Kobe Beef A5 – $3000 Best Quality WAGYU KOBE BEEF RIBEYE from Japan with Wagyu Mafia!

– [Mark] That's an amazing shot. – You got it?
– Yeah. – [Mark] The entire rib-eye. The best of the best Kobe beef. Wow. – Hey, everyone. It's Mark Wiens. Good morning from Phuket. We are staying at a place called Sri Panwa and this is day number two. We are gonna, basically, just
hang out and relax all day. And do some eating. But, tonight is the main event. It's the Wagyumafia Beef event which I am really looking forward to. But, for now, we're gonna
go have breakfast real fast. It's about 7:00 a.m. We're gonna have breakfast,
right here, at the hotel. They have a full selection
of different curries, Southern Thai curries, and a
full buffet up at the front. Basically, all kinds
of breakfast delicacies you could possibly want
but then, they also, have a menu where you order eggs. Decided to start off with their signature Baba Eggs Benedict. I'm gonna have this first
before I eat some curries. And also, coffee, gotta have coffee. Oh yeah. That's a really good Americano.

Let me break into this yolk. Oh, yes. This one is proper, proper yolk. The other one is a little bit overcooked, but this yolk is beautiful. Oh, and there's a piece of,
maybe, bacon down there. Oh yeah, that is a very
soothing, soothing egg dish. Any chance that I have to eat crab, Southern Thai crab curry for
breakfast, I am very happy. And it looks wonderful. Just loaded with crab meat. I, also, got some beef and some cabbage and just a little bit of rice. Oh, wow. Oh, it's really good. Oh, just boneless nuggets of crab. What a way to start the day. Next course, I went with a
lot of fruits and vegetables. The salad course and then, just a few pieces of cheese
and chorizo, for good measure. (upbeat music) I really love bell peppers. Dragon fruit. We've been having a very leisurely morning and now I'm walking over to
David's room because David has this unbelievable view and
a swimming pool at his room.

Oh, wow. This room is spectacular
and this pool with a view, it's gorgeous. Okay, just to tell you
the rough plan of the day. We're gonna hang out and then, for lunch, we're going into Phuket
town to eat at a restaurant. Which is a very well known
Southern Thai restaurant and I think we're just gonna
come back to the hotel, hang out, have a nice leisurely afternoon, and then tonight is
another main food event.

Which I am ecstatic
about and we'll be having some of the ultimate, best
Wagyu beef from Wagyumafia. (upbeat music) We just took the drive into Phuket town and we're eating lunch at
a restaurant called Raya. This is a legendary, Southern
Thai food restaurant. And Ying and I have been
here a couple times before when we've been in Phuket town, but we're here with a whole crew. We're here with Wagyumafia and Chef Sato. We got Gkoong Pad Sadtaw
which is shrimp stir-fried with shrimp paste and lots of stink beans. And then one of the signature
dishes here is called Mu Hong which is a braised pork dish. And then we, also, got Gang Bu. I think, with Pai Chapu
which is a crab nugget curry with Mai Chupu which is wild betle leaves. Let me start with the stink beans. Oh, yeah. Oh, it's so good. Let me try the Mu Hong pork.

It's so tender and then
you can taste all the Chinese five-spice flavors in there. You can taste garlic, you
can taste black pepper. It's delicious. I didn't get to show you that much of it because we were hanging out and conversing but it was a great lunch. And great to hang out with
everybody that we ate with. (upbeat music) Made it back to the hotel after lunch. Baby is just taking a nap so
I'm gonna head down to beach. Oh, really cool. You have to walk on,
there's a jungle canopy. And check out the size
of these taro leaves. These are giants. There, also, sometimes
called elephant ears because they're so big and
look like elephant ears. Oh, look at that view
of the beach down there. (upbeat music) A nice little private beach. And it's just a little
cove of a beach, too because Sri Panwa it takes
up their whole ridge area and then it's, mostly, rocky. That's why you have
such spectacular views, but then there's just this
little patch of sand right here.

