Hey everyone, so this is one of our last days in Rome or at least before we go to Venice.
here's Suleiman and his dad we're just about to go to a cafe now it's one
of the – Oh number one in Rome I'm excited to try it.
Get some coffee, maybe some pastries in the area and do a bit of shopping today.
We're kind of laid-back today because we slept in, but we're still gonna make the
most out of today and I'll take you along for the ride.

This is a monachella – it's chocolate and coffee.
Can't go wrong with that. This is a mille feuille Suleiman is enjoying a croissant. You like it? "I love it – it's like chocolate" I'm just gonna give you a quick little run-through.
when you come to this place, if you want to sit outside and order outside you have to sit down
then the waiter will come to you and take your order so if you want to sit and eat outside,
you don't go inside you sit outside there is a table charge. So the coffee price is actually a little bit higher when you sit outside versus if you go inside and order there if you go inside there is like standing tables.
You can stand inside and have it but and then you won't get charged the table fee,
which is not a big deal really.

And then like I showed you inside
how they have the pastries and all that you can also do takeout,
which is the same anywhere else but if you want to eat outside,
then you just sit on the table so this is the area that we started off
when we first came to Rome this is the Pantheon area. The Egyptian pillar.
They have a lot of these a lot of Egyptian pillars Coffee was phenomenal.
The pastries were also really good I highly recommend going to that place, for sure how vogue are these lenses? Hey everyone. I'm such a tourist.

I'm showing you the fountain at this view. It's so beautiful. mashallah it's honestly so well taken care of.
This is from 1732 and I've been to other countries I'm telling you, here in Italy they really really take care of their Historic Sites – so impressed by it and again it's very well taken care of.
It's so clean there's no dirt around it. Despite how many thousands of tourists are here right now. There's a lot and they still maintain it there's someone going around cleaning everything.
I'm beyond impressed by that and they do recycle here, which is quite nice.
Like this, I'm glad to see that happening and I know it's not a third-world country
so I can appreciate that Suleiman's taking a nap right now and
we're just kind of walking around I think the heat today is actually hotter
than any of the other days that we've had so far it is quite humid today.

So we've been sticking to the shade and trying to take it a little bit easier just because of how quiet it is and with all the people it's very sticky too so the nice thing is most – Oh Magnum!
Look at that, who wants ice cream? You wanna do it? "yeah" Say hi. "hey" Yusuf loves Magnum.
We're gonna get some ice cream I got a chocolate Magnum and I topped it with honeycomb, hazelnut and pistachio looks like this
there's chocolate ice cream in the center "mmm" "yeah" really good, really choclate-y "let's see it" my mom got me a hat what do you think?
Super, super Italian Mama, do we look vogue? "yeah"
I like how yours crimps why is mine not? "Just came naturally" I like how hers crimps. That's Turkey, sun-dried tomato and pesto "and cheese" bismillah "That's very good" What do you think? Should I go up? I don't know. I'm getting tired, I won't lie. Another fountain over here (during this clip, someone opened my bag.

Luckily, I didn't have any money in it – be weary of pickpocketers) It's a really hot day though. Made a stop at this cafe called, Brillo, for lunch. we have my favorite pizza the funghi (mushroom pizza) Pasta and porcin and Yusuf got the ravioli. We haven't tried any ravioli yet.
I think this will be good. This smells so good right now. thank you That's where the twin churches were,
where I took photos. Hi Mr. Italia! Having fun today?
he's been munching on a pizza today Trouble maker, my little trouble maker.
He had a really good nap this morning alhamdulillah, that was really good
now he's just like sightseeing and talking to people Hey Suleiman.

So we're still at the top,
but we're walking to the other side to see the view the Sun is right behind me, new vlogger issues
it's hard to get the right angles, but it's so beautiful The day's gotten a bit better now that it's not high noon high noon was really hot This is the park at the top. It kind of reminds me of, on a much grander scale, the Montreal park at the top of the mountain. Here's the view from the other side. hey, so we're in Venice right now.
We're just waiting for the water taxi We bought a pass,
because we're here for the next few days the water taxi comes every 15 mins to half an hour we just got off the water buses now
and we're heading towards our Airbnb and then it's basically like a maze.

