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Watch Korean Cuisine Work Online Welcome to Korea Halal Restaurant Week
2021 Korean Cooking Class I'm Chef Choi Gwang- ho Hello
I'm Sabrina Chef / Choi Gwang-ho
Winner of the Master Chef Korea 3 Cooking Contest Program
Halal Korean cooking class Sabrina Azhar / Malaysian YouTuber Hello Enthusiast Enthusiast What is the best korean food for
foreigners visiting Korea Hint +1 (chicken emoji)
Food made of chicken ? Is it… Sam-Gi-Tang Oh! How did you know? You said it's made of chicken Do you like Sam-gi-tang? Of course
! Yes Poknal
refers to the hottest days of summer
as it is customary to eat special foods
in Poknal days to promote health like this So Today, we are going to make a well-known Korean dish that is a healthy dish loved by foreigners which is Sam-gi-tang Sam-gi-tang
Chicken stuffed with ginseng, dates, glutinous rice, etc.
is boiled to make a healthy and nutritious soup.

What is the difference between sam-gi-tang and baek-suk? Sam (ginseng) gi-tang is
an umbrella term for the different types of ginseng Sam gi (chicken) tang
sam-gi-tang is boiled chicken
stuffed with ginseng and glutinous rice
. They are not very different There is not much difference Sam-gi-tang and Baek-suk The
difference is in the ingredients
and the way they cook they taste the same Today I'm going to teach overseas viewers how to cook these foods easily and since it's hard to get ginseng outside I'm going to show you a simple method between Sam- Gi-tang and Baek-suk
and you won't even need glutinous rice for even a whole chicken / 1 cup of glutinous rice / 10 cloves of garlic / 2 dates / 1 large green onion Is sam-gi-tang difficult to cook? Both! This is a simple recipe.

Let me talk about chicken,
which is the most important ingredient in samgyetang. Is it true that Muslims
cannot eat chicken? The method of halal slaughter in Islam and Muslims can only eat meat that has been slaughtered in this way as a sacrifice The
method of halal slaughter in Islam
and Muslims can only eat meat that has been slaughtered in this way and
this type of meat is considered halal food Today I brought a halal chicken relief gratitude A large green onion / garlic / dates / glutinous rice Dates enhance sweetness You use glutinous rice a lot, right? To make dessert , glutinous rice is often eaten with fruits
in Southeast Asia.

In Korea, it is often put into soup dishes and boiled as porridge. Method of cooking Sam-gi-tang
Chicken preparation.
Remove the lower end of the chicken to remove odors. We eat that bottom end
in Malaysia, actually surprised surprised how do you cook that? The lower end of the chicken
is one of the fatty parts, so it is sweet and tender
and is often skewed in Korea.

The first step to preparing chicken is always removing this part. How does it taste? It tastes greasy, what about the smell? As long as you wash it well I should try it in the future You should try it Should we add it
to sam-gi-tang today? Sam-gi-tang cooking method
. Chicken preparation.
Remove the tips of the chicken wings to remove the smell
Also remove the grease (chicken fat)
This is the best part Is this part delicious?
Yes.. isn't it? The sound is getting softer. Koreans don't like the greasy parts of chicken.

It's important to remove the unwanted fat to
get a clear broth. Now that we're done with the outside (of the chicken), it's very important to take care of the inside. How to cook sam-gi-tang
. Chicken preparation.
Remove the guts and rinse the interior
under running water How to cook Sam-gi-tang
Put the prepared chicken in a pot How to cook Sam-gi-tang
Add water to submerge the chicken How to cook Sam-gi-tang
Put the other ingredients and boil them Is that it? Pretty simple, isn't it? Put green onions for a refreshing taste. Once chopped, you can use both the white or green part How to cook Sam-gi-tang
Add the other ingredients and boil them
Add big pieces of chopped green onions How do you control the heat
when boiling Sam-gi-tang? First, it is cooked over high heat until it boils and then cooked over medium heat for 30 minutes How to cook Sam-gi-tang
of chicken Remove the lower end, ends of wings and fatty parts of chicken to deodorize and
wash under running water Put the prepared chicken in a saucepan Add water to submerge Chicken Add other ingredients
and bring to a boil Add large pieces of chopped green onion Put dates and garlic Put dates, garlic and glutinous rice Cook on high heat until it boils, then cook on medium heat for 30 minutes Korean healthy food
Sam-gi-tang is done Cooking feels great
Sam-gi smells -Tang alone, makes you healthier
just by smelling Samgyetang It 's great to dip chicken
in salted oil How to make salted
oil Sesame oil +
sesame seeds +
salt +
pepper + That's right
it's always better to hold the chicken and eat it It's not as light as I thought Is it because of the oil pretzel? It needs no explanation,
it's delicious.

We didn't even put an ounce of salt in sam-gi-tang-in because the dish has its own flavor Salted oil is a great addition to chicken The meat is delicious, right?
Shall we try the soup now? We added glutinous rice to make it like porridge. There is a similar dish in Malaysia. Oh really? And there is a similar dish in Malaysia, bubur ayam
chicken porridge with soy
sauce soy sauce and sweet and savory seasoning bubur ayam korean style? Can you cook sam-gi-tang by yourself? I will try I will cook it myself
and eat the whole dish by myself See you next time.

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Halal K-Food Cooking Studio [Samgyetang]

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Halal K-food Cooking Studio [Samgyetang]

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