Life in Japan | Halal Groceries | Japan vlog #4 | #halal #kyoto #japan

Hi guys. So, i'm planning to buy some halal groceries today. So i will show to you guys where that i buy halal groceries in Kyoto. Yeah i will do a vlog and i will show to you guys every places that i go to buy some halal groceries. There is a lot actually in Kyoto halal groceries. So it's easy for Muslim, especially me. To buy some halal groceries, to buy some halal meat, halal chicken, everything is halal. So if you're Muslim and you want to visit in Japan one day, you have to watch this vlog. So i will show to you guys where that i buy halal groceries.

So we park our bicycle. And let's go in. So this is at sundy. I usually buy this one. Hot chocolate or cold chocolate. It's 200 yen. So cheap. 300 g. Made in Malaysia. Butterscotch I love thin bread. It's 100 yen. Usually we buy egg from sundy. Because it's cheap. This is a milk section. And usually i would buy this one because it's so delicious and cheap. The price also cheap compare to the other milk. Just 149 yen. This one. I really love this one. So small..

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Life in Japan | Halal Groceries | Japan vlog #4 | #halal #kyoto #japan

Japan Vlog #4

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Location :
1) 1:07 Kyoto Mosque
2) 2:07 Sundy
3) 5:25 Izumiya
4) 6:24 Gyomu
5) 8:46 Kaldi

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I'm a 25 years old Malaysian that currently lived in Japan, Kyoto. I will do more videos since i'm at Japan so that my family/friends in Malaysia can see how I am doing here 🙂 Hope you guys like it! 😀

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