So he's telling us the directions. It's like left, right, right, left, right and so on and so forth and he's telling us to memorize it,
because the thing is the maps don't say where you are even on the Google Maps. This will be interesting. We might get lost a couple times hey, we just got a chance to freshen up I wore a new outfit. This is where we're staying.
It's a nice Airbnb I'll link it in the description below for those interested A lot of people tend to stay in this area.

The most important thing about Venice to know is that there is a lot of pickpocketers here I almost got pickpocketed in Rome,
which I'll tell you about. I was at the Spanish Steps and as I was vlogging I looked down at my bag suddenly
and I hadn't felt anything by the way but I looked down suddenly
and there was someone trying to open up my bag and then I smacked their hand away
and a cop came and started whistling and he ran so that was quite the experience,
but now I'm gonna be extra diligent about it because there are more here and they're a lot better at it even the locals get pickpocketed here quite often so we're just gonna be extra careful right now we're just gonna grab a bite
to eat and I'll show you some of that all right here from our table.

Suleiman is sitting in this vintage high chair We're on Venice now. We took a short boat ride and
over here you can see the gondolas People are going on the gondolas. We're at Saint Mark's Square in Venice. Look at that view, this sunset is gorgeous. This is the island that we're staying on.
(Giudecca La Palanca) It is just across from Venice, right there. It's not far at all. There's a boat ride
we bought one of those passes the more days you're in Venice the cheaper the pass Suleiman is relaxing over here.
He is going to sleep soon. Good morning. It's day two here in Venice and we're just going now to get some coffee
and pastries for breakfast this is the area where we're staying.
It's like I said, just off the island I'll have all the details for that in my description below for those interested in staying in this area I recommend it it's very safe.

It's residential. People are quite nice here. It's clean. It's also really quiet so you can actually get a chance to relax and de-stress from the day especially with a baby they need a
place that is a little more quiet than that whole party and rowdy-type environment
over on the island I think this is a beautiful area and you really get a feel for the whole Venetian architecture I love it see the alleyways.
It really feels like you're in Italy here This is the coffee and pastry shop. We just ordered some cappuccinos. "alora"
Grazia We are having some coffee by the water Wow. Mashallah, mashallah that's phenomenal. I felt like having a fruit tart this morning.
Why not? Mashallah. This was calling my name "you have to try this. This is very good.
The olives are amazing." This is the best fruit tart I've ever had it is so good. Cannoncini, they called it oh yeah, of course I got crumbs all over my lap, so good though almond croissant my husband tried it Not bad, I like it,
but it doesn't definitely has an egg flavor kinda reminds me of the Portuguese egg tart.

I'm gonna try the tiramisu. This was invented in Venice. Look at this beautiful. Piece de resistance. definitely invented in Venice.
You can tell, because they mastered it How is it? What do you think Yusuf?
"Mmm very good" So you like it? "Oh, who doesn't like this?"
What's the Y&S rating? "Uh, 4.5"
oooh, that's good. We're on one of the buses now –
to go through the Grand Canal this is a really good way to see the Grand Canal instead of getting a taxi or a gondola. You can do a gondola, but it's really hot right now though So a gondola is not a good idea unless it's sunset What you can do with the water bus is you can buy the passes,
which you're gonna probably have anyways and then you can take the water buses
through the Grand Canal and this way you get to see
everything as if you're doing a sightseeing tour and if you like anything in particular you can get off rather than being stuck on the gondola
or step on a water taxi or whichever that's what we're doing right now.

We're just going through the Grand Canal and if we see anything we like then we're gonna get down so we just found another market this is
at Rialto Mercato stop so as soon as you get off you go through the gates
and you're gonna find the market with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Some clothing and souvenirs here as well for a reasonable price we just stopped inside of our gelateria and I'm actually getting sorbetti,
which is like a shake made with sorbet it's gonna be really good.

