Halal K-Food Cooking Studio [Hamul pajeon]

welcome everybody! Watch halal korean food online! Welcome to the Halal Food Kitchen Studio 2020. Winner of the 3rd season of MasterChef Korea, Head Chef of Halal Food Kitchen Studio, Head Chef of CJ O SHOPPING & FOOD The halal korean we are going to make today is the “pancakes” that Koreans love to eat on rainy days. Among the many different pancakes, we will make the “seafood pancake” that foreigners love. The harmony of fresh seafood, green onion flavor,
and the subtle sweetness of oil! Crispy texture "Hemul Pagoon" originated in the street markets of Dongri, Busan.
Thanks to the harmony between seafood and aromatic green onions,
it was served in the royal palace of later kings . In the past, many people would eat pancakes in the markets. The smell of oil makes them irresistible just walking from In front of it without trying it. Later, Hemulpajo was served to the kings. In fact, many foreigners who visit Korea love these dumplings very much. So today, I will show you how to make “Halal Hemulpajo” in your homes. HALAL: 130g of medium flour, 20g of glutinous rice flour, 150ml of cold water, 70g of green onions (or small green onions), 2 green hot peppers, 2 red hot peppers, 1 egg, 10 peeled shrimp , Half a clean squid To make the pie, we need the dough.

The best ingredient for the dough is flour. We use a mixture of Korean pancakes. But when I was staying abroad, it was hard for me to find him. And what do we use instead of Korean pancake mix? If you want a crunchy texture, you can add starch to the flour. And put salt and black pepper to your liking, and
now we are ready to cook the pie. The ratio of flour to starch should be 10 to 1. With the addition of starch to the flour,
you can enjoy an even more crunchy texture. And I want to add glutinous rice flour. Which makes the texture more sticky as if you were eating rice cakes. It will be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

And you can make this kind of pancakes. But if you don't have glutinous rice flour, don't worry.
It is only an additional option. Hemol refers to seafood, so we should put it, right? The most common seafood is "prawns and squid". Squid is known to contain a large amount of taurine! Which helps relieve fatigue and stress, and lower cholesterol as well. And if you want clam meat, please add it! The green onion is what makes all this seafood go together. You can usually find leeks easily in grocery stores. Shallots lag behind the large green onions used in Korea. So you should not use leeks! You have to use green onions to make Hemol Bagon! And then the chili. We use it a lot when making Korean dishes to add a spicy taste and some color.

I will chop the green onions. Wash it well before slicing. And the white part is more difficult to cut compared to the green part. So you should hit it lightly with the back of the blade. Not with the code itself.
Otherwise it will be cut off. Just soften it. And cut it in half. Then put the chili. And you can put more hot pepper according to your preference. Now squid. clean it up.
And wash the claws, too. Don't worry about the remaining thin layer of squid. And it may not cut easily, it is better to lift the knife and pull it vertically. Now let's make the dough! 130 grams of medium flour, 20 grams of glutinous rice flour in a
ratio of 10: 1
(you can use starch instead of glutinous rice flour) How to make it crunchy? Add ice water. And the mixing ratio should be 1:1 and it is better not to apply ice. And the second tip for making crispy pancakes. Don't move the dough too much. Just mix all the powder. Now we are getting ready to cook! And put some oil in the pan.

Then put one scoop of the dough on the pan and spread it until it becomes thin and evenly put the green onions and all the ingredients including shrimp, squid and chili and when the ingredients are a little cooked, put the eggs on top. And cook it over medium heat, flipping it over, and cooking the other side as well. A sufficient amount of oil must be placed after stirring. In golden brown, we
finished making halal Korean food and slicing it until the green onions were cut vertically! Cut them
to the right size so you can feel the ingredients together. Perfect size! The unique texture of green onions is really cool. I can also taste all the different ingredients together as well as seafood. The eggs acted as a kind of glue to hold the components together.

He also added some nice color to the dish along with the delicious taste. This is how we cooked the halal Hemol Bagon. In Korea, you can eat delicious Korean food in addition to "Heemul Pajeon". So I hope you visit Korea and taste it all one day! Also, please take a picture or video of Hemol Paagon's halal process, and share it. We will select the winners by random selection and give them gifts. For more information, please refer to "Halal Restaurant Week 2020" on YouTube! We look forward to your participation..

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Halal K-Food Cooking Studio [Hamul pajeon]

Today’s Halal K-Food is haemul pajeon,
which Korean people love to eat on rainy days.

Fresh seafood along with the flavor of green onion, subtle sweetness of the oil!
Haemul pajeons have such crispy texture!

Let’s go and see how easy it is to make haemul pajeon and enjoy at home!

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