[Music] hi guys I'm Gerald so if you heard recently stop we singapore's and then go halal certified so workers that she found out that's the difference in taste between our caller certifies okay and then on how it's a device out there so today we're actually going to JB to get that horribly fights image and see whether there's a difference so [Music] so we're back in the video and also we also bought some singapore service images so today we're gonna have three participants coming to taste as the difference between the palette images and non haha images we all use the meter space for someone special what if it's someone popular in Singapore superstar seriously more famous than what they are interested in becoming I'll oh yeah Barbrady some outlets in Singapore they stopped selling for not a good fight there's probably not gonna be that big a difference I even bacon can be substituted yeah but for the other like subs without [ __ ] right I doubt that there will be any different yeah [Music] all I did it oh yeah yeah the city's very different right and multi-speed just means they study different the rest is completely disabled even the sauce I suspected is attached a small penny nerves in this one it's not every day is more like regular heavy this one way is less salty actually full price you tell me go piles of it is yes the main difference is just a seasoning the in terms of me I wouldn't say that one is better than the other hey I've not eaten the review before whatever his taste but the second one the second one show more like real me babe like I can very easily either why don't you lie to me there's no one is better than good it is great I'm a damn idiot let me have this smokey like pastry if I thought to talk to you so I just put a fake gun in my mouth hey there my heavy there is well as less smell Wow you so much tastier than the first one I think I ate more meat this one has a nice cheesy taste to it yeah yes hey hey yes it's gonna be a boy yes I'm fairly confident what is it yeah see okay I'm using my familiarity tongue familiarity the me twice right it's to read different Estonia so it's not like oh this is better than this one I like the second one better me twice I couldn't tell I felt like it was real bacon instead of the first one oh it is not good is not a joke oh wow that's real steak right there it doesn't taste bad at all it's properly cooked like it's not good clap is easy to chew it smells deep ready oh yeah this one is saltier I can already taste a it's a good thing I'm touching the meat the previous one right it felt like slicer but isn't is like a cute it's chunkier after trying to person writing I prefer to pass on it hey yeah well for this actually before the hell up Leo is much nicer was a heavy yeah how many bother in here oh that's me that's me that's me what is a good a know it's peppery it's a little salty but not too salty it's perfect that's how we both should be but the meatballs right they will need to be taught by the same time it's very well the person smells a lot better yeah me doesn't have a very distinct flavor the texture of the meatball is quite similar to the first one except it's a bit softer Atlanta yep so much easier to chew but this is very different this one I'm Germany confused right I'm quite obvious the difference is so stuff but I don't know why it's what I prefer the meatball from the second one and the sauce from the process yes ba actually you know when he comes on to you right I think I prefer is the overall taste I would say the Jamie one – we like a better [Music] favorite sandwich that I fried today was the halal steak and cheese mine was the hollow meatball mine was the subway no I don't remember which buy enjoy folks [Music] they all taste the same the last two sandwiches are I think we always said it like it's really been hard to find a very clear distinction between how long process sandwiches yeah no I think in general like what is halal is not a good gauge on how we please yeah I think the important thing to note is that just because something is a halal version it doesn't mean that it's prepared at a lower standard or you're getting like not as PC authored yeah in video so thank you for watching this episode of this testers and don't forget like share and subscribe see you next time

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Subway planning to go halal has sparked heated debates across our Little Red Dot. There were mixed reactions among Singaporeans; some were apprehensive, while others were supportive.

In this episode of Taste Testers, we went down to JB to get some halal sandwiches from Subway. Watch till the end to see if our participants could differentiate between a halal and non-halal Subway sandwich!

These are the sandwiches that we tried from Subway:

1. Italian B.M.T
2. Subway Melt
3. Steak & Cheese
4. Meatball Marinara

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