Insane UMAMI Dry Age Experiment | Guga Foods

Thank you Dalstrong for sponsoring this video. This is MSG also known as monosodium glutamate to 
be more specific it is the sodium salt of glutamic   acid. MSG is naturally found in many foods we eat 
every day including tomatoes, egg yolks, mushrooms,   grape juice, basically it is in almost everything 
we eat naturally. Now they usually make MSG out   of fermented sugarcane or tapioca root, and today 
we're going to use this stuff to dry aged beef. The   first thing I needed to find out is how fast it 
actually dissolves. And as you can see as I put a   little drop of water it almost dissolves instantly,
that is not a good thing. Since beef is almost 75   percent water this is a big problem. But after 
doing so many dry aging experiment I know exactly   what to do, by adding a little bit of water to the 
MSG I can actually make a paste out of it. As you   can see as soon as I start mixing it up everything 
starts crumbling, this makes it a lot more pliable   and ready to be applied to the beef.

Because you 
know if I just apply the MSG directly by itself   it will completely fall off, that is not what we're 
looking for. Now this in the other hand should work   just fine. And for our beef I'm going to be using 
this beautiful three bone rib roast. As you can see   it is a beauty. I have no idea what the MSG is 
gonna do to it but I'll tell you one thing I'm   very excited to find out. So the first thing I did 
was to lay down a little bit of parchment paper,   then I apply the bedding of MSG, I lay the roast 
right on top and cover the whole thing with it. That right there is something you might never 
see again. I like to call this the MSG dry age   cake. Now the only thing left to do is to let it 
rest on my refrigerator for a total of 28 days. Once the time was up I opened up my 
refrigerator and this is what I found. The MSG completely transformed in something 
else. It almost looks like it had a chemical   reaction.

It first produced a crust and 
then it completely crumbled, but the most   impressive thing to me is that when I look 
really close it almost looks like popcorn.   What in the world is that! But if you look closely 
in some areas you can still see the intact   MSG without nothing happen to it. But hey the 
most important thing right now is to take the   whole thing out and see what lies inside. And let 
me tell you something as I'm doing so this is a   complete mess. My prep table has never been this 
messy. What a complete nightmare! And if you think   that it's easy to clean off the MSG from the meat, 
no, no, no, no, it is not easy. I actually had to take   it outside and use my leaf blower.

But once I was 
done with the cleaning this is what it looks like. After dry aging so many different pieces of 
meat, this one is the prettiest one of them all.   That looks phenomenal and I cannot wait to find 
out how it's gonna taste. Talking about that, the   next thing to do is to go ahead and slice it 
open and as I did whoa, that looks incredible. I  mean take a look at these steaks that is exactly 
what I was looking for. It is what I like to call   perfection. Dry age steaks do not look any better 
than this. Now the outer skin must go and it is   what we like to call pellicles. They don't taste 
good, they don't look good, they just have to go. So I like to go ahead and remove almost all of 
it. And once I was done with the trimming I was   left with two beautiful steaks and I'll tell you 
one thing, they feel extremely tender.

I'm afraid   that once I start cooking them they will fall 
apart on me, so in order to ensure that that does   not happen I like to tressen in it with butcher's 
twine. And don't forget that I still have one more   MSG dry age steak to experiment with so let me 
know what you would like me to do with this one.   But now going back to our beautiful steaks 
I'm also going to be adding a fresh steak, this way we can have a true comparison and 
find out how much better the MSG dry age one is or if it's just a complete disaster.

Now for 
the seasoning here's the plan, the fresh steak   I'm only gonna throw in salt and freshly ground 
black pepper, nothing else. This one in the middle   I'm going to be doing the same exact thing with 
salt and pepper. But I have a feeling that the   MSG really penetrated nicely and deeply into the 
meat and made it very salty so for that I'm going   to keep one as completely unseasoned to find out 
how it's gonna taste. So now that you know how this   experiment is gonna happen the next thing to do is 
to go ahead and season it, and for that I made sure   to add plenty of salt and freshly ground black 

