After Pepe Chicken, will I open a taco restaurant? Well today, I reveal everything to you. Three months ago I opened my restaurants and today it's time to respond to your criticisms… – That's the price, look. – I don't like sauce. — I do not like at all. – One of the best chicken burgers I've eaten. … To answer your questions and above all, to cook a Pepe Chicken tacos and tell you about the rest. Many of you have sent me your questions directly under the PepeChickenByFGC Instagram account. And now it's on, I'm going to be asked the questions and I'm going to answer them. "Are you going to make new burgers?" New burgers?! Most likely. Maybe a new product. I hesitate between a… I don't know me… Tacos? Stay well until the end of the video, you will have the answer. He's smart, he's smart! Charlie doesn't miss a thing, huh. Or maybe a wrap, I don't know. But in any case, what is certain is that I am thinking about new products but if you have any ideas, tell me in the comments, it could be, I don't know…

A new product, a drink, a dessert,… In any case, I'm too hot to be able to offer something new. In any case for the moment the objective is to be able to open as many places as possible but there are things that happen. "Is it halal?" Yes. "How could you open so many restaurants?" By magic. – You are a wizard Harry. No, seriously, how did it go? Two years ago, I found the ideal partner: Taster. By the way, thanks to him for sponsoring this video. And for the record, how did it go? Me, you've always known that I dream of opening restaurants but between "Having the idea of ​​opening one" and "Really being able to do it" it's very technical because you have to master a lot, a lot of things.

And so, for me, it was easier to work with a street food delivery professional like Taster so that he could actually help me with absolutely everything that I didn't know. That is to say, how did it happen? Well, I worked on the recipes, on the communication, and he took care of being able to make that possible. that is to say that everything that is: Suppliers, logistics, setting up kitchens, well, all that is him. Thanks Taster. I discovered it by testing one of their brand "Out Fry" which also makes fried chicken but rather Korean style. It's so good. He has plenty of other brands like "Mission Saigon", "A Burgers" (Which makes big vegan burgers, yes! It's really good when I'm basically a meat team.). "Is it going to open in Marseille?" So, the goal for Pepe Chicken is to be able to open as many places as possible because you are absolutely everywhere.

Besides, tell me, right now in the comments, in which city I have to open the next Pepe Chicken. And the most commented city will obviously be my priority. That's why I also work with Taster, because it is already present in more than twenty cities in Europe. Besides, maybe one day, who knows (?) Pepe Chicken will be a brand with an international presence. "Are you going to make tacos?" Are the Pepe Chicken tacos coming very soon? The answer, you will have it in this video. I think we created something. After Pepe Chicken, we will open Pepe… "When are you going to open a real Pepe Chicken restaurant?" For now, these are real restaurants, but they are only available for delivery and take-out.

So these are dark kitchens and what you also need to know is "Why did I decide to make dark kitchens?" In fact, it is that today, some restaurants do not use all their kitchens. They can, in addition to their restaurants, use part of their kitchens which normally are empty to have, for example, a Pepe Chicken or any other brand. That's really interesting because, suddenly, it allows restaurants to really have additional income. In any case, we too, what we did with Taster is that we really worked on the packaging which is optimized for delivery, it's resistant, it keeps the products hot longer,… And so I hope you'll enjoy it and have an almost restaurant-like experience. And suddenly, of course my most ultimate dream is to be able to create a restaurant in physics and I think that one day it will come. "Is it cooked on site?" Just because they're dark kitchens doesn't mean it's not cooked on site.

So yes, it is cooked on site. That is to say that the burger is prepared on the spot , we use good products, French meat, so everything is cooked on site and that's why the products are so good. After answering the questions, it's now time for me to move on to the reviews. Youtube channel: The Critic. I really like his channel and there, he criticizes me so we'll see that. – The burger looks heavy, but when you hold it in the foil, it looks like it's not heavy.

"It looks heavy… It's not heavy…" I don't know. – Ah still huh! It still weighs three hundred and twenty-eight grams, huh. Oh he weighs it by hand and announces a weight. – Ah, that's too much brother! Have you seen how close I am? I'm going to stop my videos myself and I'm going to go to the police station and say "Get me a desk, I'm a big snitch". – Fuck the city. In the comicot the blases I quoted. Hold on. — Eh ? Already the guy, first, he finds the weight of the burger (Incredible!) in addition to that in humor he is good so if you are looking for a scale, he is there. Three hundred and twenty-five grams is it, the burger? Wait, that reminds me of something. With Bobby, we made a comparison. We weighed a Big Mac. One hundred ninety-two grams. One hundred and ninety-two grams for the Big Mac and we are at three hundred and twenty-five grams.

Much heavier than a Big Mac! – We will get to the heart of the matter, we will stop arguing. – Ta-ster… Teille-ster*! – You know what ? I'll contact them, I'll do a survey on dark kitchens, I'll do a report. He's going to investigate the dark kitchens. Me anyway, if you want to come, there is a way we can make a video. I invite you to investigate. – Too bad, we can't pick up on site because even with Uber click and collect, you will pay fees. One day ! One day there will be a restaurant in physics! – If you need a hand to sweep the broom, to do things or to guard the entrance, there is no problem.