Whoa. Gotta have good balance
on this thing, though. (water splashing) Oh, that's amazing. (clapping) – [Together] Wagyu!
(clapping) – And, actually, Wagyumafia they are expert dealers in Wagyu, but
then as their popularity rose they decided to open their
own pop-up restaurant. And now, they have a
full restaurant in Japan. But, they're real purveyors of the best of the best quality of beef. So, they're gonna serve us a
full menu of different courses. And the first course
that they're serving us is homemade beef jerky
with Ozaki beef A5 BMS8. It's just a thin strip but
you can see that marbling just on that thin piece of beef jerky. It's very light in spice
but really, really fragrant. It's salty, you can taste
the pepper in there. And then, there's a little
bit of an oil sauce. Oh, wow. That is a stunning first bite. Thank you. For the next course,
it is a type of satay, two types of satay. Which are, kind of, a
combination of Japanese Wagyu with Thai-flavor style satay.

So, I'll start with this skewer. Oh, it's so beefy tasting and so juicy. Whoa. I think that just is pure fat, I think, and it just melts in your mouth. Oh, and it's so flavorful. It's so fragrant. That is amazing. – I want you to squeeze
with your chopsticks and eat it with a (mumbling) stock. – It's a Thai-Japanese
invention, or fusion, with Wagyu beef but a type of krapao which is stir-fried with holy basil.

And then, they poached an egg yolk and stuck the egg yolk on top. And chef has instructed
us to pinch the egg yolk with our chopsticks
and break that egg yolk all over the meat below. That yolk! That yolk is just perfect. You just stick your chopsticks
onto it and it just, you can feel it wiggling around. Oh, that's gorgeous. Oh, that's just perfect yolk. Perfect yolk. Oh, it oozing all over. That yolk is, actually, perfect. It's just like a runny thick, rich sauce. Next course, we are onto
an Ozaki beef tendon.

It's like a reinvention
of a Tom Yum Goong. It's, kind of, cold and looks jelly-ish. You, kind of, wanna scoop
it up almost like a pudding because you can see there's
chunks of tendon in it. Oh, yeah. There's little tender nuggets
of meat and tendon in there. It's just really good. That's like a beef pudding. (upbeat music) – Okay.
– Thank you. – So, that's prepared by Satoshi. So, it's a total collaboration. This is Misugi, shoulder clod. An oyster blade. From Ozaki beef. A piece of sushi, a beef sushi. And it is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen in my life.

It almost looks like pure fat with just a little bit of meat in it. And, actually, as it sits on my plate, it, actually looks like
it's starting to just melt. Melt in the natural air. It's starting to melt. This thing is a beauty. Wow. Wow. Oh, you do not want to swallow that bite. It just keeps on releasing beef juices. Next course is tako yaki, but this is Wagyu rib-eye ball. There's a batter and
then it's all encrusting a little piece of rib-eye
and there are some, I think they're bonito flakes, and then some other
light seasonings on it. It's like a batter ball. It's like a comforting ball and then, and that beef in there is so soft that it blends in with the batter. Oh, it's ridiculously soft. So soft that I barely even
tasted the beef, at first. The next course, I think,
is gonna be grilled beef on a mookata and it is a hot griddle. The actual broth is made
from Kobe beef bones and then they sprinkled
some vegetables in it.

They put a giant chunk of Wagyu fat on top and then we're gonna be grilling
up splices of Wagyu beef. So, this is one of the
most luxurious, gourmet, and just outrageously,
insanely awesome mookata that has ever been prepared, ever. We all got bowls of the mookata with a slice of beef and then vegetables. And, actually, I wanna just
taste that broth first. Wow. That's so meaty, perfect. They added in some nice
chilis in there, too. Flaming Ozaki beef. Steaming Ozaki beef. Oh, yeah. You could just eat bowls of it. A whole plate. (mumbling) – [Man] Thank you, sir. I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry. I love you, I love you, I love you. – This is for you, man. – Thank you. This is the first piece. How is it? How is it? – You have to try it, you have to try it. – You just wanna keep it in your mouth.

– [Man] It's the best of
the best of the Kobe beef. – [Mark] The best of
the best of Kobe beef. – [Man] It's the eye of the rib-eye. Oh my god. Turn the cut around. – This is the main course of the night and it is the best of the
best of Kobe beef, a rib-eye. And it's a whole hunk. Oh, yeah. Look at that, look at that. Light on there. Oh, it's dripping with juices. – You have to try. I can't tell but it's really good. – Alright, I'm gonna take a piece. Wow. I'm gonna dip a little bit in salt.

