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– Peppers, I never tasted peppers but it tastes like peppers. – Hi. – Hi, I'm Aiden – Hi, I'm Aiden (laughs). Okay just kidding I'm Lilly. – I love snacks. – Pakistand? – Pakinstand? – Pakistand? – Wow, whoa I know what these are. I know, I know what these are. – They're chocolate
inside this thing I love. – Why are these bags so hard? How can kids even open this? – So what do you think about them? – They taste delicious. – [Interviewer] Oh yeah. – (laughs) My eyes fell out. – I love these. – But Carolina, but it has chocolate I thought you said you hated chocolate. – It doesn't look, it doesn't taste like chocolate. – I'm gonna put these in my pocket. – Orange juice. – Shezan? – Shezan? – Shezon. – Wait, you mean we have to drink out of one whole straw? – It's fine, you can drink
first if you want to.

– Go ahead. You can't drink all of it though. (humming) – Oh it tastes good, I like it. – Love it! – Okay stop, stop drinking it, I wanna try some now. – It was great, you have to try some. (laughs) – What are these? – Yay. – I think these things are spicy. – Wait do they taste like peppers? – I'm gonna try it, you ready? We're gonna go at the same
time, three, two, one. – (laughs) What does it taste like? – I won't tell. – What does it taste like? That's what I should ask.

What does it taste like?
– Fruity. – It tastes fruity, okay. – Just a teensie bit of spice. – Oh. – Chili Mili. – What, it's that spicy? I thought you said it
was just a bit spicy. – Let me guess they're from peppers, they're made from peppers. – Why would somebody make a gummy spicy? – Not for me. – Noodles. – Noodles. – We love these, we've tried these before. – Is it called Top Ramen? – Oh, they're spicy. – I don't care but they're delicious. – Masala? Masala. Masala. – Dad you should try making these. – Bye Maggi Noodles. – Thanks for watching me try snacks from Pakistan! – Shout out to all our
friends in Pakistan. – [Both] Don't forget to subscribe.

– Goodnight..

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Kids Try Pakistani Snacks | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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Kids Try Pakistani Snacks | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

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