Kimchi Pancake (Kimchijeon: 김치전)

(upbeat music) – Hi, everybody. How are you these days? Today, I'm going to show you
how to make really delicious kimchi pancake. In Korean, kimchijeon, very
simple, simple to make. You have kimchi at home, homemade kimchi or even store-bought
kimchi, it doesn't matter. Any kimchi will work well, but be sure
to prepare sour taste kimchi which means fermented kimchi. So, if you have fermented kimchi then you can make a really
delicious kimchi pancake. When it's pan-fried, outside is crunchy, inside is kind of sweet and crispy kimchi and a little tangy taste
sweet and sour, Everybody loves kimchi pancake. You don't need any other special ingredients. Anybody who says, "I cannot cook!" "Oh, Maangchi showed this, now I can do!" (laughs) I will make just one large size pancake, and you can double,
triple the recipe.

We need 1/2 pound kimchi.
This is my kimchi container. I made this kimchi almost 2 months ago. Very sour. Okay, this is 8 ounces. After taking some kimchi, always press it down. You see kimchi brine. Take about 2 tablespoons
kimchi brine and add. My precious container! As long as I have this I
can make all kinds of dishes with this fermented kimchi. Today is just a kimchi pancake day! I am going to use my large
cutting board. just to chop it up. (water running) I'll add just a little bit onion because the onion makes
it a little sweet. So I will just add chopped onion around 2 table spoons.

(onion chopping) Add onion. (green onion chopping) So we don't need the cutting
board anymore, all done! I can just mix this with
flour and water. So far How long did it take? I think only 1 minute. (laughs) 1/2 cup flour. and 1/2 cup water. Instead of sugar these
days I'm using swerve, a zero calorie, the same amount
of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon. A lot of kimchi! We use flour as glue. I will heat my pan We Koreans always have fermented kimchi in the refrigerator. Especially on rainy day,
all family get together, and we need to eat something kind of snack. "You have any vegetables at home?" We make vegetable pancake or use
any zucchini or chives, so we make pancake all the time. Kimchi pancake is also one of the pancakes we make. And then we make a big batch. I make a lot and we eat. The 2nd batch is coming! All family are eating together. That was really delicious! Not just my family, but also all Koreans love it. They love kimchi pancake.

Usually, we don't make this amount, just a large big bowl and
filled with kimchi. Okay, mum is making,
next batch, third batch are coming This is my vegetable
oil but you guys can use any grape seed oil or corn oil, too. When you make Korean pancake,
add generous amount of oil, that's a key point to make it crispy! I'll add around 2 table spoons. I'll make a large size pancake. Just spread this to 12 inch. (oil frying) If you are a vegetarian,
make vegetarian kimchi and then make this!
so vegetarian pancake. You guys can make vegetarian kimchi pancake.

Important thing is when
you make a Korean pancake, your pan or skillet should be non-stick. If it's sticky, so frustrating! This non-stick pan, I always keep in the…hiding in my secret place.
All the time I have to maintain to make it really non-stick. So around 2 minutes, I'm going to cook until
the bottom is crunchy. The you need this kind of a large spatula. And push this and lift this, then easily you can use this. But for me, just flipping is easier. You guys can practice at home. Okay, I'm going to flip this, (laughing) Look at that! So crunchy
and golden brown! Let it cook little bit and
then we're going to shake this.

See? Now I can move it around.
Add 2 tablespoons oil. One Two. So total 4 tablespoons oil. This oil should go to the middle. How can we do? Use your Spatula and just lift it. And this part, too. and then shake it. My cooking always has stories! This kimchi pancake recipe is from my 1st cookbook published in 2015 "Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking". My writer was Lauren Chattman. Lauren and I worked together. She made this pancake for her family. She had 2 teenager daughters. She told me, "Oh my God, my daughters, love the kimchi pancake!" Last time I talked to her,
her first daughter was in a University and then
the daughter told her mom, "Mom, I'm going home.

Can you
make kimchi pancake for me?" Mom was so happy, she became
a Korean food fan, just like you guys! Shake it, shake it! Okay, I will do one more time. Nice, isn't it? (oil frying) I'm going to transfer
to here soon and then all you need is just a
fork or chopsticks and then all together tear Help each other and eat it. So, when you hear this crunchy sound, that means very crunchy.

(chrunchy sound) Nice! Oh my! Look at this! Okay, when you share it with your
family, just like a pizza, Use your spatula. I don't know why I put this spoon here.
I don't need a spoon. All I need is chopsticks Let me taste! Wow! so delicious! Juicy, crispy, soft, sweet and sour! You can enjoy this as a snack.
With all family members and friends just keep eating or even some makgeolli (Korean rice liquor) or soju also you can eat it with rice.

Because it's a little salty, it will go well with rice. Today we made kimchi pancake, in Korean kimchijeon. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye! (upbeat music)..

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Kimchi Pancake (Kimchijeon: 김치전)

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