K-pop Idol tried Best Halal food in Korea?! (feat.MGX)

Enjoy your meal Thank you Hello Peace be upon you Hello I'm Dawood Kim Today I invited MGX members again Hey we Megamax We watched Tiktok about hijab last time Do you remember? Yes, followers wrote a lot of comments for you. We watched the hijab tiktok. How about trying the food that Muslims eat this time? It is called halal food. Have you heard about halal food? Yes, when we last saw tiktoks, we heard about that word. This might be a bit strange, so I will give you some information on what halal means. There are some foods that Muslims cannot eat. Let's make it a contest 1. Beef 2. Chicken 3. Pork What is it? 1,2,3 Pork Yes, right, and all meat, including chicken and beef, must be slaughtered in the halal way, and Muslims eat with one hand, left or right? Right, you guys know that all too well.

This is a year. It is a kind of etiquette. And we have to say something before we eat. In the name of God you already know everything. After we finish eating, we say thank God. Yes, this will be the perfect dining etiquette. You are very hungry, aren't you? Yes, Muslims fast in Ramadan. And they eat these dates after fasting. I will give one to each of you. Try it. Thanks, is it good? It is very delicious. It's totally my taste. Oh really? So we'll eat pizza and steak. You guys are idols so you can shoot an ad later. Why don't we pose together? Good idea I will also try 1,2,3 Bismillah how is it done? Is it delicious? It is very tasty my favorite food is steak.

It's so delicious I'm speechless. How is it so delicious? I can not Talk. Good Brian, I'm hungry. I have a question for you guys. Idols should always go on a diet. Isn't that difficult? It's very difficult, your reaction is very impressive Have you ever had only one meal a day? I only ate one meal a day for a long time.

I even ate only salad a day for 6 months. But it made me feel sick I'm so sad to hear that since I love to eat it's really hard not to eat what I want to eat. I am very happy to eat delicious food today. It is a unique experience. Before I became an idol, I ate more pizza than rice. Oh really? You can't eat much now, can you? No , I heard your performance ended an hour ago. correct? correct. It was our first Arirang TV Simply K-Pop performance in an hour. how it was? By the first broadcast, I knew we finally debuted. Weren't you tense? Well, I couldn't sleep well for 3 days. good . It's not easy to become a K-pop idol. They ate a lot today I am very happy to eat something delicious. This helps me relax.

We were very hungry because we put all our energy into a performance that only lasted 3 minutes. I am so happy to see this celebration. Well, eating is one of the best reasons for happiness. I just saw your performance and you didn't seem nervous at all. I just saw your performance and you didn't seem nervous at all. Very professional. Because we trained hard. Let's try eating pizza too. Try it. There's a steak on top of the pizza. Very tasty Deepak – great Do you like pizza? Yes yes a lot it's more delicious pizza than I expected. It's very good. I love pizza with meat. That's perfect. It is very tasty, it is not heavy and it has a unique taste.

It makes me very happy. Good Enjoy your meal. Thank you , I think the point is that animals should be slaughtered in a halal way. Many people think halal is just not to eat pork. But in truth, all meat should be slaughtered in a halal manner. So it is not easy for Muslims to find restaurants in Korea because there are not many halal restaurants in Korea. This is the hard part. What is MGX's plan for the future? Like I said before, we just finished performing Arirang TV “Simply K-pop”. We will continue to appear on well-known music shows. I look forward to it and finally released our first album Congratulations. The album was released in two versions. Blue and Pink So please continue to show a lot of interest and love.

I will support you too and there will be a fan meeting soon See you on December 11th. Please show a lot of interest. Thank you, I have been happy to serve you halal food , I hope you will be more famous , I hope you can go to many places like Arab countries, Southeast Asia and South America. So you can eat different foods from different countries. I hope you will receive a lot of love from people. Thanks If you are done eating, you can say "Thank God" with gratitude. Let's end the video by saying thank God, thank you bye..

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K-pop Idol tried Best Halal food in Korea?! (feat.MGX)

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