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Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs. I'm Chiara. And I'm Hafeez. And today we are finally out of the kitchen and about. I know right. Because I see her spending a lot of time, cooking and everything, in the kitchen. So, tell me now Chiara, where are you bringing me out today to eat? I'm bringing you somewhere fancy, with good food, and good vibes. And it's something you know how to cook.

Huh? Fancy? Good food? Good vibes? And it's something I know how to cook? Yea…. it must be some maggi mee. Oh, takoyaki! Is it takoyaki? I don't know? Come I bring you. It's over here. Let's go! So now we're here in Picanhas' and it's a Muslim-owned steak place. So today we are going to eat steak and not takoyaki. But it's something that I've definitely cooked before. If you haven't seen the video, I actually tried cooking it with Johnjohnah. Firstly, do you know what picanha is? I don't know, what is it? Oh, you don't know? Luckily you have someone like me who did research five minutes ago.

So picanha is actually a popular cut in Brazil. And how it is different from other cuts, Chiara will explain. So it's actually known as the rump cap, and you can actually tell it apart by that really thick fat layer of fats. Fat layer of fats. Okay, okay. And fat is? Flavour. Thank you. So this cut has a lot of flavour thanks to the fats. But the only thing is that it's not as tender as your ribeye or tenderloin. But at Picanhas', they actually did some R&D to make it more tender. It is also something called a secondary cut so it's not so mainstream. So for all those hipsters out there, you want to try something new? Come down to Picanhas' and try a cut that… is a cut above the rest. Cut! Maybe if we clap then the dishes will appear in front of us. 1, 2, 3! And it appeared! So over here in front of us, we have almost everything on their menu. And they have only two mains, and we are going to try them.

I have the Picanha Don. For myself, I have the Queen Of Steak. Make no misteak (mistake) this is the queen of…. wah, my first pun. Pun counter, this is the first one. *laughing hysterically* Okay. So we have three different sauces, firstly we have the Wasabi Cream. And next is the Sze Chuan. And last but not least, I don't know how to pronounce this, but this is the Chimichurri. I think this is relatively affordable, because from what I've heard the picanha sold at other kinds of stores minimally hits about $30. About $30. Looking at the serving size, it will be very worth it, if it tastes very good. So let's try yours, it's medium rare right? Yes, correct. Initially when we were describing what differentiates picanha from other cuts of meat is how flavourful it is and definitely from this slice of picanha that I just had I can already tell that there's a lot of flavour.

I would say it's much more flavourful than other cuts that I've had before. So it says there that they use binchutan butter, which is actually charcoal butter. I can taste the butter but in terms of having a wok hei taste or what not I think it's not as obvious. But I still can taste the butter, it is quite strong when I bite into the piece of meat I would say the sauces sound very interesting also. Wasabi Cream, Sze Chuan and Chimichurri… It's not Sze Chuan, it's SZE CHUAN! SZE CHUAN! Can you try it? So you want me to try the Chimichurri? Yes.

So cute though, the sauce holder. Looks like a mini pot. I think it is! You know we have a candle here, let's heat up the sauce. Actually I can smell quite a bit of zest and everything. It smells very herby. I think for those of you who want a stronger sauce I would recommend maybe trying the other two. For this, it's quite mild. You can taste a bit of the herbiness and the lemon juice and the zest of it.

But after a few bites, the taste of the steak is the one that fills my mouth still. Tell me more about the Sze Chuan sauce, how does it taste like. This sauce, somehow I feel like there's a bit of a curry-ish flavour to it. But it also tastes like the sze chuan… is it sze chuan chilli? It's a bit, not say numbing, but a bit peppery.

It's definitely more flavourful as compared to the chimichurri sauce that I had earlier. So over here I have the Picanha Don. It's so beautiful, it's so colourful and it somewhat won me over already, you know why? It has my favourite colour. I think I know why. The rice is blue in colour. My favourite colour! Oh yea, it's super IG-worthy and in this don, there's the steak, caramelised onions pickled cabbage and garlic bits. It really has that strong beefy flavour.

If you really love beef, this is the cut for you. You don't get that usual browning, then like light pink then C: That dark pink centre.
H: Oh that gradient? Ya, because they had to cook it in a tenderising way. So what they did is that they salt-brined it first then they put it in the sous-vide machine, then they grill it on the grill. Okay, let me try it with the Wasabi Cream now. Is the wasabi flavour strong in the Wasabi Cream? It is strong, but I think it does rob away the star of the show which should be the beef.

Like if you're paying $16 or $21 for the beef you want to taste beef right? That being said, I think the Wasabi Cream is good, I would save it for the other sides later. I want to taste the beef dons with the other toppings. A bit Japanese feels, but I feel like it's a very- That's why it's called don. Maybe, just maybe. But yea, it feels very homely. While you are enjoying that and not sharing it with me I'm going to eat all the sides first so you cannot share with me.

So first up we have mushrooms we have spinach, we have potatoes we have the cous cous. So they are very typical side dishes when you eat steak. So this is the first time I'm actually hearing of cous cous. HMMMM? WHAT? What is cous cous made of? Would you like to enlighten me? It's like a rice alternative, it's for people who don't want to eat carbohydrates they'll eat this. It has a familiar taste, what does it taste like? The most pronounced flavour that it has, is that it's buttery.

