Is Butlin’s Accessible? Vegan friendly? Halal? Kosher? // Butlin’s Episode 2

Jay: Girls are you enjoying your breakfast?
Amelia: Yeah. Both: Yummmm. So in the last episode I showed you the many restaurants and takeaway places at Butlin's. And all of them are in or around the Skyline Pavilion. You don't have to use the restaurants, of course.
Many people book apartments with a kitchen, and will bring their own food and make their own meals. That's probably the cheapest option, and I did really like the Gold apartments. However, what I don't really like is cooking and washing up while I'm on holiday. Which is why I'm a big fan of the dining packages. I also like the fact that they give you a bit of structure and consistency to your day. And the kids have healthy food
choices throughout their holiday. But you can also enjoy some variety too, as
they will offer different dishes on different days. There are three dining packages available. A cheap one, an expensive one and an option in the middle. All of them include breakfast and an evening meal. And all of them have buffet dining. The cheapest option is the Food Court package, where you get assigned one specific restaurant for your entire holiday.

The most expensive option is the DineAround plan. There are five restaurants to choose from and the timings are a lot more flexible than the cheaper options. DineAround also includes a two-course dinner
and an alcoholic drink with your evening meal. Alternatively you could choose a takeaway
instead. Both of those are good options. However, as I mentioned in episode 1, my favourite dining package is the one in the middle..

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Is Butlin's Accessible? Vegan friendly? Halal? Kosher? // Butlin's Episode 2

We're at Butlin's holiday resort in Skegness (North East England). In this episode we're talking about Accessibility for disabled visitors, whether Butlin's is good for vegetarians and vegans, and what are the Halal options? I also explain the different dining options - self-catering, Food Court, Premium Dining and the Dinearound plans.

0:00 - Preview
00:26 - Intro
01:12 - Dining at Butlin's
02:24 - Self-catering at Butlin's
02:41 - Food Court and DineAround
03:36 - Premium Dining
04:02 - Vegan, vegetarian, Halal
06:18 - Food contamination!!
08:23 - Accessibility at Butlin's

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