Well, clearly, he's offering me work and I rather think that if I invite you, it's so that you can test a burger or a new product exclusively and give me your opinion. But anyway thank you. Pubs are something, huh. I wonder if you have Youtube Premium or not. Me not, suddenly… Ok, another Youtube channel: Kiibiki, specialist in tasting and I even believe, too, that he does fitness. Kind of like me. It's: You work out and eat burgers. – If you just want to have fries with sauces, you get by for five euros fifty – plus delivery costs, it turns out to be seven euros.

— Yeah. I'll give you the little trick: By ordering a menu, it's much cheaper. – Do you want to start with this one? Ines absolutely wants to start with her green sauce. – I want to taste. – Let's start with the hot sauce? – Mmm that's not bad. I really like seeing the reactions. At the beginning I was in stress as soon as there was a video that came out I watched and was in stress but there, in any case, first sauce validated. – I don't like sauce. — I do not like at all. "I don't like it at all"…

Hot sauce not validated. – It stings and the taste, I don't like. — If you like Tabasco, I think you'll like it. It's true that the hot sauce is really hot. But I understand, I understand, it's the tastes and the colors huh. If you don't like spiciness, you won't like hot sauce. – Oh it's good, I like it with small herbs. – It's really, really (!), homemade chicken. I'm so happy ! It's true that the objective was really to make big tenders, very crispy, with the right spices, the right seasonings. The chicken is validated, mission successful. – I expected something else. — Yeah.

– It doesn't look greasy! Frankly, the breading melts. But no, it's not greasy, it's healthy. Looks like the guy trying to convince himself it's good for his diet. – These are tastes that we have never eaten! — Yeah, that's exactly it. It looks like nothing! That, when I heard that I was so happy because the goal was to try to create a unique taste. McDo has a unique taste, Burger King too.
It's the same with Pepe Chicken, there's this taste and flavor. When I saw that I was so happy because I said to myself "Yes, we also managed to create this taste!".

– FastGood? You call me. My mother makes you the desserts for your dark kitchen. So, I'm not closed to the idea, but I don't even know if your mother will be able to make that many pastries. – We're going to do a crazy crossover! We're going to make soups! "We're going to make soups"?! Oh he convinced me! *Where is my money? Where is my big money? WHERE IS MY MONEY?* – Much better than Maître Gims. I preferred that to Maître Gims. — Yeah that's true, me too. Ah, that was obvious, right? – I'm shocked ! – I would put fifteen, fifteen and a half. Frankly it's validated, it's a good address. "Fifteen and a half". If I had had this in middle school and high school, I would have been more than happy. So fifteen and a half is good. But, what I note is that we can still improve and we will do it. – Family ! Today, something is happening. "The family", "The family". LeRequin92 is the tasting expert.

He tastes snacks, everything that is fast food, so his opinion is very important! – The Youtuber FastGoodCuisine has opened his fast food guys! It's fun, honestly. It's been a few weeks, even months, since I opened it, but just extending it makes this sentence a pleasure. – All the delivery people there work for FastGoodCuisine's "Le restaurant" because they deliver…

He went to a dark kitchen and, for the record, that's where I worked a lot on recipes. So by the time the documentary comes out, you'll see that a lot of stuff has happened there. On the other hand, there is no point in going there, unless, of course, you want to pick up your take-out order, but there is no place on site. You won't be able to eat, that's it. I specify. – I think we have paprika fries because I see some there… Well, I see little spices on it. Small clarification: These are not paprika fries. They are Pepe's salt which looks more like chicken salt. – Fried chicken with Cheddar, it's covered in sauce, you can tell it's not dry. Mission validated: It is armored, it is not dry, perfect. – I confirm very, very strongly. This is one of the best chicken burgers I've eaten, to be honest, really.

It's just perfect. I don't know if you've ever tasted the Pepe Burger but in any case I really invite you to try it because it's incredible and it's not just me who says so. – The burger is very, very good and tasty. Good chicken, well seasoned you saw (?) it's a cocktail of flavors as it says on the letter. "It's a cocktail of flavors as it says on the letter"… I didn't even know we had written that. *No!* – You eat that bro, you feel like it's July 14th in your mouth. You heard "Dad dad dad! Boom boom boom! Ratatatata! Watch out! Cover! Pomegranate!" – Finally really, it's a madness! We're going to have a little fun: I want a montage with beautiful shots of Pepe Chicken with the voiceover behind. *It's July 14 in your mouth.

