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welcome everybody! Watch halal korean food online! Welcome to the HALAL FOOD KITCHEN STUDIO 2020. Winner of the 3rd season of MasterChef Korea, Head Chef of Halal Food Kitchen Studio, Head Chef of CJ O SHOPPING's "Table for One – Best Recipes" program Today, we are going to make ramen. Now, you see that Korean ramen
is very popular nowadays. So let's first get to know halal Korean ramen! Ramyun is the perfect late-night snack or snack! Besides the Korean cultural wave (Hallyu), Korean ramyun is popular all over the world for its flavour, price, nutrition, and entertainment.

Ramyun is one of the most popular snacks that Koreans like to eat late at night. It is known that Koreans eat ramyun once every 5 days, which is equivalent to 73 times per year. Korea is also considered the number one ramen consuming country in the world. Now, the whole world loves Korean ramen. The most favorite Korean ramen for foreigners is the spicy chicken flavored noodles. This type of noodles has been certified halal. The original powder of this soup contained pork. But halal ramen does not contain pork. Halal-certified "Korean ramen" is also produced
in accordance with Islamic law. No pork or alcohol is put into the manufacturing process. And now I will present to you the recipe for halal Korean ramen. Ingredients for Halal Korean Ramyun: 1 spicy chicken flavored noodles, spicy chicken sauce (included in the package), 100g chicken thighs, 50g cabbage, half a quarter of an onion, 2 sesame leaves, 1 teaspoon crushed garlic, a pinch of salt. A little ground pepper Mix all the vegetables with the chicken and some spices. You can also cook "dak-galbi" by yourself at home! First I will chop the cabbage.

I'll cut it in half. I will also chop the onions. So that its thickness is less than cabbage. It can be rotated slightly to make slicing easier. Then roll the sesame leaves and cut the stems. And cut two sesame leaves into thin slices of fish. Sesame leaves contain twice as much iron than spinach, and they are also useful for preventing anemia. Now the chicken. These pieces are boneless. I advise you to cut it to the size of the bite. Then put a little spice on the chicken before cooking. Then a little salt and ground pepper. Then half a teaspoon of crushed garlic.

Boil the ingredients for 5 minutes. I give you a tip for making ramyun. It is very simple. Just follow the instructions written on the back of the cover. In terms of amount of water, time and everything. The instructions have been developed by ramyun specialists. We usually boil the ramyun for 5 minutes as instructed, but in this case, I'll fry it later,
so we'll boil it for 4 minutes, or 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Otherwise, it will overcook and become a pasty texture. I will prepare the other ingredients in 4 minutes. Turn on the stove, and put some oil in a frying pan. Then put the chicken. It's seasoned, so we just cook it. When the degree of maturity reaches 80%, we put the cabbage and onions. After mixing it well, add the sauce (included in the unit).

Then leave it for some time so that the water comes out of the vegetables. The main point of making mixed ramen
is to leave just the right amount of broth. The recipe says that we leave 8 tablespoons of broth. And that's about a cup. But that's a lot here. This is for two people although we cook for two, we only put 120ml of water. We put the noodles and fry them. Pretty cool, isn't it? It is somewhat similar to Italian pasta. And leave the ramen to absorb more of the remaining broth.
Fry it for 1 minute on high heat. Now, we are done with halal korean ramen. Korean fried ramen with chicken and vegetables! Chicken legs have a meaty texture and the noodles are a little spicy. But it won't be too spicy thanks to the cabbage and onions, which add sweetness. The smell of sesame leaves spreads in your mouth. And we looked at how to make halal Korean food at home using spicy chicken flavored noodles. And please make halal korean ramen by yourselves.

Also, please film the process of making halal Korean ramen in the form of photos or videos, and share them. We will select the winners by random selection and give them gifts. For more information, please refer to "Halal Restaurant Week 2020" on YouTube! We look forward to your participation..

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Halal K-Food Cooking Studio [K- Ramen]

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