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Hello! My name is Fauzi My name is Zhin And welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs! Ok Fauzi you know now Korean culture is of all the rage, all over in the world/ So jumping on this Korean trending bandwagon, have you tried any Korean food? My extent with Korean food is actually very limited to my one time in Korea when I went and joined a tour group right I had like the traditional Korean food, like kimchi and ginseng chicken – the halal version.

That's all basically That's the sad part actually because in Singapore now right there's a lot of joints selling Korean food but I have not found any that is halal-certified because usually Korean dishes they contain pork. But today I'm super excited because we have found not 1 but 3 different Korean restaurants that are halal-certified! I know I'm so hungry already when I listen to that. Without further ado 1 2 3 Let's go! Whatever I said So we're now here at Muk Bang Restaurant which is located at the Viva Business Park in Chai Chee They've got a couple of dishes that we are gonna try so we're very excited about it, so let's go! And the food is here! So right here actually have the Andong Jjimdak.

We've got of course the Army Stew or traditionally called Budae Jjigae. For the appetiser we've got Kimchi Pancake. Now I love kimchi right, so there has this sourish taste to it. It's little bit got that vadai fried dough taste which I really enjoy. It's like very crispy right. The sauce has like a very sweet but tangy taste. There's like some ginseng thing going on, and I think the sauce actually really complements the kimchi pancake. Ok so right now we're gonna move on to the Army Stew. I've seen it in Korean dramas but I've never really tried it because there's always Spam in it. I've never had army stew man. This one is like a personal sized one. So the thing is if you're not sharing and wanna be selfish like him right and eat by himself then you can have this one.

That is really good! Like it's not too spicy Got the kimchi taste to it. I'll just wanna eat this all day man It's like a comfort food actually. There's a lot of like meat, a lot of veggies, a little different type of things, plus noodles also. So it really is like a wholesome complete meal. Saranghae budae jjigae. Fauzi are you ready to try the Andong Jjimdak? So I really wanna try the chicken. It's got this like soya sauce taste. Inside right, it's very juicy. It's like soft and nice that you just like close your mouth it will fall apart. Ok the thing about this – hands down has to be the Korean sauce itself with the glass noodles, you have the braised chicken, you have the potatoes, and ddeokbokki (rice cake). The thing about the glass noodles is that they don't actually get soggy very fast, so it retains the flavour.

It's got like the chewiness still and it's a little bit like Japanese inspired as well, like the whole scallops, the tempura prawns and the gyoza. I've never really tried Korean food, so this to me is like a whole new world! So while Zhin finishes chewing up whatever he's got in his mouth We're gonna go for dessert. We've ordered 2 bingsus. We've got the Durian Bingsu. Now I love durian.

Ya but on the contrary I am not a big fan of durian, so I'm having the Mango Bingsu. The moment it enters your mouth right it melts and becomes like ice-cream. Plus like the beans at the bottom, kind of adds a crunchiness to it. This is the moment I've been waiting for my entire life. Durian-flavoured bingsu. I'm very impressed by this eh. So it really has everything – it's got like the durians; it's got the crunch from the nuts. I think a lot of durian lovers will love it eh. So after dessert right, I think overall the meals right here, they really taste like Korean food or what I would imagine Korean food to taste like. Because a lot of Korean outlets when they first came into Singapore right they were not halal, but I think the fact that it's halal now, like even our friends who our Muslims they can still enjoy Korean food.

It's got kind of everything you would expect Korean food to have – like if you watch K-dramas, these are things they would eat! Ok now we're at Captain Kim Korean BBQ & Hotpot This place isn't halal-certified yet they are actually in the midst of getting their halal certificate, but all the ingredients here are halal. Ok so it is like a buffet kind of setup whereby you go there, take your ingredients and then you can just fry it. What we see is that they actually put for us the soup already and then they also gave us this. It's called soon because I'm gonna eat you soon. This is kind of like the typical Korean BBQ setup. The hotpot is like the bonus I can't wait to see what they actually have on the entire buffet spread, so let's go and see? Ok so we've got all our food. So it's got like a big range of food la. We've taken a couple of stuff that are perfect for the grill.

