Is Eating Non-Vegetarian Food Ethically Wrong – Hariprriya Asks Sadhguru

HariPriya: So one thing about food,
I'm a foodie… I am a foodie. Sadhguru: Foodie? HariPriya: Foodie yeah. I love to eat. So
during shoots yeah, I avoid but when I'm on breaks yeah, I hog on food.
But I am animal lover too. Sadhguru: Oh, so that's why you eat them. HariPriya: No, not really when I see some
incident, when somebody's… Sadhguru: No people say I love my food. So you love
animals, so you put them in the food ? HariPriya: No, I've tried many times, like,
okay, I have to quit eating non-veg, I have tried that also. So I've stayed away from
non-veg for a week or ten days, but the minute when I see somebody having non-veg
I'll be like, okay, from next month.

I don't know how do I come out of this? Like,
of course like even I have two pets at home and I don't know what do you say Sadhguru about this whole thing. This non-veg and not eating non-veg? Sadhguru: When are you planning to eat the pets?
HariPriya: No. No No.They’re like my babies. Sadhguru: That’s what they say, even I've seen people
talking to the chicken and all very nicely and next week they
will eat them up. HariPriya: Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
Sadhguru: I am a humanitarian. HariPriya: Humanitarian. Sadhguru: See today there is substantial
documentation to show that plants are as sensitive
as any other creature. So whether you eat a plant, or an animal or
whatever, it is still violence.

Only thing is they don't scream, they do
scream, you don't hear that's all. There's enough evidence to show
that they do scream. It has been recorded like this, that if let's
say an animal comes… see among the trees, let's say there are a thousand or
ten-thousand trees here. Let us say an elephant came and
starts eating the leaves of the tree. Immediately this tree will send messages to
all its species that it is being eaten by whatever, I don't know whether it will recognize an
elephant or not, but it is being eaten like this and within minutes if the elephant goes
there to the other trees, the all the trees would have produced a certain
amount of poisonous material in their leaves.

When the elephant tries to eat that it will
taste bitter and it's poisonous, so it won't touch. So among themselves there is that much sensitivity.
So whether you pluck a fruit or a vegetable or cut a animal and eat, everything is cruel. It is
just that we must do it with some sensitivity only to the extent it's necessary. You should
drop this idea of being a foodie.

We all eat food, we must eat food otherwise,
it will be cruel to this one. But becoming an identity with food,
not right, because that means we will indulge, we will not just nourish ourselves. We
have a right to nourish ourselves. As a life we have a right to nourish
ourselves because this is how the food cycle is in the world, but we don't have a right to wantonly
take another life just for pleasure. We have no business to do that. We have
every right to nourish this life but we have no right to enjoy taking another life.
So don't call yourself a foodie because food should never become the identity.
For survival for nourishment, we will eat whatever we have to eat
given the moment .

Thank you. HariPriya: Thank you Sadhguru..

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Is Eating Non-Vegetarian Food Ethically Wrong – Hariprriya Asks Sadhguru

Are you a foodie who can’t stop gorging on non-vegetarian food? In this hard-hitting video, Sadhguru’s shares his take on whether eating non-vegetarian is cruel.

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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