in cold water.
Then squeezed vigorously after boiling. Now it's the same size. We will transfer it. Turn on the stove, and put some oil in a frying pan. Transfer them in this order.
Zucchini -> mushrooms -> carrots There are three things to remember when seasoning vegetables for a Korean dish. Crushed garlic, sesame oil, sesame seeds. And no matter what vegetables you use, these three spices make for a Korean taste.

Mix the three spices together. Many ask what the ratio of rice to vegetables is. Many people think the ratio is 5:5, but the most accurate ratio is rice 60, ingredients 40. I think it makes the taste better. Then put the chili paste and sprinkle some sesame seeds. Finally, put half a spoonful of sesame oil. Now we are done with making a beautiful bowl of bibimbap, a food that you can make with any ingredients or seasonings. I used chili paste today, but you can replace it with soy sauce. If you do not want the spicy taste, you can reduce the amount of chili paste. Or if you want a more spicy flavour, you can add more chili paste.

And when you can't handle the spices at all, I recommend using soy sauce. Mix paste and vegetables together! What does halal korean bibimbap taste like?! You can feel all the ingredients in your mouth. I made the bibimbap according to today's basic recipe, but there are many different types. Some cities like Heejo, Jinju and Tongyeong have unique bibimbap using different ingredients. Please make bibimbap in your homes in your own style. Also, please film the process of making halal bibimbap in the form of photos or videos, and share them. We will select the winners by random selection and give them gifts. For more information, please refer to "Halal Restaurant Week 2020" on YouTube! We look forward to your participation. thanks a lot!.

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Halal K Food Cooking Studio [bibimbap]

Hello World!
This will be our very last event of Halal K-Food Cooking Studio.

We will be making halal bibimbap today.
Bibimbap is the most beloved food among foreigners and a traditional Korean dish.
Also, bibimbap can taste really different depending on which ingredients you use.

Why not make your own bibimbap with your favourite vegetables?

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