[INA SUB] Tokyo Banana is Finally Halal? | 7 Muslim-Friendly Souvenirs from Japan

hello guys i'm currently here on campus because hashtag stay-at-home sucks although you should practice self quarantine make sure to get some fresh air outside okay so what do you like to get when you come to Japan is it KitKat Tokyo banana are you sure there hello and I know this is a question that a lot of people ask me on DM if certain products are halal or not how long and today I'm going to be reviewing some halal snacks that you can get in Japan and their whole all and you can take them home to your country and share them with your friends and family so I got a bunch of snacks from where I work it's called mutt City Japan a little restaurant if you've been to Osaka and if you've been to my today you've probably seen me or probably not I wear only once a week first though you could this also is something that I really like a lot because it's really light it's not suitable I mean it's dessert we serve it in our restaurant as for dessert and we're gonna try it together Nerys the strawberry one mango green tea and as you can see they all have you can get this for 200 yen per piece let's try it out we're gonna try it it's this big you see okay but there's this big the macho and fellow so we're gonna eat the mangoes and honestly I think the mango one is my I don't eat them as often as the strawberry one and asked the drinking one same size different color please don't fall it's really like but it's really sweet this is like fight that's the mango inner scream inside that's it that didn't even take one minute it's really fast you can just eat it right away as an appetizer is a dessert as a snack anything you want next up bum-kun something honest just you know a soft cake because that's what I would call it it's round pop cake it contains egg milk soy bean and wheat this is how it looks it's like a sponge cake but it's round okay this is also sweet if I have to compare the sweetness level between this and the dye hooker I think that I think is still sweeter but this is also sweet thanks Ron glossy that's how it's spelled in katakana or the Japanese letter it's a boxer it's new I haven't opened it it's cookies basically and they don't have the halal mark but it says here how its Muslim friendly it contains no alcohol no boy this has 1212 smaller cookies on the inside I think there is another package that's bigger that has 18 3 2 1 tada are we gonna try one it's aside it's really small okay this is what it looks like so let's see a little bit that you can see can you see there's a yellow bit from the coroner sticking out that's the cream so it's two cookies too thin wavers crackers cookies with cream on the inside and the dings flavor itself is sweet I think it's a vanilla it's good and like David and butt-head no this is not a spelling I mean it's just something that you can get first souvenir I think but I wouldn't have it in my room as a snack that's my honest opinion about wrong good oh [ __ ] next this is 10 volts of Netaji dango dango is just like mochi but it's smaller and they have Uncle on the inside on board has been pasted on the inside so it's slightly different with it thank you with the technical it had cream and either it was strawberry cream or on mango cream her green tea with this one it's got mint paste and as you can see it also has the hello mark look well you can see the mitarashi on the inside it's a bite-sized you can just finish it in a go actually I'm gonna eat another cool what should I call this video snap time with Dawn snack okay okay so this came in in a box but I left it at work but I do know that this is a new thing that they're selling at Tokyo JR station as a collaboration with the Olympics Committee so that they can sell more halal and vegan snacks that tourists can get when they come here for the game or so we're not sure if the games still happening but the snacks are out it's called Tokyo company LA Brown it's it's cookies just like the roundest but it's slightly bigger in size that's the cookie and we'll try it [Music] it's too sweet you're probably like honest opinion it's too sweet let's try it if I have to read it from one out of ten on sweetness that's a legit ten for me I don't think that I'm good she was thought about in terms of sweetness I think like non-google she was still about eight I'm saving the best for last I still have another one after this this is not the last one made in Japan chocolate since 1928 it's just a box of chocolate but it does have the Halal mark here three different four different flavor so in the dark the white the socket of Mount Fuji will try each one we have the white Sakura Sakura – or is it just the photo oh it's not the flavor it's just a photo you get either the Sakura or you get the Mount Fuji and then we have the darkest one which is a melody we have these four I've