How to find Halal foods and meats in Christchurch, New Zealand

In New Zealand, there are some different ways to find halal food (because not every food has a Halal logo). We saw the cheese earlier, right, it's written… Assalamualaikum, welcome to our channel, don't forget to subscribe and watch our other videos. We're going to the supermarket here, we want to show you some of references to find halal food or products that can be found in this supermarket. Why we visit this supermarket because PaknSave is one of the places that we found has a cheaper price ๐Ÿ˜€ so far in New Zealand and can be found in many big cities.

Including in Christchurch, Auckland and in other big cities. And even in Christchurch there are many branches. at the moment, we are near the City Center. Hopefully it can be a an example of reference For friends who want to look for halal products or food here Scan the barcode first This is beansprouts, this is New Zealand Grown We want to buy Bananas, in our other video, we shared some facts that people here really like bananas and eat a lot of bananas per year.

As you can see there are lots of bananas but most bananas are imported like this banana is from the Philippines. Ok, let's find and look for cheese, so New Zealand is famous for its Dairy Industry, it plays a very important role in their economy, So what are Dairy products? like cheese, milk, yogurt, all product that comes from the milk. As you can see here, the cheese has Halal Approved, so in New Zealand, there are several ways for us to find Halal food. You can find a Halal Approved sign (usually written together with other dietary requirements) In Shaa Allah it's Halal but, sometimes we need to confirm to FIANZ website as well The thing that we need to consider in some cheese product is the most important ingredient which is Rennet This one comes from Animal Rennet. So Rennet is an enzyme that is used when making cheese Usually to coagulate the cheese, so sometimes we are not really sure about the one with animal rennet As we never know where the enzyme comes from, so it's better to stay away if you are unsure (or you can ask the provider they will help in shaa Allah) Now we want to see burger meat, There are a lot of Halal Frozen food as well in New Zealand This is one of the Halal frozen burger Well, there are some different ways to find halal food (because not every food has a Halal logo).

We saw the cheese earlier, right, it has the small label of Halal Approved. When we check to FIANZ website, it's also Halal (Alhamdulillah) But for this one, what we found isn't a Halal Approved label, but there is a logo. so you have to check one by one. At the end of the video, we will also give you a snapshot of the FIANZ website, it's a kind of Ulema Council in New Zealand The good thing is this brand has a lot of variety of flavors (it's nice)! Let's see some Bread This is the TIPTOP brand, we check on the FIANZ website This brand has a Halal certificate on the website even though there is no Halal logo here, but we have to check directly on the website, one by one. When we looked at it, there really wasn't anything strange about the ingredients, so we wanted to buy this.

Now, this is kind of wrap is this also halal, it has a logo, Alhamdulillah we found a lot of Halal food at the moment, in New Zealand's supermarkets So there are more options, OK This is another example of Halal frozen food (Although, all food from the sea most of them is Halal) But for Fish and chips, we found some interesting facts about the way they mix the flour Well, we asked and we have been told that they cook it with Beer To make it tasty and crispy (maybe) whether it's beer or sometimes wine (not sure what kind of alcohol) So it is better to ask first if you want to buy Fish and Chips. For this one, it's frozen shrimp We found that people in New Zealand like to eat Chips (nice!).

These are Cassava chips, no MSG ๐Ÿ˜€
We're going to look at the Chips. Waw the Chips section is very huge! and it has simple ingredients, like cassava and then tapioca flour, sugar, and salt No food additive code so used to buy these chips. Another snack! it's rice crackers (like biscuits) But the main ingredients are rice Another way to see if it's halal or not, or if we not really sure we can just look at the ingredients here, it's written here, it's suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, so the most of the ingredients come from plants, so it's safe In Shaa Allah Now I'm looking for a chocolate bar. We often buy this Whittaker brand on FIANZ the website, this product has a Halal certificate. Maybe not all flavors, (you need to see them one by one). It's a famous chocolate bar here, (in our opinion this is delicious!) Let's see the ingredients, everything was fine and the emulsifier was from Soy (sometimes there are some non-Halal emulsifiers) God willing, it's safe, so we can take it! Alhamdulillah Now we look at the sauce, Oyster sauce is often used for cooking It has the code 621, it's MSG, and it's the same thing we checked earlier, we've also checked often on the website, it's from Caramel.

So, In syaa Allah this is Halal. Now it's Canned food! So if you have to buy canned food like when you're traveling or you don't have time to cook or something. Like tramping, Hiking (Multi-day hike) We found this Halal canned food. This product has a Halal logo (from Thailand) 'You can choose different flavors! there is sweet chili, mayo, all of them are Halal Indonesian favorite food! Mie goreng ๐Ÿ˜€ We are done in PaknSave, now we want to show you where to buy halal meat in Christchurch We have shared information about examples of products or how to find Halal food in New Zealand's supermarkets. Now, let's go to a Halal butchery or Halal meats in Christchurch, we want to see what's here at a Halal butchery.

So there are two Halal butcheries, but we often visit this shop, because it's not too far from our home. There is the Beef liver, the sausages are frozen… That's the beef gravy, Brisket. Wow, Chickens here are quite big ๐Ÿ˜€ So this is the FIANZ website that we mentioned earlier. FIANZ stands for the Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand, and this organization is one of the approved halal institutions in New Zealand or organizations that can issue halal certificates. Apart from FIANZ, there are also several other organizations that approved to issue halal certificates (you can check on the MPI website or the Ministry of Primary Industry) on this website, there are a lot of information, for example, the prayer time as well as the Ramadan timetable, there is also FAQ regarding Moon Sighting and the most important thing is about this Halal directory which we are interested in.

Now, first click here, click This is a page for Fianz Halal Directory, yes, friends, quite updated which this was last updated around December 2021 and on this page There are some cities in New Zealand and Halal information in each city, what halal products or foods can be found in certain cities. Because we are in Christchurch, we want to take a look in the Canterbury area. If we click here, it's just one example of the products. We can find in the Canterbury region, including in the city of Christchurch. Okay, now we're looking for food additive Sorry food additive Now we click search So there we go this is the result, let's Read more, Now that's to find out what codes are in the food ingredients and the status whether it is Halal or not This page also explains some numbers that are usually found in foods. Let's scroll down here, there is a complete table with the serial number, its Additive, the function, Islamic status (Halal or Not) But, if we don't find certain codes, we can look into another website Hopefully, you can benefit from this, Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for watching our video if you like it don't forget to subscribe and share it, Wassalamualaikum

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How to find Halal foods and meats in Christchurch, New Zealand

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