London Halal Food Festival

We wanted to create a platform where the halal businesses can connect with their consumers There is no place in the whole world where you will find over 150 exhibitors All serving halal food and that's the concept and the idea we wanted to bring to the community And burgers which are traditionally non Valon are now being made halal and they have shot through the roof with regards to sales Hello, we are Oshpaz team we are just planning to just bring our Central Asian cuisine Which is the our favourite plov… rice and raisins So we hope that we gonna have our history in UK What I want people to take out of my food it's just a different experience And eating good quality halal meat that has been smoked for 12 to 16 hours using oak wood that we sourced from the US we source some meat as well from the US just to make sure that everybody has the Same experience as you would if you had to travel to Texas And try some brisket or some short ribs When we saw the options for non-alcoholic options were very limited And so we started with the nojito and then the strawberry daiquiri a pina colada and then an old-passioned.

Customers Really loved the concept and they loved the idea that they can access mocktails easy now Ready-made ready to drink in a bottle. The halal food market is a real untapped economy So what we need to do is take a step back and look how we can help these are all businesses break into the mainstream.

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London Halal Food Festival

The halal market in the UK is growing and Muslim consumers are seeking greater choice of food and drink. Festival founder Waleed Jahangir tells Trish Caddy @DishHeads about his annual London Halal Food Festival which took place recently at Tobacco Dock London, featuring 150+ food and drink exhibitors. Plus, interviews with three standout operators - Oshpaz, Smoke & Bones and The Mocktail Company - about the experience that they want their customers to take away.

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