Since I haven't eaten it before, I'm not sure how it tastes like, but it's decent, it's decent, I would go for it. C: Okay so over here we have
H: Ahhh I think you…. you might want to try the spinach. Nope! I'm going to try the potatoes. Have you had smashed potatoes before? Are you pronouncing it correctly? Smashed potatoes? Ya, smashed potatoes. I don't think so, I think I've had mashed potatoes yes, smashed potatoes? No…

I feel like they flavour the entire potato chunk with seasoning and when you blast it with heat, it becomes a bit charred. And so you get that "ang moh wok hei" Ahhhh ang moh wok hei, what an oxymoron. Ang moh wok hei huh? The sauce didn't really do much so I'm going to eat it with my Wasabi Cream. Looks like a good combo. I'm going to go for the mushrooms. Maybe in terms of taste, because this, the flavours are also very strong. The flavours of the steak are already strong then when you pair it with a side that is also very strong in flavour you might overwhelm your senses.

I think if you want a side, you might want to pick something that is milder. My turn, the last one that wasn't picked. Cream spinach is a very common steak dish also. Okay, this spinach, I think has a lot of fibre, very strong. Probably Popeyes' favourite version of spinach. Flavour-wise, I love it though. So when you eat the cream spinach with the beef, it's a good match. Other than the sides, there also toppings like the foie gras, and the scallops. I like that they add a bit of detail, they torched the scallop for some ang moh wok hei? I don't know. Is it me or is there some sort of a mentaiko taste to it? I don't think there's a mentaiko taste but I think it reminds you of mentaiko.

Because it's torched, so there's that ang moh wok hei, and there's that seafoody flavour. That's why you thought of mentaiko right? Yea… That's why. Alright, so I'm going to split the foie gras into half so that I can share it with Miss Chiara. Just like the scallops, the foie gras looks like it was also torched which is a touch I like. Which is a torch (touch) you like. Touch. Torch. I think the foie gras would be a good topping to add in my don. C: Right? Then you eat it with the rice
H: I think so, I think so, yeap, yeap. with the pickled vegetables to help with the very fatty flavour from the foie gras.

Other than beef and food, they also have mocktails! Not cocktails! Mocktails, mocktails. Because they believe that you don't need alcohol to have a good time. And I agree. So what did you get? I got the Rose mocktail. So actually before this right, it came with a nice little cute bubble. C: Ya!!!!
H: But I think just now when I moved it it accidentally popped beforehand. Ya, it's damn IG-worthy actually. You have a little pink tuille, and the ice cube is like really one ice cube. No, but it's a special ice cube! It's a very geometrical, looks kind of like diamond cube! You know what I mean. H: Yourself? Your ice cube as good as mine or not?
C: Well…

Mine ah? Just smells good, smells like Hi-Chew grape flavour. It's quite interesting because I thought usually mocktail is just a glass of soda water. But this is super glammed up. Mine had a foam, then he put the sangria in. Then that dehydrated lime slice. Cheers. The main flavour I get is chrysanthemum, with a hint of like sweet wine, nothing that tastes like nail polish. It's very refreshing and it's a flavour combination that I've never tasted before. Mine has a very strong flowery taste to it.

I think that's where the rose and this petal comes into play? There's hints of sweetness, and a bit of sourness to it. I think it's also because they added yoghurt and milk, basically an atas, or enhanced version of a bandung. Is it good vibes and good food? In terms of the vibes, definitely good vibes. Because we chatted with a few of the employees, vibe check is there.

I think food-wise as well, many options to pick from. In terms of the flavours, and the uniqueness of the foods and drinks available I will definitely recommend it for someone to come again. Or I would even come again. It's a very friendly place to hang out. And you know got neon signs everywhere. IG-worthy. Two things from Chiara's mouth: fat is flavour. IG-worthy. Top two things. So what do you think about the food today? I was quite surprised because personally, when I see any fatty foods in terms of having actual fats on it, I tend to look the other way. So for this particular cut, even thought the fats were quite a highlight of the cut itself right it tasted not too bad, it was quite good. They also had quite a number of sides. Drinks-wise also quite interesting, they have quite a number of options for the mocktails and in terms of the good vibes there's music also, and food so if you want to come along with your friends, or even a good date night, I think it's quite a good location, and might recommend it. Before I came down I was expecting a bit of The Featherblade vibes because they were actually located in the same place by almost the same people, but I feel like it's different because they are using a different cut.

The food were well seasoned, very flavourful. If I had to nitpick and pinpoint something bad maybe the steak can be a little bit more thinly cut. So that you know, don't have to chew too much. So I think, essentially, Picanhas' is a very Muslim friendly place. Not only Muslim friendly, but anyone in general can come over. I think what makes it unique is that, there are not many restaurants that serve halal steak. and picanha for that matter. On top of that, they have the mocktails and everything, so very interesting, very interesting. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs. If you liked this video, catch our other videos over there. And don't forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye!!!!!!!.

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Halal Steak In Singapore - Picanhas’ | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 68

Steak? For just $21++? In this episode of Eatbook Vlogs, Chiara and Hafeez check out Picahas’, a Muslim-owned steak joint that specialises in the picanha cut of beef. Watch and find out if it's worth going down for!

Disclaimer: Picanhas' is a Mislim-owned restaurant and are not Halal certified.

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