Jajanan Korean Part 1 || Halal Is My Life

Indonesian society is again tempted by
one typical food from Korea, namely Korean Garlic
Cheese Bread. This one bread managed to attract
culinary lovers, especially from Millennials. Taste
salty, savory, and slightly sweet from the bread is certainly very
what a shame to miss The origin of the word "Tteokbokki" if we translate it into "Tteok" means rice cake, so it can be interpreted that tteokbokki is made from rice flour which is made into a cylindrical dough. This tteokbokki is accompanied by a typical Korean red chili sauce called "Gochujang" (Gochu = Chili). Kimchi is a traditional Korean food consisting of fermented vegetables and spicy seasonings. The most common vegetables for kimchi are chicory and horseradish.

In the 18th century, Kimchi was fermented for the first time using spicy spices..

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Jajanan Korean Part 1 || Halal Is My Life

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Korean drama and music are currently being loved by Indonesians, especially among young people. Interestingly, every drama and program aired by Korean TV always introduces South Korean culture and food. Korean TV packages the program very well, one of which is by presenting Korean food so that it looks so delicious. This makes Indonesians curious to participate in serving Korean specialties. One of the foods that is currently hype among young Indonesians is Tteokbokki which is commonly known by Indonesians as Topoki. Tteokbokki is a food made from glutinous rice flour so it is also known as rice cake with a chewy texture. The taste is a bit bland, very delicious served with a spicy sauce.