Halal Supper Places in Singapore | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 32

[Music] [Music] welcome to episode 8 boom blocks and Karen is night because you're hot on the bar right over here is gonna bring you out for supper will be good okay we're in our first location and okay so the first we have is super iconic because it is very different Ginny this is the Shanghai steamed dumpling with chili creme times why so long Shanghai de PUE nibble a little hole and then you just look the CR the inside is so foolish because I really like that it's a bit spicy hmm but then you want to love it as chili crap no that isn't the iconic piece and also this might be a bit too thick for me is too good okay so next time we have these two things those like the moon because they're example this is actually the steam golden sandbar a penny is supposed to oh yeah actually expose any trace in my face it's so thick in blue yeah but every when I first got on the ball right it's just really sweet I can even feel the sugar bits in it but when I cook a bigger bite they think salty which is the way I like my big bugs overpowering of each other is just like a very good balance she's on a steam train right this very only this seemed Inca Road nice our chili bit like on the pink eraser and LA it is being soaked in Thai sauce right that gives you is a Thai sauce sour spicy sweet what I like about this is it's a bit like an audience it's like a meat raw that they've read we've been cooking since the pre-op texture is truly on outside and inside you get the meat and also it's nicely seasoned they have like chili bits and pass the itself and I bit sure you think it's a different layer on top for the Thai sauce so it's like damn let's move on to something right okay deep background dumplings with me nice Wow what was inside I don't know someone Frank white hands in Brawl and mayonnaise is like the correct answer in your kitchen thanks movie you know when I eat front dumplings outside a lot of the times every place the problem on me over here you don't see me at all it's just all straight up quad okay so as a whole no but stop and I had a Hong Kong tea house I am super happy with the food even I think it gives a very good variety to the list of services that we can help ya in the price point is really good though every dish is around three to five dollars in their own net Reiser [Music] okay now we're in our second location and it was my little Indian Center first let's try it garlic nuts is huger if you suck the foreplay okay do you know how to eat nine yes of course we have all the smell is fantastic why do if you tear a nice little piece off none and then you just pinch it up the whole thing I was expecting the spiciness it's actually just nice the butter is very well put together so well you get is like a very complete taste the earthiness of the spices stands out more we do give them praise for the tenderness or chicken oh wow about the can I taste it on this one let's try that is very thick and chewy yeah the thing is there's so many of the garlic bits on top so it adds a little bit more crunch – next up we have the chicken tandoori Ani same we pass off flavors you can taste the tumeric it's not nice the pediment and the cinnamon is very strong so it's like boom yeah a burst of flavor in your mouth alright so let's move on to the chicken is really tender really smoking yeah now I know why the rice is pear this chicken is that you get the very pong days for Bunga intense yes much together both together is like me and Kiara last but Susie not least mmm is this is doing plate on fish okay so this dish is caught fish job frisky I'm sorry if I butchered the name of this fish so basically it is like a fish cook with career and hopefully leave my vegetables because I'm seeing capsicum I'm sick onions Unidos already near it sounds good no boys to me it is spicy mainly because I think is of the curry it sucks into the fish the first thing that hits me is the spice and then with the addition of all the vegetables is naturally sweet yeah but it's also like a very subtle smoky flavor because they put a vision of a plate there are like some chart pots of on the fish which adds to like the whole texture and the taste also oh no what do you think with my food why thing is good man every dish for today is basically 7.7 is very affordable like we're having software is still very crowded very much alive becoming small a big summer [Laughter] [Music] okay here it is our final stop for our search for halal supper spots we need to have Thai food because you know why the further that we have is I should have Tom Yum the clear version there's like prawns there's fish there's some then there's mushrooms tomatoes very pleasantly surprised at the Liao is actually more than soup you know as we are I know you just now yeah we ain't shutting down are you awaken the soup is really spicy what a flavor is super strong I think because of the amount of things that they put inside it really adds to the flavor as well you nature and jumbo for very few very satisfying hey let's try the beautiful beef tendon the producers actually say make sure all that this side cause we need be a bit different Oh everything is there's only one the main differences is that the noodles like the rice noodles hmm there's a little bit different somebody feels like healthier for some [Music] brandy this is from the beef my drag is ruining right the next night yeah so the beaver okay the main sky the beef yes a bit soft and chewy they actually put the meat inside a suit entire life revolve the soup gets absorbed into the mousse last but not least yes the meatballs oh the one that you try to steal right to be honest let me bought this or any other people this is more than mushy side I'm gonna try and attend any of this soup is good because it's very soft I expect it to be a bit chewy right it just not in my mouth let's try to see you at soup oh yeah yeah well surely flavor to the food it was a ginger or something I'm getting a bit of the fact they have this and it is actually very good Wow this energy is what I'm most excited about because right they make their own crab cakes well this is like chock-full of meat yeah but it's good like the fish cake texture just they're a bit more fibrous looking really interesting I feel like the center is a mixture between a bouncy fish ball and a dance creat ball and the bread crumbs better on outside it really gives a very nice textural crunch when you put the Tai Chi sauce it gets sucked into the whole thing and then you just beautiful in a very good I think the crab cake is winner for them tonight last but not least our dessert yes finally what is time without mango sticky rice goes by right somehow I'll say it's not that anymore it's an e by lid – jack – mango is they're not too sweet not do like sour it's just like a good balance no nothing I love is that the coconut milk wrap this slightly Sophie Oh what it brings out the sweetness of the mango – Emma girls who like put me up and the flavors are already strong very fresh and it was a what – um right okay it's never wrong time for time there's only time for science I suppose fine thanks for bring me the three whole places create a lot of good food but you must tell me first what is the best surprisingly I actually like Guzman the fastest yeah because on your day is totally different from my usual supper haunts and the food is also tasty there's nothing that I didn't like so would you say that Guzman is young my favor have to be time for time it is so tasty value for money pass for me at before like a very open ambience the first place also Falls quite close is a great place to bring big coups or friends because there's a wide variety of food well things in I think it's time for Vietnam we are supposed to take them for watching us alright guys and thank you so much for watching this episode of April blogs for more videos like this you can watch it over there and don't forget to Like share and subscribe good night then we can write okay okay thanks for bit okay good night – time for bread

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Halal Supper Places in Singapore | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 32

In this episode of Eatbook Vlogs, Chiara and Zhin will be checking out 3 halal supper spots in Singapore! These include a dim sum joint that opens until 6am!

1. Enak Enak Dim Sum
340 Bedok Road, Singapore 469520
Opening Hours: 10am - 6am

2. Usman’s
238 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218085
Opening Hours: 10am - 2am

3. Time For Thai
15 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599739
Opening Hours: 11am to 3am

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