Halal Restaurant in Sendai : Serenity restaurant in Hotel Metropolitan Sendai فندق ميتروبوليتان

Hello, Assalamualaikum. My name is Yuni from ariTV I am Nurul from ariTV Today, we are going to eat in Metropolitan Hotel and Metropolitan Hotel is ones of the hotels in Sendai that provide Halal certified food. Yes, you can enjoy yourself with your Muslim friends in Sendai Metropolitan Hotel Let's go! We offer Halal food at breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with traditional Japanese food. Today, we are going to try the breakfast course and lunch or dinner course It is Halal certified, don't worry and they use the best ingredients available in Japan It's very good I cannot believe the chicken can be so good like this This lamb roast is Halal certified of course And it is cooked maybe medium rare, and you can see it is still a little raw inside and cooked outside It's very nice, it's perfect It's very good.

It's perfect, and very soft This is best lamb roast so far for me The ingredients we use, cutting boards, knives, all follow the standards for certification. Also the ingredients, fridge, are separated and used that way. As I thought, more and more we are concentrating on Halal food, that type of food, people worry about what's used in it, but I think we can use Japanese hospitality more so that people don't have to worry. I would like to invite you all to Sendai Metropolitan Hotel and to come to this Serenity Restaurant If you have a party or something, you can come to this Metropolitan Hotel Restaurant Bye bye, Assalamualaikum

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Halal Restaurant in Sendai : Serenity restaurant in Hotel Metropolitan Sendai فندق ميتروبوليتان

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Located just in front of Sendai station, Hotel Metropolitan Sendai provided halal course menu for Muslim visitors in Sendai, Miyagi.

Wants to know more about Halal foods in this Hotel? and chef opinion about Halal foods? please check the video.


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