LEVEL 9999 Street Food in Dhaka, Bangladesh – The BRAIN FRY King + BEST Street Food in Bangladesh!!!

– How to make, how to make? Okay, we're going in. This is brain? Oh! So we've got brain
fry, we've got beef, and that is potent, my
lungs are just burning. Alright, check it out,
guys. This is Trevor James. We just got into deep, old Dhaka, and today is a super special occasion, because we're going in deep for a ton of delicious street
food and best food in Dhaka. Let's check it out. Today, we're bringing
you in deep to eat at six of Dhaka's best street-style
eateries and restaurants. One after the other of pure,
Bangladeshi street food joy. And first up, for number six, the amazing Bengali
kola bhorta. Let's eat! Awesome, guys, and today
is gonna be a ton of fun. We're bringing you to a
bunch of the best restaurants in old Dhaka to try some
really traditional foods, and we're going to a ton of street stalls. It's gonna be a lot of fun so make sure to watch all the way to the end, because you're gonna love this video.

Oh, what do we got here? Oh and look who we got here. Okay, so we're gonna
make this kola bhorta. We got coriander, it's going
into the mortar and pestle and this is gonna be a
classic Dhaka Bengali treat. Chili?
(speaks in foreign language) – Spicy? Awesome. We got
fresh chili, we got coriander. Oh, and these are the hog
plums going right in there. And then we've also got jujube here, and he's just crushing that
up with chili and coriander and in his hand he's
also got some jujubes. This is gonna be spicy and full of flavor. Oh and jaggery? Sugar? And
we've also got some sugar. Wow, and this is just one of the stalls in the Dhaka university area. Oh, and some tamarind. Oh, there it is. Tamarind right into
that mortar and pestle. Jolpai, and we just added in some jolpai. This is amazing, guys. Jolpai! Yeah. Oh, and we're just adding
in some more of those plums. And then banana? (speaks in foreign language) Green banana. Sugar? Sweet! This is gonna be good.

Oh, and the mustard! A
huge squirt of mustard. Oh, and even more mustard.
Look at how mustardy that is. Wow, and then sugar, and
then just a touch of sugar to finish it off. That is intense. And then a little bit
of dried chili as well. Oh, taste? Okay, there
it is, the kola bhorta. A full-on mixture of so many
fruits and spices and mustard. Kola bhorta, taste. Okay. Oh! Oh, wow! It's like a mustardy, banana-y… (speaks in foreign language) – All for strength, power.
– Yes. – Wow, sour! That is really good, guys. It's sour and spicy, mustardy,
you can taste the banana and the tamarind, oh, really complex. It's like a sour and sweet, spicy mix. Thank you, thank you, maama. And we're gonna keep exploring, guys. We got more food, bye-bye. And next up, for number
five, we're traveling to the new market area of Dhaka for a famous Bengali street snack.

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Check it out in the description below. And next up, we're going for
the amazing Bengali bhel puri. And we are making our way for
more food right now, guys. We're just finishing off this kola bhorta, that is super unique,
pungent, spicy, bitter, sour, it's all in there. And we are stuck in the Dhaka traffic jam. We're on our way to get more food, and I am just blown away by
this whole experience in Dhaka. What a beautiful,
wonderful city. Here we go. (horns and bells sound) Unbelievably colorful here, and bustling. And right up here there should be food. Oh, and this must be
it here. The bhel puri? Wow, look what we got
here, guys, the bhel puri. We've got salad, slicing up a cucumber. And we've also got a chickpea,
lentil, dahl mash down here.

That's gonna be spread
into these little puffs. Is it tasty? It's good? This is bhel puri? Maama, can I have
(speaks in foreign language) Oh, and we're gonna
make the bhel puri here. We're just mashing up that
dahl, lentil, chickpea mix, putting a bit of spice, dried chili, oh and a little bit of tamarind chutney and a bit of salad in there as well. We've got cucumber, tomato,
onion, it's all in there. He's mixing it up, and it's gonna go on top of these crisps right here, and that is gonna be the
Dhaka street special.

