HALAL Student’s Restaurant in Korea University (Eng sub)

HALAL food in University Welcome to my world Here is Yongsworl.. Today Today Today I will eat.. I will go Hanyang Univ. I heard.. There is Halal food in .. I came Seoul I heard there is Halal food in Hanyang Univ. So, I will eat that With friend, My friend Originally, I was going to go alone But he's been fired So we're going together Have you ever tried halal food? No, I didn't eat Let's go! (There are too many people in Seoul) (Nice..

Han river) Actually, it is my first time to visit Hanyang Univ. How about you? This is my first time too I think we became university students (We graduated four years ago) ..? What..? What day is it today? / Tuesday It's Tuesday, but there's no one at Univ. I heard it's vacation now The restaurant must be open, right? The restaurant's probably open Oh.. Please.. Ok, We arrived at the student cafeteria I expected there would be a lot of people But.. Nobody.. But It's okay Because delicious food is waiting for me Here! Nobody here 14:30 …? (Now 15:30) I'll come back tomorrow Good morning~ We came here again I woke up early in the morning Are you looking forward to it? I'm looking forward to it Let's run! How many people are here? Just…

Very few people Because of Vacation What!? Any halal food? Where is Halal food? (There is no halal during vacation) But we're here, so… We should eat some food I am sorry my friend Don't apologize to camera. You should do it to me. Ok, So.. Chicken cutlet & Fish cutlet Ramen with beef And Takoyaki It is very cheap, right? 10$ Here is.. This is not Halal food but.. There's no pork Hanyang University.. Here is first halal student restaurant in Korea I will eat it when the vacation is over Beef ramen Not spicy I think this food is for foreigner Chicken cutlet Oh, This is Halal Chicken cutlet I think this is Halal Uh.. But, I am not sure.. This is fish cutlet Takoyaki Prayer room I am in front of prayer room in Hanyang Univ. Here I will open I can't enter… This place is divided into men and women I can't enter (Video taken before becoming Muslim) Here is so warm You can wash here Let's pretend we're foreigners It's weird for Koreans to do like this Is it Okay? Yeah~ Man~ Good? Hey, Friend.

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HALAL Student's Restaurant in Korea University (Eng sub)

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