never tried these before so this is gonna be my first time with you even though you have the Halal mark and in the box if you are to give someone else just a piece in there Muslims and they're not sure if they can eat it or not there's also a halal mark on the other side on each of these so it's safe for everybody so this is what the white one looks like it's white chocolate and to be honest with you white chocolate is not my favorite we'll move on to the next one next we have the pink okay so it's probably about chocolate no fillings this one's dark I didn't expect that this one's dark why is it dark my question is all right so this is the chocolate it's slightly different in terms of shape with the white one in the pink one so I wonder if it's because of the Mount Fuji theme and this follows the Sakura theme but we'll see we'll see how the caramel goes and then I'll give my honest opinion about it caramel I don't know if this is caramel or not but I think it's caramel or has some sort of a filling inside I think I'm not sure so sweetness Weis the white one the white chocolate was the sweetest followed by this caramel bronze looking wrapping followed by this brown wrapping that I thought would give me dark chocolate and lastly this is the darkest one so sweetest sweet still slightly sweet and the least sweet last one the moment you've all been waiting for the one snag when every single time you guys come to Japan you ask me if you can purchase it if it's all if it's not halal your favorite your beloved Tokyo banana so this is not sold everywhere this only salted ji to Tokyo railway so it's only it's only sold at Tokyo so if you live anywhere else in the world I'm sorry you can't get it my boss got this for me he won at around 8:00 in the morning when it opened and he was able to purchase one for me and for everyone else we'll see how this tastes together how many piece oh it has one two three four four in total I ate one and that's four in total I ate one before this video but as you can see it's almond caramel sand for me good so they don't have the halal Mart unlike all the other stuff that I've shown you but it's vegan and they're saying that it's not alcohol as well and it shows here in the box what they're not using so doesn't use meat seafood and dairy honey alcohol vegan sugar oh it only uses vegan sugar so it should be safe even for muslin okay so this is how it looks for those of you asking where is the banana that's my question too but I don't think Tokyo banana was supposed to be banana to begin with I don't know what the original one looks like but this is what the vegan and it has caramel and almond inside my honest opinion I don't love it but I do think you need to try it out yourself before you make your own judgement but this was my opinion yesterday and I mean it's the same today too is that the pastry is too thick that's one thing and it's slightly hard to chew through the caramel and it's just super chewy and that's what I think what my boss told me is that there has been better vegan desserts or snacks sold in Japan before I'm not holding you back from getting one he's out of curiosity especially if you live in Tokyo and want to get it go for it I wouldn't eat it again and again and again I ate one yesterday in tea meal that was enough and I'm not curious or I'm not you know attempted to finish the entire box and that's how I feel about the snack if I have to recommend what you need to get I definitely recommend the pública hand the round circle thing and then the die who could all three flavours it you'd get it just to see what they taste like and then the mochi and then the ragout dashi the chocolate or maybe the chocolate first before they're done glue those she'd they're about even to me and then you need to get the Tokioka vanilla brown and then the Tokyo banana and that's all for snack time whatsa I hope when you can finally come to Japan you can get these items but for now do stay safe take precaution stay at home please stay at home and break the chain of spreading the virus I'll see you again next time [Music]

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[INA SUB] Tokyo Banana is Finally Halal? | 7 Muslim-Friendly Souvenirs from Japan


Though I wouldn't recommend travelling at this time of the year, here are 7 snacks you can share with your friends and families as souvenirs when you travel to Japan!

Where to get them:
1. Daifuku http://three-peace-matsuri.com
2. Baumkuchen http://three-peace-matsuri.com
3. Mitarashi Dango http://three-peace-matsuri.com
4. Chocolate Box http://three-peace-matsuri.com
5. Premium Langue de Chat http://three-peace-matsuri.com
6. Tokyo Campanella Brown https://matcha-jp.com/en/9271
7. Vegan Tokyo Banana https://matcha-jp.com/en/9271

I'm pretty sure you can get them elsewhere, but these are where I got them!

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