And there it is, oh and
then it's just served with a bit of that
tamarind, spicy chutney. Oh, and a bit of peppery goodness. For me? Okay. Thank you, maama. And there it is, the bhel puri. The famous Dhakan bhel
puri. Let's try it out. (Trevor makes appreciative sounds) Oh yeah! Wow, that is so delicious. It's got this spicy,
tamarind, sour chutney, with the fresh vegetables on top, that onion gives it a kick,
and the same with the mash. That dahl is full of chili
and that tamarind chutney so it's spicy and sour and
fresh and cripsy and soft. Thank you, maama. And as the Dhakan sun set, we
made our way for number four, the famous mama haleem,
one of the most potent and flavorful beef
stews you'll ever taste. And next up, guys, we are
going to a famous joint for a haleem beef stew.

We're going to take a
ride over and try it out. Hi, maama, hi. And this is the maama haleem? Mama haleem, look at this guys. Oh! Oh wow, mama haleemm look at that. Oh and there's the beef!
Look at how thick that is! That is so thick, guys,
lentils and beef and grains and rice flour, tons of spices in there. Mama haleem, okay can we get
(speaks in foreign language) – 70.
– 70, okay. Oh and this the mutton,
or chicken. Chicken. This is the chicken haleem. Oh wow, there's chicken chunks in there, amazing. But we came here to try their famous beef. And we're just putting it
into that clay bowl there. The beef haleem, the mama beef haleem. Oh and there's a little bit
of coriander on top there. That is just sloppy delight.

Oh, and a big scoop of
cucumber and coriander on top! Oh and fried onions,
wow! Thank you, maama. Look at that beautiful beef haleem. It's just covered in coriander, covered in those fried onions, and this smells so wholesome, guys. Real healthy. Full of beef
and protein and lentils and rice flour and
wheat, it's all in there. Tons of spices, but smooth spices. It's gonna be really
enjoyable, thank you, maama. And they just served
us this tamarind sauce, this bowl full of chili and raw tamarind. Look at that, there's fresh chili and big chunks of tamarind in there. We're just gonna get a big
bite, with onion and cilantro. Oh, that is pure, thick, hearty goodness! Let's try it out. Mm! Oh! That is like an upgraded dahl.

It's like a spicy, upgraded
dahl, with beef aroma in there. We're just gonna cover it
with a bit of that tamarind, fresh chili, chutney sauce,
just a little touch there, and taste that, it's got
a bit of a bite there. This right here, on the streets of Dhaka, you got rich, intense,
wholesome, upgraded dahl. To me, it's really worth coming here for. Thank you, maama!
(speaks in foreign language) And early the next morning,
we're getting up at 6:00am to bring you to number three, the ultimate Dhaka breakfast feast, featuring their ultra-famous
mutton foot paya. Awesome, guys, and before hitting up a ton of street food,
we're gonna start with a traditional Dhakan breakfast. We're gonna get nihari, we're
gonna get a bunch of stuff, right here at Star Hotel. Oh, thank you! Thank you, maama. Look what we got here today, guys, full-on old Dhakan breakfast spread, here. We've got the mutton
paya, looks delicious. And this is the mutton kolija here, which is the mutton heart curry. And we've got the chicken jahl fry here, you can see there's big
chunks of garlic in there, in a thick curry.

We've got a mutton dahl mix
here, this is mutton with dahl. And then we have a mixed vegetable. And we can just get a chunk of that fatty, nihari mutton foot. Mm! Oh wow, that is pure,
fatty, gelatinous satisfaction. The cumin and the cinnamon,
mm! Oh it's messy. Mm! It's like jelly, mutton
feet in a cumin, cinnamon… Unbelievable, guys, this is so
flavorful to start your day. Let's just get big chunks of that heart, and, oh, that's a big chunk.

