Hero – Gayab Mode On – Ep 178 – Full Episode – 16th August, 2021

You can torture Amal Nanda
as much as you want. Don't kill Veer. You need to give him
the torture of getting separated from his family. He should encounter
a lot of difficulties before getting to his family! 'Certainly, Acharya!
Certainly!' 'How could I let go
of this opportunity?' 'I'll give Dansh – Amal Nanda
such a treatment..' 'Such a treatment that he won't
forget forever!' 'He won't understand' 'what he is going through!' Good! Sweety.. Meethi! Ranjeet! Where have I come? Bantu! Ranjeet! Ranjeet. What happened?
Why are you standing like this? Bantu and you all.. I hope you all are fine.. Bindu! Bindu.. Sweety, Meethi! Sweety, Meethi! What's g-going.. Bantu, look..
Bantu, look at the kids.. Good! I want Veer to face some
difficulties before he gets what he wants. Because the more the pain and anger that he experiences the easier it would be
to get him to wear the ring. The ring follows its bearer but this time around,
Veer has given it up willingly.

Hence until Veer summons it it's impossible for the ring
to get on his finger. That is why it is important that Veer has no option left other than summoning the ring and wearing it. Bantu.. No!
Bantu.. Bantu, let..
Let go.. Of me.. Sweety, Meethi, my kids.. No!
L-Let go of me. Let go of me. Why did this happen to my kids! Veer..
– Dad.. The chip! Dad.. – Dear..
– Brother.. – Hush.. Dad.. Dad, are you all right?
– Yes, I am fine. This is an alien chip. When you were in Dansh's form,
you'd planted the alien chip on everyone. I remember. Dear, Meethi, Bantu, Ranjeet.. We need to find them as well. Right now, you follow me.
– Fine. Come, dear. Hush.. In this direction.. Veer! Veer..
– Hush.. I'll tell you everything, Uncle.

Follow me. My pal!
– Bantu! I'm sorry, Dad. It's okay, dear.
Come. Meethi.. We need to get out of here. Follow me. Come. It's sad! He has no idea what the future
has in store for him. Nirbhayasur! Amazing! Amazing, Veer Nanda! I am not able to see you but I can see your family. What will you do? I'll make you bite the dust! You should have thought
before speaking, Veer Nanda! Had you thought,
you would have understood.

I am Nirbhayasur!
Nirbhayasur! It's impossible to beat me!
It's impossible! Veer, summon the ring..
Come on, summon it! My aim is not to kill you.
I just want to make you
wear the ring again. Come, my ring! Invisible Mode, on! Nirbhayasur! I'll kill you! Because of you Zara got killed.. Shivaay went away from me! I'll kill you..
– Veer!

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Hero - Gayab Mode On - Ep 178 - Full Episode - 16th August, 2021

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Episode 178: Amal Nanda Is in Danger
Shukrachariya is planning a new attack on Amal Nanda with his newly assigned disciple. Shukra wants to convert Amar back into Demon Dansh so he could destroy the world with his help. Shuka's new disciple promises to convert Amal Nanda into a demon. Amal Nanda enters the maze to help his family and take them out from the clutches of the evil. To Know More Watch the Full Episode.

About The Show:
Long ago, in the fight between good and evil, a powerful ring gets lost. This isn’t any ordinary ring, for the one who wears it can become invisible. Back in modern times, this ring finds its way to a powerful being, who is silent on the surface and stirs up a storm within. This invisible Hero is all set to sweep you off your feet. Get ready to hop on to an adventurous ride with Hero - Gayab Mode On.


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