Jelajah Kuliner Pantjoran PIK 2 Halal VS Non Halal

right now i'm at Pantjoran Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 behind me is the main gate to enter Pantjoran and right now this place is really hype in Jakarta Inside Pantjoran PIK there are approximately 80 tenants who sell a variety of foods and you have to try of course lets go to see it lets start walking from here to see what kind of foods you can find in here Kopi es Tak Kie is really famous and legend coffee shop not only chinese food, you can find korean food, indonesian food and etc in here Although the majority sell non-halal food, there are some halal foods that are safe for consumption by Muslims.

I'm confused about what to eat because there are so many choices.

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Jelajah Kuliner Pantjoran PIK 2 Halal VS Non Halal

Pantjoran yup lagi hits banget nih guys selalu ramai terutama saat weekend dimana banyak orang berkunjung untuk merasakan berbagai macam kuliner yang tersaji di Pantjoran PIK 2 ini. Gimana sih suasana nya dan kuliner apa saja yang bisa kalian nikmati di Pantjoran PIK ini, yuk langsung aja cek video nya thanks

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