Mm! Oh, that actually tastes like liver. Tastes like a liver curry. This mutton nihari is so good. That is the speciality and
that's what we came here for. You can just drizzle
your gravy over the top, and you get pure satisfaction
in every bite there. And before making our way to
the ultimate brain fry king of Dhaka, we're going for
some ultra-flavourful biryani, the kacci biryani. And we are going for food all day, guys. Right up here is famous
kacci biryani at Grand Nawab. They have super famous mutton biryani, and it's supposed to be a real
famous specialty from Dhaka.

Hey, maama! Whoa, that is beautiful. And, oh, and look in there. That's the kacci biryani. Oh, that's the meat! Look
at that pile of mutton. Look at that juice-soaked
mutton right here. Oh, wow! And just look at
that completely saturated goat meat infused into the biryani. You can smell the potato and the cardamom and the
cloves and the cinnamon. That rice is so soft
and beautiful looking. And we're gonna get a big plate. And here we go, we're
gonna get a plate of that. And just look at this
beautiful scene we've got going on in the background. We're plating the king's
plate of kacci biryani. Look at how.. Oh, a leg piece! Oh,
leg piece, with potato. Thank you, maama. Whoa, look at that! That is the kacci biryani,
in downtown, old Dhaka, there's not a more
beautiful sight in the world and we're gonna go try
it out. Thank you, maama! And look at this, we just got the world-famous
kacci biryani at Grand Nawab. They just gave us the freshest rice, right out of the new deck. We've got the leg piece from the mutton, they give you a potato, and this rice is just infused with so much spice.

There's the meat, and we're just going to mix it with some rice, oh! Look at that! Mm! Oh that is incredibly delicious. You can really taste
some caraway and nutmeg, and cardamom in there,
and the meat is so tender. This is one of the best biryanis
I've ever had right here. And after that insanely delicious biryani, we're going to our final stop, the brain fry king of Bangladesh. To finish off this amazing day in Dhaka, we're going to Mustakim to
have the famous beef chap, right up here. Hey, maama! Look at this, guys. Oh! This is amazing, this is just crazy. Chicken? Chicken chap? So we're using this pan
here, in this beef-dark oil, to cook up… Oh, beef chap? Oh and we're
making the beef chap here. Look at this, so we've got
ground beef, full of spices, marinated in spices, and
putting into this beef-dark oil.

Oh! Wow, the beef chap. Oh, brain? This is brain? (speaks in foreign language) (Trevor exclaims) So we've got brain fry, we've got beef, and that is potent, my
lungs are just burning from the spice right now. That is such a deep, dark, rich oil. What a classic, classic
Dhaka specialty here. Oh, and this is the beef here. Beef chap, looks good, and
it all comes out right here, you can see… (speaks in foreign language) Thank you, maama! Thank you! And look at this, guys,
not only is there the chap. The puri? Hi, how are you? Trevor, Trevor. And this is the puri? (speaks in foreign language) Luchi? Oh, careful. The luchi. Oh, we're making luchi here,
guys. Look at this dough. How to make, how to make? Okay, we're going in, how to make? Oh, flatten it out? Like this? (speaks in foreign language) Flatten it up, one piece, and throw it in? – No, no, no. – This is amazing. Flatten out. Ah, like this? Ah, cricket! (Trevor laughs) The luchi? Ah, tasty! We're gonna have some luchi,
we're gonna have some chap, it's gonna be good, thank you.

High five, high five! Yeah! Thank you, maama. Brain, brain! So we've got the beef
chap, and the brain, tasty! Oh there it is, look at how soft that is. And just crisped up from that oil. And we're just gonna put it on to this little luchi here, this dough puri of
goodness, and try it out. Mm! Oh! Oh, wow, spicy! Oh that is so flavorful. That is so saturated with oil.

