Halal K-Food Cooking Studio [Kimchijeon]

Watch Korean Food Work Online Welcome to
the 2021 Korea Muslim Friendly Restaurant Week I'm Chef Chae Gwangho Peace be upon you!
My name is Sabrina Chef / Chae Gwangho
Winner of Master Chef Korea 3 Master Chef of
Halal Korean Food Program Hello Sabrina, what kind of food do you
like on rainy days? Bisang goreng fried banana.
It is often eaten with ice cream, coffee or tea. There is a traditional Korean food
eaten on rainy days. It's John. Fried dumplings kimchi-gun, which Koreans love Kimchi-gun
kimchi is chopped in a mixture of flour, eggs and water and fried into a pancake
and is often eaten as a snack or side dish served with alcoholic beverages Why eat it on rainy days? When the pancake is running, can you hear the sound of oil frying sound? Yes! And it sounds similar to rain so when people hear rain So when people hear rain is interesting and let's make pancake Kimchi / onion / chives / shrimp / water / flour / soy sauce / vinegar / sugar the most important ingredient! Kimchi Do you think that kimchi is halal food? But it's a fermented dish, so alcohol is produced in the fermentation process so I made halal kimchi today that uses a different fermentation method I didn't realize that kimchi needs halal approval Yes, most people don't know that and you just need to use the approved kimchi-jon
cut Chives to 5-6 cm How to make kimchi-jun
Cut onions into thin slices How to make kimchi-jon
Cut shrimp into small pieces If you want to add other seafood, you can also cut them into small pieces How to make kimchi-jon
Chop kimchi into small pieces.

What is the meaning of "jalal"? How do you say jingle
in Malay? How to Make Kimchi-john
Prepare the sauce
Chop the onions and chili
and mix them with soy sauce, sugar and vinegar How to make Kimchi-gon
Prepare the mixture
Put a little water in a cup of flour to get the right consistency Tip #1 on how to make a crispy pie Not to mix it too much, different from the pancakes? For pancakes, the pancake batter is mixed well to make the gluten-free, while for the kimchi-jun, if you mix the kimcheon a lot, it loses its crunchy texture .

Mix it up well but why are there ice cubes? Putting ice cubes to keep the mixture cold When the cold dough hits the hot oil it puffs a little bit instantly and this creates a crunchy texture How to make Kimchi-gon
Put the kimchi, shrimp, chives and onions into the mixture Make it a little runny and fry it fluffy When the pancake is cooked in the oil
Flip it into the pan this way, it leaks Oil from under the pancake One kimchi-gon done Try making kimchi-gun now Well it
looks better than mine Now turn the pan so that the pancake absorbs all the oil. Do you want to try to turn her around? right Now? way more daring! Now gently press the pancake. It's nice and golden. This looks a lot nicer. How to make kimchi-jun
Cut the chives into 5-6cm pieces.
Cut the onions into thin slices
Cut the shrimp into small pieces Chop the kimchi into small pieces
Prepare the sauce
Chop the onions and chili peppers and
mix them with soy sauce, sugar and vinegar Prepare the mixture
Put a little water in a cup of flour to get the right consistency and
put the kimchi, shrimp, chives and onions into the mixture.
Cook the pie in an oiled frying pan while tasting.

The edges are the most delicious because they are crunchy with some sauce. Eating it a speechless compatibility makes it speechless Kimchi is crunchy and the shrimp is juicy The texture will vary with the ingredients so making kimchi-gon isn't that hard, is it? It was easy and see you next time.

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Halal K-Food Cooking Studio [Kimchijeon]

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Halal K-food Cooking Studio [Kimchijeon]

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