Peace be upon you Bohemian Family. I hope you're having a very delicious day. It’s Mino and Amina we’re in Seoul, Korea.  Seoul is a huge metropolis of Korea and it’s my beloved hometown. and it's my beloved hometown. There are lots of different halal restaurants in Itaewon and Dongdaemun. So today we are going to explore the fantastic halal food in Seoul. and we're gonna try all the different style 
of authentic halal food. Are you ready? Yala! Peace be upon you. How are you doing? What's your name brother? Abdul Wahed Nice to meet you. Everything is good? / Thank God. This place is beautiful. Thanks, have a seat. How long are you living in Korea? I live in Korea for 16 years. Which menu is good today? We have lemon chicken, couscous, lamb feet… Lamb feet? / Yes. Moroccan salad With lemon, I really miss this moroccan salad so much. You can see carrots, almond and moroccan cottage cheese. I love roasted almonds, so crispy! This is soup for couscous. Good~ Oh it's big. Which meat? / Lamb. Bread, Moroccan Batbout? / Yes. That's good.

Thank you. Everything is perfect! It's same as Morocco! Let me try the meatball tagine first. Soft juicy meatballs with spicy tomato sauce! It's so tender and I love this sweet and savory taste.   This sweet prune with caramelized onion take me to Morocco. I miss couscous so much! moroccan couscous with some carrots   Radish, zucchini, caramelized onions with almonds and chickpeas.

It's beautiful I feel like I''m in Morocco! This is my favorite food in Morocco. Look at this. So tender! Chewy chewy I like lamb feet so much! Long time no see. Since 5 years! Have a seat please. I miss you both. Let me try the prune first. Do you like it? / Yes, it's delicious. This food is specially for marriage or family events. I love this sauce. Moroccan food is so yummy! It's the first time to try Moroccan food, so tasty! Abdul wahed invited us to his sandwich restaurant. Bread Is this lamb? /Yes. This is tomato sauce. This is special sauce. Tomato Vinegar sauce It's the first time to see Makoda in Korea. Our chef is making one of my favorite moroccan dish Makoda. Which is potato fritters. Everything is good! with moroccan Makoda Fantastic potato fritters and spicy shrimps in a crispy baguette.

With cheese and eggs, look at this eggs. So good!! For your health! Let me try… I love the smoky taste of chicken. Look at this! Let me try Africola. I've never seen Africola before. We came to Indonesian meatball restaurant in Itaewon. Beef ribs Look at this huge beef rib. It looks so yummy! So nice, tender! a little bit chili and sweet This sweet and savory fluffy rice dancing in my mouth. This is a prawn cracker. Let me try big big Bakso ball. It's so dense and chewy! So satisfied. It looks so dense.

It's covered with tofu pocket? Yes, it is. It looks like mongolian meat. Please try with this Indonesian Sambal sauce. This is Bakso. There's an egg in the ball. Look at this, whole egg inside! There's meat inside. Bakso filling with minced meat. Let me try with homemade Sambal, looks so spicy! That's good, not too spicy. cheese inside There're mung bean sprouts and some egg noodle with vermicelli. Tasty! chewy chewy Yummy! One of the most tasty food in the world. It's well cooked so smooth. Look at this tender spicy coconut milk curry, Rendang. Yummy as soon as you put it in your mouth. We went to Uzbekistan restaurant in Dongdaemun. Peace be upon you. What is this? / Samsa. after 10 minutes we will open. It's very crispy outside. Look at this. crispy meat pastry It's just baked Samsa, Uzbekistan meat pastry.

So hot and tasty! juicy meat filling in a hundred of crispy layers It's bouncy. savory shredded meat in a beef broth jelly What's the name of this food? Kholodets This is handmade uzbekistan noodle. Let me try with beef and some radish. I love the firmed texture of handmade noodles with meaty tomato soup. nice soup with green pepper It looks like a super large dumpling. It looks like super extra large size of dumpling with hundreds of layers. Smooth and tasty Are you making it by weighing it like this? / Yes. Are you making this sheet yourself? /Yes. It's hard to make them all at once, so I make them separately. How many pieces of cake do you get if you make one big plate? 64 pieces of cake It's so big. Russian honey cake with sour cream So yummy! This cake has seven layers and the cream is sweet and sour. so yummy and amazing   Peace be upon you.

Is this flatbread? Yes, it's Naan. We found a friendly Uzbekistan brother’s tandoor bakery on the same street. Is flour mixed with water? / Yes. These are chicken and potato. It's beef, how can I say beef in Uzbekistan? mol go'shti Uzbekistan style very light and fragrant chai Look at this Ghosti Naan, it's a huge donut shape meat pastry. It's like a big meat pie doughnut. It's so warm and tasty. Look at this huge bread. Looks so yummy! chewy chewy Chicken, potato, pumpkin and beef. It's so warm. Let me cut it off, so crispy outside! Juicy meats with onion and cumin seed in a crunchy baked bread. How do you like it? / So yummy!! There are potato and onion with cumin seeds. It's so juicy inside and super crunchy outside. I'm so curious what's inside of this bread. So hot! It's just baked hot bread.

So fresh! You can see chicken with some onions and spices. Yummy! Look at this color. Orange pumpkin Samsa So tasty! We attended friday prayer at Seoul central masjid in Itaewon. Here we go Pak India. Peace be upon you. Where are you from in Pakistan? I'm from Lahore. I love the food there. So what are you doing these days? I am running a small startup it's called Our biggest hot product is halal products. and halal meat. Thank God, things are going fine and I hope better futures. If God will. Thank you very much. Long time no Karahi. Thank you so much. Just baked fresh Roti! Baked in tandoori, right? /Yes. Spicy lentil curry with tandoori roti How do you like it? It's yummy. These are cheese and spinach. It's very famous in Pakistan.

Pakistani people love it. This is one of the most famous spinach and cheese curry in the world. It's specially yummy today. We are lucky! I think they made it very special for him. It looks even better than before and today is very special. Let me try… I love this bitter sweet green and creamy curry. I love spinach. / I love cheese. Long time no Karahi. So tasty! This sauce is so important. onion and tomato, yogurt, ginger and garlic paste So soft really really soft!   The taste is soft, the meat is soft, everything is so soft.

That's so good. This is bone marrow which is nali, this is nali biryani. You got nail? / Yes I did. Biryani is eaten in many countries in the Middle East. I love Pakistani biryani. And the best one is from Karachi. Yes, a little spicy biryani so fluffy and nice Raita It's so fluffy and aromatic. I feel like I'm in Pakistan. That's great that's the kind of feeling that i wanted to give you actually today. that's why i brought you here. Success! / Thank you! Peace be upon you. Mix BBQ Yes it's time for Turkish barbecue.

Our chef is making his signature dish half half Pide. We are so lucky to try authentic Turkish food in Seoul. Oh Adana Kebab? / Yes. Cheese He is wrapping adana kebab in the grilled cheese bread. then bake it for a minute for perfect taste. Looks so cheesy and nice! Adana kebab with cheese and Turkish lavash. Tzatziki sauce yummy! This is half half Pide, cheese and beef. Let me try with this red sauce, I don't know what's this. It's hot! It's chili sauce. adana kebab Adana kebab is the best. Everybody loves Ayran!.

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