It is ridiculous. It's something that you never
want to leave your mouth ever. You wanna keep it in your mouth forever. – [Together] Cheers.
– Cheers. – Next course is a Wagyu ramen. What they did, I think, is
they boiled it in Wagyu broth. Has an amazing beefy smell to it. Oh, it's beefy and garlic-y. This is an extra dish that they made and it is a tom yum with Wagyu. Which I can, definitely,
say I've never had before. Oh, that beef just melts in your mouth.

Oh, wow. Oh, that is amazing. And this is the final
course which is dessert. There is mochi rice
surrounding by some kind of a, I think it's mango. I think it's mango. It's a little rice ball. Oh, it's very sticky
and there's some coconut on the outside, as well. Oh yeah, the rice is
really sticky and gummy. And then inside is like a
pudding, a mango pudding, with coconut shreds on top. – [Man] Thank you.
(clapping) – [Together] Wagyu. – [Chef] Thank you everybody! – Just made it back to the hotel after one of the most stunning meals I've ever had in my life.

That beef. And in particular, the
rib-eye, the Kobe beef rib-eye. I can not even explain
the sensation of that meat dissolving on your tongue. It's, like, you're in a different world. So, I want to say a big
thank you to Wagyumafia. I wanna say a big thank
you to David Califa. He's the one that
organized this whole pop-up and he is the.hungry.tourist on Instagram. I'll leave his link in
the description box below. And I wanna say a big
thank you to Kun Blau Wan and Sri Panwa Hotel and the
entire team for hosting us.

And, also, I wanna say thank you to you for watching this video. Please, remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below, as well. And if you're not already
subscribed, click subscribe now. I'll be sharing with you lots
more food and travel videos. Goodbye from Phuket and I'll
see you on the next video..

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Kobe Beef A5 - $3000 Best Quality WAGYU KOBE BEEF RIBEYE from Japan with Wagyu Mafia!

Best of the best Kobe beef A5 ribeye from Japan!
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David Califa: https://www.instagram.com/the.hungry.tourist/
Sri Panwa: http://www.sripanwa.com/

I was invited by my great food friend David (https://www.instagram.com/the.hungry.tourist/) with Sir Panwa hotel in Phuket to come for one of the greatest food pop-ups ever in Thailand. The first night we had sushi by Master Chef Hiroyuki Sato, and it was by far the most amazing sushi meal omakase experience I’ve ever had. The next night was Kobe beef night, and along with a selection of the best wagyu cuts, the highlight of the night was a giant hunk of Kobe Beef A5, the top of the best.

But before the Kobe beef evening started, we first spent some time during the day at Sri Panwa. I took a few swims, had breakfast, and then for lunch we went into Phuket town with David and the chefs, and at the legendary Raya Restaurant. The food is quite good, and you’ll find Phuket style southern Thai food there.

Wagyu Mafia - Wagyu Mafia were the stars of the event. And they are originally Kobe beef dealers, so they know the best cuts of beef and the best farmers. Now they have a members restaurants in Tokyo as well, but still deal in the best wagyu beef. They brought a selection of wagyu beef from Japan including a $3000 (that’s the wholesale price, probably lots more at a restaurant), Kobe beef A5 (which is the best of the best) ribeye. It was one of the most insanely delicious things I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Here’s our entire menu of courses that we at at the Wagyu Mafia event at Sri Panwa:

Homemade beef jerky (Ozaki Beef A5 BMS8)
Kotecchan satay stick grill
Ozaki beef krapao (A5 BMS8)
Ozaki beef tendon tom yum (A5 BMS8)
Ozaki beef nigiri sushi
Tako yaki with wagyu
Wagyu grill
Kobe beef ribeye (Kobe Beef A5 BMS11)
Hakata style ramen
Mango rice cake
Wagyu tom yum

It was truly a beef meal that will create a lifetime memory!

Thank you to Wagyu Mafia, David, Khun Wan, and everyone from Sri Panwa hotel for organizing this event and for inviting me to attend.

DISCLOSURE: I was not paid to make this video. But I was invited to attend this event at Sri Panwa, and I did not pay for my stay or for the meal.


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