Is KFC Halal around the world?

is kfc halal thousands of muslims want to know so we at halal run will answer this for you kfc is available in many muslim countries like saudi arabia pakistan the uae indonesia and many others kfc is indeed fully halal in those countries but unfortunately in western countries like the us canada and the uk it is a mixed story kfc is not 100 halal there are a few franchise locations in the us and canada that are partially halal and the only halal item on the menu for these locations is the fried chicken the pieces or the buckets this is because the franchisees can get their whole chickens locally and some of them choose to get the chicken from a halal source however the other meat items such as the chicken sandwiches and chicken tenders come from the central kfc distribution and those are not halal here are some lists of the locations reported to be partially halal in new york there are a handful you can see them on the screen in texas there are a handful as well you can see those on the screen there are several in canada click the link in the description below to access the full list so what's the halal verdict kfc is only partially halal in a few locations in north america again the description below has a link to a page on our website that lists them out however those of you in the uk are in luck there are just over 900 kfc restaurants in the uk out of which 130 of them are fully certified halal again click on the link in the description below to access the whole list obviously in muslim countries kfc is fully halal remember friends you should always verify the halal status with the restaurant directly just to be sure because things change all the time finally if this video was helpful please make sure to like it and subscribe to our youtube channel halal run is the leading guide and directory of halal restaurants in north america check out our website at to learn about over 13 000 halal restaurants in two thousand cities we are here to serve you

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Is KFC Halal around the world?

KFC (or Kentucky Fried Chicken) is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world.

So Muslims the world over are always asking us the question: Is KFC Halal?

Watch the complete video to find out whether your favorite fast food chain is halal (certified) or not!

00:00 - Is KFC halal?
00:07 - KFC in Muslim Countries
00:21 - KFC in the West
00:40 - Halal Menu Items
01:09 - Halal Locations
01:33 - Halal Verdict
02:10 - Disclaimer

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