There's a special citrus flavor called, sudachi which is up on the board there. I'll show you what it is, but it's like a pomello. I think it's similar to that, but more sour this is the sorbetti drink That's really refreshing.
It's definitely got a tart flavor it's more sour than lemon, but it's good. We just tried to go back on the boat, but it's rush hour so it's super crowded. it reminded me very much of Japan and when we were crowded in the subway station It's that crowded. They kind of stuff you in like sardines at this hour it's almost – I want to say it's past 2:30pm? Almost three o'clock. Just a heads up if you're gonna be on the boat and you're trying to do like a tour type thing don't go on the boat at that hour not around 3:00 we're gonna basically go
around to here and this area where there's a famous church right behind me
check out this area and kind of make the most of it until the rush hour dies down a little bit and then we'll get back on the boat again The Canal looks very beautiful.

So we're just grabbing some groceries
right behind our Airbnb is an actual grocery store and look at this,
it's so cool they have so many different flavors we're just gonna grab a couple things for our, I guess, home away from home and we're gonna head out for dinner after that We were here for breakfast,
but it's also really good for dinner They started us off with some bread.
Look at the assortment they give you and then I got a pear juice.
This is good actually. Yusuf got a lot of lemon and coke. Mama got some apricot juice. We've ordered some grilled oysters.
We have some wagyu beef. We got some Wagyu, I'm so excited to try this melt melts in your mouth look at that so we went with burgers,
because they sounded really good actually so they have their own mix from the butcher they said.

It has some coleslaw and a tomato. Some onions, cabbage and house made french fries. Dinner was good. We're just going to head to our Airbnb and just kind of relax take it easy.
We have some laundry that needs to be done just kind of unwind. It's been a long day.
We've walked a lot. We've seen a lot and this little guy needs to sleep Good morning from Venice today is a gloomy day,
but we're still gonna make the most out of it we're leaving for Rome today around the evening time This is our official last day in Venice We decides to hit up our favorite cafe again The Majer.
Suleiman is right over here He had a bit of a rough morning he got pepper in his eyes.

While trying to eat our chips this is the cafe they have the best stuff.
I love it here so we definitely wanted to stop here again and try some of their pastries.
Get a good coffee and then hopefully,
maybe walk around a little bit before we leave I think we're gonna spend the last portion of today on the island. I don't think we're going to Venice just because it's really gloomy
and it could potentially rain on us but it is a beautiful day. It's 24 degrees celsius. I got my favorite fruit tart. Look how good that looks. and a cappuccino. So we're just at the venice train station right now because we're gonna be leaving back to Rome and then our flight will be tomorrow afternoon inshallah so it always that bittersweet feeling,
where you're excited to go home but you're sad to be leaving.
It has been such a great trip luckily for us today is actually a gloomy day.
So I don't feel too horrible It would be so much more difficult to leave when it's sunny, but as you can see it's gloomy we had sunshine just for this afternoon that we we were here.

Soit rained in the morning then we had sunshine and now it's gloomy again Alhamdulillah it worked out that way. but we're just waiting in the train station.
Our train is around in the evening time it's about to be a three and a half hour train or so hopefully no delays there was delays when we were coming
here. I'm hoping that it's not delayed this time. Suleiman is kind of at his wits right now so we're just trying to keep him calm we brought books I highly recommend bringing a lot of toys
with you when you travel especially with a toddler. They're not as easily entertained as an eight month old or ten month old with smaller babies you can give them a piece of paper
and they're totally fine While watching them that's just an example but you can literally give them anything and
they'd be super happy with a toddler not as much I brought books.

I brought blocks.
I brought squeeze toys. I brought anything and everything that
could keep him occupied and the last resort would be the phone. If I absolutely have to, but I try to avoid that as much as possible, because I find that once you get on the phone nothing else will satisfy them. So that's my last resort..

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This is the end of the Italy series! Hope you all enjoyed these vlogs after this I will be back to my more mom related content and daily life vlogs. What did you guys think of our trip? Would you go to Italy?

We had the most amazing Roman food and Venetian food. Did you know that tiramisu was invented in Venice? Makes sense, because it was perfection there.

We stayed in the Guidecca just across from the island and it was amazing! We had a view of the whole city, it was incredibly easy to get to the island with the water bus and we used the water bus passes throughout our stay in Venice. It's definitely the most affordable and comfortable option. Plus, a lot of the nice restaurants are on the Guidecca.

This is the airbnb we rented:

I wish I showed you guys the inside, but it's exactly like the photos and was very comfortable for us.

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