Halal Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA, Enjoy Halal Kobe Beef Grilled In The Teppan

We are a steakhouse which prepares our meal on a teppan (metal plate) right in front of our customers we serve Kobe beef We are located right in the center of Kobe, at Sannomiya, only two minutes away from the JR Sannomiya station Kobe beef is meat within the larger category of Wagyu meat Kobe beef is meat chosen from cattle that are specifically born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture that is what we are serving to our customers Since there are many Muslims in Kobe, including residents and tourists, we wondered how we can accommodate their dietary needs, and that was how we started this business We have a separate teppan (metal plate) for the Halal dish We do not use any of these Halal cooking utensils for non-Muslim customers That is how we try to ensure the Halal quality of our dish
Our customers are really friendly The way they are really excited about eating our Kobe beef We can feel that joy, and it makes us want to deliver an even better meal Something that makes us really happy is when those who come to eat Kobe beef for the first time and describe the meat as ‘soft’ or ‘juicy’, among others when they say, 'this is the first time
I've ever tasted anything like this', it makes us feel really grateful We of course acknowledge that with the popularity of Kobe beef and how it’s being increasingly exported overseas, you can probably eat Kobe beef without coming to Japan But the difference with enjoying Kobe beef in Japan is that you can see the steak being prepared on the teppan
right in front of you you can see it getting cooked all the way until it is done you can see it getting cooked all the way until it is done you can smell its aroma, you watch it all happen and then you can complete the experience
by savoring it when it’s ready this is the teppan experience that
we would like for our customers to enjoy You will have the chef preparing the meal in front of you and you can request anything you want If you want it to be cooked longer, we will do that or if you want us to cut the beef a little smaller, any request like that or the opposite, if you want it cut
in a bigger size, we can do that You can tell us what you need,
and we will accommodate your request That is the best part -[Customers] Thank you for the meal
-[Chef] Thank you for coming If you happen to be in Kobe city, please come and enjoy Kobe beef at our restaurant, Kobe Beef SAKURA

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Halal Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA, Enjoy Halal Kobe Beef Grilled In The Teppan

This time we tried halal Kobe beef steak at "Kobe Beef Steak SAKURA" in Kobe city, Hyogo Prefecture. We had an opportunity to hear the story of why they started the halal course menu directly from the chef!

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