You hear "Pa pa pa! Boom boom boom! Ratatatata! Watch out! Take cover! Grenade!* Team Jday, we're going to start straight" with the critics. – FastGoodCuisine, if you watch this video, well… Of course I'm watching, what is he going to ask me? – Subscribe my brother, wAllah! Come on, I'm doing it live, I'm subscribing. By the way, think about doing it too, on my channel : Click on the red button. Did you see? I just did it, it takes half a second and it's very pleasing. – Already congratulations on your restaurant, it's a pleasure you see, frankly. As we say at home: Bsahtek. Thank you, thank you, it's off to a good start. We'll see if it's going to continue like this. – We only wish you happiness! Do we start with the price? There's the knowing look.

*Too much is too much, we can't accept!* It's the look of "Do we start with the price?" the two look at each other in "Okay…" mode And I wonder what he's going to say – Yeah, the price the team! The first detail is the price. Look: Forty-one euros fifty we paid the team. – I find… – Already forty-one fifty, without the drinks. Without the drinks, that is the error. I advise you, really, take a menu and then there's another thing , that's for sure it's more expensive than a classic fast-food but afterwards, it's different in terms of quality, quantity.

.. And I leave you their reactions. – Ohhh! — Ohhh!!! Now you understand why it's more expensive. – The Pepe Sauce, that's why it makes "Pepe" like the restaurant the team. The Pepe Sauce is the best. Each his own. Me, personally, it's either Pepe Sauce or Creamy Barbecue. But it's true that the Pepe Sauce is incredible. – Try to lick it first. Here, take this one, lick it, you'll taste like spices. – Mmmm it's even better! WAllah I preferred the spice to the fries. I will try. Next time I order Pepe Chicken, I'll lick my fry. It's very weird to say that, but I'll give it a try. – Oh no, but this is crazy! It's madness! It's validated ! It makes me, each time, too happy to see these reactions.

– Collaborate with snacks, restaurants, fast food, whatever you want. – We had good feedback on our side which surprised us on the food – but there, I swear to you that I am not lying to you, I am shocked! It's fun huh! Frankly, I think it would be great to make a video where we invite all the people who have tasted to try to create a new burger. I don't know, tell me if you feel like it, but I would really like to meet you all. – That's something I like too much. Red cabbages and everything, carrots. – It's spicy but I don't mind. I don't think he likes it. – You do not like ? – (Long complaint.) It looks like a meme! I'm fine today ? => – (Long complaint.) Those are Monday mornings. There is even Joyca who tested Pepe Chicken. Did he like it? – I was looking for restaurants and everything, I put a story to find out if there were people who knew good burgers in Paris. – I had completely zapped! What's in Paris? Again there? That a Youtubeur launched in addition? Pepe Chicken! And besides, it's not only in Paris that we are present, so that's a lot of cities.

We are even in Belgium now. – Oh, that makes you really want to, huh! Bravo for the job Charles, huh! Thank you. – I took all the sauces, including the green sauce apparently. It's a specialty and all, a kind of mayonnaise, I'm going to taste that too. Hop, here it is. – Good ! – Ok, I'm testing the Barbecue de-spee. – Yeah, yeah, the Barbecue: Magnificent! – I'm testing the hotness. Oh yeah, the spiciness stings huh! *Oh, WAllah surprised at phew!* – The first, wow! *I like it!* – Very, very good, except that it arrived cold. Ola… "It arrived cold"… That's something I don't like to hear at all. It is true that sometimes it happens cold. The disadvantage of delivery, when there are many, many, many orders, it's true that sometimes the delivery people take time and so on. But in any case we work as much as possible so that it arrives hot. But if it ever happens cold, a little advice: You put it in the oven for a minute or two and it's perfect. I could not react to all your videos, but in any case, thank you to all the people who tasted.

Small extracts from all those who have tasted. Let's go, we're going to create the Pepe Chicken tacos. So, first step: We are going to make a homemade cheese sauce. We will put the cream in a saucepan. We will heat it, we will of course add salt, pepper and grated cheese. I always take the Comté because it melts well and makes a perfect sauce. By the way, tell me if you want me to make cheese sauce for Pepe Chicken. There, we will have a cheese sauce. Hey, it's beautiful huh! Each time it has the same effect on me. We'll take the tenders. Tenders spicy that we are going to cut. That alone is beautiful there. Two tenders will be more than enough.

We are going to add classic tenders. Well, the chickens are ready and now we're going to make the tacos. We're going to put Waffles Fries, spicy and classic chicken duo, homemade cheese sauce, hot sauce (so the spicy sauce) we're going to put a little bit and, last step: We're going to fold this monster. So that's it, we have our tacos now last step: Cooking. I think we created something but… I'm too hungry! He is beautiful huh! He's a beautiful baby. Inside, what does it look like? Oh dear !! Oh yeah, that smells good! They didn't call me the King of Tacos for nothing eh…

*Charles, the king of tacos on the net.* I almost want to say that it's the best tacos I've eaten. You add a Cheddar crust on it and it's perfect. At the moment, I don't plan to open Pepe Chicken tacos, BUT, if there are a hundred and fifty thousand likes on this video, I will personally come and cook for one of you a Pepe Chicken tacos. Maybe one day, after Pepe Chicken, we'll open Pepe Tacos?! I do not know..

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