It's quite spicy, tastes like there's quite a bit of chili powder in there. Mm, and it goes very well with the luchi. Very nice! With the luchi, the
beef chap, the brain, yeah! Brain fry? Brain fry? Okay,
let's try the brain fry. (Trevor exclaims) That's also really nice. Oh, and I get to take more
from here? With the luchi? Okay, thank you. Extreme hospitality here. I hope you guys love this video. Please leave me a comment down below and click that little bell
notification button as well, so you don't miss any of these videos.

Thanks a lot for watching, guys..

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LEVEL 9999 Street Food in Dhaka, Bangladesh - The BRAIN FRY King + BEST Street Food in Bangladesh!!!

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Today, I’m (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) bringing you with us as we venture into the DEEP street foods of Old Dhaka to taste some of the best restaurants in Dhaka. Bangladeshi Street Food HEAVEN!!! Make sure to watch all the way until the end of this street food video because there is a lot of delicious cuisine you are going to love!! I’m a food lover and food vlogger who has been traveling full time around the world to bring you the best street food around the world! In today’s food and travel video, we’re in Old Dhaka trying some AMAZING Bangladeshi street food that is MIND BLOWING and tasty!!!

When we first flew in to Dhaka, Bangladesh, we had no idea how AMAZING Bengali cuisine is. After trying the street food in Old Dhaka, I’m convinced that it’s some of the best street food around the world, and that Street food in Bangladesh is worth spending a lifetime exploring!

First up, we’re going to the Dhaka University area to try a famous street food in Dhaka, the Kola Bhorta, an ULTRA complex and delicious street food made in a mortar and pestle. It had hog plum, mustard, olive, tamarind, sugar, chili, coriander, and chili, and was made by the most friendly vendor! It was spicy, sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and very intense!

Next, we’re bringing you to the New Market area of Dhaka, right outside Old Dhaka, an area bustling with food stalls and super fast paced bustle. The street food vendors here work with ULTRA FAST speed and you can tell that everyone is in a hurry because there is so much food and street stalls packed in here. I ordered a Bhel Puri, a kind of crispy puff filled with chickpea and lentil mash and chili with tamarind chutney and topped with a cold cucumber, tomato, and onion salad. It was an amazing street food to try!

Next up, we’re bringing you to a FAMOUS Restaurant in Dhaka, the MAMA Haleem! Here, an ULTRA THICK beef stew is prepared with lentils, wheat, mustard, and Bengali spices in a HUGE POT! It tastes so delicious and spicy and is one of the most filling street foods you’ll ever eat in the whole world!

After that amazing street food in Bangladesh, we’re bringing you to eat a famous breakfast in Bangladesh at star hotel. Here, one of the most delicious mutton food stews AKA pays is served bright an early every day at 6am. We got up early and were surprised to see the place was PACKED with locals slurping away at this delicious Bengali food! We also ordered a beef heart curry, dal, local tea, and naan. It was an incredibly filling and flavour packed breakfast!

And before visiting the BRAIN FRY KING of Bangladesh, we’re going for a FAMOUS biryani dish in Old Dhaka, the Kachi biryani. It was prepared in these huge pots with big goat leg pieces and was one of the most aromatic biryani’s I’ve ever tried! It had a caraway flavour and was a little mustardy as well! Mustard is such an important part of Bengali cuisine, and we fell in love with the food during our trip mainly because of this mustard flavour in everything, it’s so delicious and fluffy!!

After the AMAZING Biryani, we’re bringing you to our final stop, the BRAIN FRY KING of Bangladesh! Here, you can taste amazing Brain fry and beef chap marinated in a ton of spices and put into a deep and dark oil that is intensely flavourful. When it comes out, you grab a luchi and wrap it up and pop it in your mouth, and it’s quite delicious! Watching the BRAIN FRY KING of Bangladesh work with superhuman speed as he fries up the brain and the beef chap was very fun!

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