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Hello Assalam o alaikum and nihao I hope you guys are fine and having a fantastic day The major problem you face in China is to find Halal things we are going to Halal market today The Halal market of Beijing is very famous for it's items Bus stop name is Niu Jie 牛街 and the market name is Niu Jie Chaoshi 牛街超市 This whole market is Halal market this is the sign of Halal 清真 (qing zhen) all the items here are halal naan, bread here is no halal tag but you can eat it because it is made of simple items like bread etc breads are looking good oh so this is the item we saw that day this item is made of flour, Chinese people like to so much my teacher once gifted this to me let's take some bread, as we are planning to go to Harbin these items here are also halal but i don't like the taste this is beaf this 牛 (niu) is the sign of beaf this 羊 (yang) is the sign of mutton people say the chicken of CP company is halal i have no idea about that, well it's in halal market these are some chicken paws, meat balls and nuggets something like that here pizza is also availble [today we will find Halal pizza in China] so what I was talking about Halal Pizza is actually this one this is the tag of Halal so many pizza flavors available here here are some dumplings you can fry or boil them and eat some patties pick according to your taste here comes candies' section let's see the prices of dry fruit walnut 19.26¥ (2.79$) cashew nut 30¥ (4.34$) pistachio 37.2¥ (5.38$) so these are the prices cakes and biscuits section the same oreos here I am showing to those who say there is no Halal tag on the biscuit so they will know it's in Halal market the same peanuts which we ate last time Chinese eat tofu a lot, this is fish tofu this is gram flour, 500 gram 9.9¥ (1.43$) almost every item can be found here Pinoles (sattu) cumin powder available here black pepper powder 40grams white pepper, 16.80¥ (2.43$) cumin powder, ginger powder five spices (garam masala) mustard oil, chilli oil instant noodles taste is different from us chickpeas, black sesame, white sesame star anise, fennel cinnamon rock candy black cardamom is also available let's come to food section these all are eatables a little odd in look, but that's the way it is you can eat this if it matches your taste here is tripeman tongue, legs (mutton) these are halal vegetables actually vegetables are halal everywhere so you can buy and cook without any hesitation upper floor has also some halal items here you can also buy halal cake for your freind this is 6 inches for 158¥ (22.86$) 7 inches for 198¥ (28.64$) 10 inches for 250¥ (36.17$) 12 inches for 330¥ (47.74$) that was halal market we crossed the road and here are also some cakes le't see these this burger is filled with minced meat this is called 'Ro jia mo' 肉夹馍 [hello! how much for this ro jia mo?] it is 10¥ these are some patties burger and biscuits this is all you will find here [how much for this?] 500grams for 18.8¥ (2.72$) I am just trying it it has rice, raisins etc it's tasty it's tasty for small quantity but you can't eat too much well I will enjoy it so it was today's vlog, i hope you like it hit thumbs up for this video and subscribe the channel don't forget to press bell icon so you don't miss new video see you guys in next video, Allah Hafiz

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Halal Market in Beijing (Niujie) + Desi food Items available | Shais ul Haq

Halal market does not only have halal items, meat etc, but also have some desi food items available like garam masala (five spices), chanay (grams) etc. Market name is Niujie Qingzhen Chaoshi 牛街清真超市, it's near by the Niu Jie Mosque
Ending song: 苦行僧-GAI (我要从南走到北 我还要从白走到黑)
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