IF FOOD WERE PEOPLE || Candy is Person! When Snacks is Life Funny Situations by 123 GO! SCHOOL

If food could talk to you, it’d have a lot to say. You’ll see what we mean. Ready for the explosion of a lifetime?! Pour those suckers in, Chris! NOO! I’m falling!!! Woah! How far did you fall?! What’s the deal? Stupid humans. Don’t worry, we’ll get ‘em back. It’s like a sugar volcano!! Woah!! Tik Tok’s really hopping today. But this broccoli, not so much. Hahaha!! Vegetable down!! How’d it get under there? Ooh, a little dusty… Did I see a lollipop? I lost that like a year ago! Madison!!! You found me!! No… my diet! Aw, so close. Greens are better for me! HEY!! I taste way better! Ugh, who am I kidding? I’d love some sweet strawberry! And it’s in perfect condition too! You know you want me! You can start your diet tomorrow! Maybe just a couple of licks… Yep, clearly the better choice. I can eat a salad later. Gimme some love!!! Wait! I have self-control!! But I thought you loved me! Desperate times call for desperate measures! Give into the sugar trap… Sugar… You’ll die without it, Madison! I need the sugar! That's right, keep your eyes on me… Just one little lick…
Okay!! Just one delicious taste… Welcome home!! Just a little closer… This thing’s getting all the licks!! I’m never eating broccoli again.

I’m so happy!! Geez, I hope I look all right! You look really nice, Madison. Look at those gorgeous lips!! One sec… That breath would kill a goat! Sorry about that… C’mon, where’s my gum? I hope this works! All good over here! Where’s that stink coming from? Bingo. That bacteria’s ruining everything! Not on my watch!! I didn’t see you there, bubblegum! Ha! Just try me, lady! This is gonna be easy. Oh, yeah? HA! Oh no, you don’t! That all you got? You can’t combat this power! Boom!! You missed! I’m just getting warmed up! Take that!!! Geez! Those are fast! But not fast enough!! Okay, no more Ms.

Nice Gum!! Wait, that thing’s huge!! HA!! Nobody messes with me! Everything good and clean? You’re good!! Did it work? YES! Okay, what were you saying? I’ve fulfilled my purpose!! Welcome to the party!! Huh? No!!! I hope I look okay! I’m going in. This is it!! Our very first kiss!! BOOM! That’s how it’s done!! I forgot I had these here!! Is that guy lookin’ at us? Come to papa! I just can’t get enough’a these! No way. Nope! Not happening!! Just one left! What’s wrong with this thing? I’ll crack it with my teeth. Keep that mouth open, buddy! GAH!! C’mon… Knock it off!! I’m kicking this into high gear. OPEN!! OUCH!! C’mon hardback! This’ll work! Seriously? I think I have to give up. Whatever. Ahhh. Home at last.

A pistachio?! Mm… No! Not again!! Looks like it’s all mine… Yum!! Nothing like sharing a meal with a friend! But are you good enough friends to give up the last slice of pizza? You have it!! Thanks! Well, cheers! Mmm! I’ll just take this slice. Peppers? Those things are gross!! Everything okay over there? You bet! This place is awesome!! But it could use a little heat. Now we’re talking! Oh god! My mouth’s on fire here! Chris! Are you sure you’re okay? Mm-hmm! Anything left to drink around here? Hey, is that milk? Can I snag that, please?? My mouth is aflame!! Thanks!! There’s the heat source. Acting all hot and bothered. This is what I was born to do. HEY! Huh? What? I’m putting that fire out!! Ugh! I just got my hair done, dude! All done here. I’m nothing without my spice! It’s coming back even worse now!! She never learns.

GAH!! Not again!!! All right, I surrender! That’s what I thought. Phew! That was scary! It was for all of us. What a baby… Spice isn’t for everyone, right? C’mon, just two more points! UGH! I lost again!! Hey, when did those get here? They look so good. Just one won’t hurt! My favorite flavor too. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. It’s so cute in here!! Which tooth should I settle on? I just love them all so much! First bite’s always the best.

Second one’s not bad either. I shall coat you in sugar, tooth!! You’ll stay sweet forever!! Or better yet? I’ll leave my mark more permanent! Ooh, nice! Gah! That thing kills! This tooth will forever be mine!! Looks beautiful!! Onto the next!! I have to go to the dentist!! No more sugar for me. Doctor!! Please, I need your help!! Starting to wonder what that sandwich you ate for lunch would say if it could talk? Well, now you have a pretty good idea! Don’t forget to share this with your friends and give them a laugh!.

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IF FOOD WERE PEOPLE || Candy is Person! When Snacks is Life Funny Situations by 123 GO! SCHOOL

If food could talk to you, It’d have a lot to say.
Starting to wonder what that sandwich you ate for lunch would say if it could talk?
Don’t forget to share this with your friends and give them a laugh!
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