We've also taken some stuff perfect for the hotpot. First thing you should do is put the kimchi into the hotpot. What is next in our recipe? We've got mushrooms. Sausages, yas, we love sausage. And the luncheon meat Yes the fake luncheon meat. The last one – the chicken breast. Then now you cook that one ah. Now the challenge is, how do I know when it's cooked? Your gut you must feel the meat. My gut may feel a different way when it's not cooked Ok what we have here is actually the Korean glass noodles, and it's already cooked la. It's just glass noodles with soy sauce and then they stir-fry it with vegetables And I like that the glass noodles still have a bite. I also have the tteok-bokki. The flavour is not bad. I think there's a spicy flavour to it But I think the texture of the tteok-bokki is a bit too chewy. It's not like ketupat, which is not super chewy, this one like very chewy.

You cannot compare ketupat with tteok-bokki. They are essentially made of the same thing – rice. Right? Let's be honest here Where are my Malays out there So apparently there's a proper way of eating Korean barbecue and apparently it involves this giant leaf It's almost as big as my face guys. So you choose your meat, then you take your garlic. You put it in the centre like that. You want kimchi? A bit of kimchi. Wait what about the gochujang sauce? Then you just fold in then you put it in your mouth. The entire thing, really? I'm a bit mind blown at how all the flavours come together eh. Plus the flavour will change because it depends on what meat you choose. So it's like pretty much endless if you think about it. This volcanic chicken is supposed to be really spicy See la, he purposely take the small piece I take the big piece.

Yes, abang Zhin. Not spicy la. It is. Oh my god! He's dying. It is spicy. It is not that spicy. You take small piece of course not spicy la. There is one more thing which we have not tried, which is the hot pot. I think it is a good choice to put the kimchi into the hot pot. It really adds a different layer to the soup. This is the one thing that I saw was recommended, on the little sign there right it says, " Chicken breast, good for hot pot" The chicken breast, even though it's like thin, it actually absorbs all the kimchi flavour.

So let's say for example you have people in your family who don't like barbecue or prefer hot pot, this is a good option because there's both. I think overall right for all the food that you're getting right it's actually quite value-for-money especially during lunch, if you're a student. All this right for lunch time right is only $13.90++.