As always I made sure to season both sides   the last thing we want is unseasoned meat. But 
now that we have all of these beautiful steaks   ready the next thing to do is to go ahead and cook 
them, and for that I'm going to be first putting a   strong crust on them. Once that's done I'll be 
cooking them in indirect heat until I reach an   internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit and 
for that I'll be using my wireless thermometers. So   now I say it is enough talking and it is time 
to cook these beautiful steaks. So let's do it! Before moving forward I want to thank 
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But now let's get right   back to the video and find out how this insane 
experiment actually tastes. Alright everybody here   we have our beautiful steaks today. Are you ready 
Maumau? -Why do i have a feeling this is an experiment?  -Because I have more than one steak if I
just have one steak it's just no experiment.   But yes I'm very excited about this experiment. Are 
you excited? -Sure let's go very excited. -When I  say stuff like that Maumau already started getting 
skeptical. So we have three beautiful steaks for   us to try. -They look really good. -I will tell you 
right away this is our control steak. -Okay. -And   then the variations is these two. I want to know 
if there's any difference between them. -All right.   -Are you ready? -Sounds good. Cheers everybody! That just put a smile on my face. -Perfect one! -Juicy, tender, it's super flavorful.

Not gonna say 
beefy. -Not beefy? -Super flavorful, beefy too but   I'm not gonna say it. That is an amazing steak 
that's all you have to say about that, it is the   way it's supposed to be a nice pronounced char 
you know what I mean that's what I like. -Yeah,  heck yeah! -I'm excited for the second one you 
ready. –Let's go. -All right let's go. Cheers everybody!   -Yeah definitely no salt at all. -No salt at all! Tender unique flavor, but it's missing a lot of salt. 
What do you think? -Like wow the salt makes a huge   difference. -The salt makes a difference, but it's nice,
it's a tender steak but there is no seasoning in it   so you can't really taste it. -Yeah. -You know what I 
mean? -To be honest I thought that this steak here   was gonna be extra salty, and you're gonna find 
out really soon why. But guys there is no   seasoning at all it is nice tender a wonderful 
flavor but there's no seasoning. So I know what   you're thinking you know what I'm thinking.
You ready for this one? Huh? Cheers everyone! Oh that's a different steak.

a very nice way. That's a very   nice steak. What do you think Maumau? -Wow there's 
something different over there. What is it?  -Man that's amazing! -It's nice. -Okay and this is what's 
happening in my mouth, as I'm taking bites   my cheek is squeezing. Like it feels weird 
right here on my cheeks. It's squeezing my   cheeks to have more flavor. I don't know how I can 
describe that. Maumau which one do you prefer? -That one, quick. -Give me five Maumau. My cheeks still squeezing that's a weird feeling 
I don't know how to explain it. It's like, it's   like you know. -It's like the little muscles that 

-Where the the push the saliva they're like grrr.  -Doing it to you too? -Now this this last one I
really got it. -Yeah it's like it's doing like   this my, my saliva glands I guess I don't know 
what it's called. It's really squeezing it. -I'm   going back for more. It is not um salty which 
you might be thinking why, I got to tell you   why.

-I if anything I would put just a little bit 
more salt. -And even more salt huh Maumau? -I like it salty.   -This one i dry aged with MSG. -What the heck. 
What the heck? -With MSG. -Some bites I get it,  they don't feel any different at all. -Uh-huh. 
-But sometimes I bite it and it's like…. MSG!  -Welcome! -There is no dry age uh taste. -No. Absolutely 
not, if you're thinking there's gonna have a dry   aged taste, no. I don't know if there's any bad 
thing that you shouldn't do it at home which you   probably shouldn't use that amount of MSG. -Yeah 
yeah. -You got to be careful MSG, but I wanted to   find out exactly what happens. And if you ask me 
if it makes a better steak, absolutely it makes a   better steak. Anyway guys these are the results I 
hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy   it make sure you give it a thumbs up.

If you're 
not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future   videos. Remember if you are interested in anything 
I use everything is always in the description   down below. Thank you so much for watching. As 
you can see Maumau is still licking his fork.  Dalstrong thank you so much for sponsoring 
this video. Guys go check them out and get   yourself some amazing knives. We'll see you 
guys on the next one. Take care everybody. Bye bye..

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Insane UMAMI Dry Age Experiment | Guga Foods

MSG is something used quite often in many restaurants. Today I Dry Aged Steaks with it and the results are insane. After dry aging so many meats I never thought this would happen and here I share with you the results.

Thank you Dalstrong for sponsoring this video. Check out to get 10% off some amazing knives!

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