Lunch time is for you to eat easy, then when you come for dinner it's a little but more upgraded version; little bit more fancier meats. We got mutton and seafood. You know you want an easy light fun lunch with your friends maybe lunch time would be great But if you want more substantial maybe dinner would be better Of course the prices would be different la Ok so currently we're at our last Korean food stop for the day and we're at Two Hana And over here they serve Korean fusion dishes Alright so we've got our food here and this is very different to the places we've been to previously One of which right these dishes are actually quite instagrammable So to start of our meals we're gonna start with our drinks So cheers Cheers to that I've got the Melona Melon Calpis Float Which is very interesting it's got like a little potong ice cream of a melon Melona flavour I feel like it's a very refreshing but at the same time very milky flavour It kind of tastes like honeydew, yakult with sprite That's essentially it Actually I think you're almost right on the nose This is actually the Ice Chocolate Hojicha Latte So you taste the chocolate first and then you taste the hojicha a little bit at the end So for the drinks, fantastic I'm gonna go to the food So this is actually the Two Hana drumlets with yangnyeom sauce and that's supposed to be spicy and I've got the honey butter sauce I must say that I'm very impressed with the yangnyeom sauce because it is actually pretty sweet but at the same time quite spicy This one right, I really cannot stop eating it People who are not so much fans of spiciness this is really like a good option Even though the chickens are like covered in the sauce right it still got the crispiness to it eh Ok now we're gonna move on to the Kimchi Mac and Cheese The mac and cheese is in the form of a cube I've never seen mac and cheese like this before No ok so the kimchi flavour comes in a little later You can taste the cheese very prominently But this is actually really good I would have never thought to combine kimchi with mac and cheese in a cube form I'm curious to see how this taste will change with the sauce itself It tastes like chicken rice chilli For me as a person who loves cheese and loves Korean food this fusion is not a miss it's a hit Ok come let's try the Striploin Bap I must say that the rice is very flavourful And the striploin it is actually pretty soft so when you bite into it it comes off pretty easily and also there's an onsen egg right on top and then you mix it in Ok last on the plate we actually have the Seafood Cioppino So the seafood cioppino is actually like Italian inspired so this is like more Korean style First impression it looks a little bit like the laksa colour We've got all sorts of like different seafood in there It's like a creamy miso soup It's not sour, it's not spicy it's not sweet It's like just nice It's umami! The thing is if you like seafood like I do Then you would definitely enjoy this Ok so we've go desserts What is a better way than to end it with some ice cream and waffles This is the doenjang ice cream What is doenjang? It is fermented soybean paste from Korea so it's really interesting plus like this is the only place where they actually have this flavour of ice cream Then there is also these things this is not like fish skin ah this one is actually seaweed We've got the apple compote which has a little bit of cinnamon as well The ice cream and the waffle taste really good together like the flavours are very complimentary Try the ice cream with the seaweed Like got a strange taste to it but I like it eh Like I never thought ice cream would go well with this seaweed crisp That is a whole new level of flavour man There's this like a little bit of sweetness from the ice cream right plus the very extremely salty flavour from the seaweed Oh my god it just goes to well together I think that the things that were placed on this plate were carefully selected and thought out I am so happy that we ended off with this because this is the epitome of fusion right here I know I know The thing is we tried different types of Korean food today Perhaps you don't really like the traditional type of Korean dishes then you can also consider like a fusion because it is easier to eat it's something that you're much more familiar with It's a cafe setting, pretty chill, pretty relaxed You definitely should try especially if you're in the area The ambience is great, the food is good Maybe three hana now 3 stars Five hana Ten hana And we are done! I am extremely full Out of all the 3 places right the first one the Muk Bang What was your favourite? My standout would have to be the Durian Bingsu For me as a non durian lover my favourite would have to be the Army Stew And after Muk Bang, we went to Captain Kim I've never really been to a Korean barbecue place before and you taught me how to properly eat it with the lettuce wrap I think mine would have to be the fact that they also have a hot pot So it is basically variety and value for money So it's a double V V V And then last but not least, we went to Two Hana which is the fusion Korean restaurant I think the winner has to be like the Two Hana Drumlets because it's like really juicy but then it's crispy on the outside and the sauce is just fantastic I must give a shout out to the ice cream and the waffle Oh my god when you eat it with the different things What a flavour explosion That is it for our experience with the halal Korean restaurants in Singapore The thing is I am actually really surprised because there are actually halal Korean places in Singapore which now we can actually eat it as Muslims I mean if you guys are like us and you're always on the look out for good halal cuisine right We want you to tell us in the comments below what halal cusines you would like us to try next

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Halal Korean Food In Singapore | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 21

Since most Korean dishes contains pork. it may be tough for our Muslim friends to enjoy the cuisine. In this episode of Eatbook Vlogs, Zhin and Fauzi will bring you on a halal Korean food tour in Singapore!

1. Muk Bang Korean Restaurant
Address: 750 Chai Chee Rd, #01-02, Singapore 469000
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 10pm

2. Captain Kim Korean BBQ & Hotpot
Address: 300 Tampines Ave 5, #01-06, NTUC Income Tampines Junction, Singapore 529653
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm

3. Two Hana
Address: 2 Tampines Central 5, #01-21, Century Square, Singapore 529509
Opening Hours: 9am - 10.30pm

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