Lost in Taiwan| Ep.6 Taiwanese Mosque, halal food, and Taipei 101 [Click CC for Thai sub]

go through the power of enjoy our life and stay close to nature come on run away throw it away break it to come back to just get lost this is my last Taiwan poor guy enjoy so today's our last day so we just left hand table in Taipei and we going to the grandmas in Taipei I hope should be a good day for me and for our friends so now we found the temple and we go into the Taipei main station great Wan Tong Tsui Tsing Yi line you transfer to another MRT going to the station number 7 feet not the 107 like in the movie station number 10 by the Penn Station is going to Donna oh my god I just found my friend this chemical and his face so we in this station right so we walk down here here I think the moss is around here oh here okay go to the park maybe maybe mean you go through the power of enjoy our life in here with animals and stay close to animals different with them and going going to hear the Massey exhibit number four okay well so now we in front of the with the beautiful beers I don't know what Dan Park yeah whoo 3 I'd fight the moss we're gonna pray there man so in the Dan Park station exit4 Wow very nice the park in the middle of their City I love it love Taipei so now I'm in the park so I'm gonna use this way to go to the mosque and I will enjoy the natural light here Wow very city side and here is natural side and I love when I breathe here oh I feel fresh look oh my god I miss I miss the trees right Jonathan going we hungry right Oh severed a decent playground we got your moss I will see how long does it take to go there this is Don Pardo see the scenery around here it's a lot of not much people I think it's just a few people here how many people I think it's quite cool for having a picnic and enjoy your time with your friends or your lovers around here Wow there's a small pond down there and we walk through this Lane going to the moss and I we pray there for the jewelry and I swing over there and we find some hollande food over there my god whoa while you are we walking to the mall so I most lovely animal look at them poor Turtles hey turtle hey Taiwanese tato not score oh they're coming to us [Music] look look you run away we just give it a biscuit over there run come on the way it so it away break it break it into to break into two piece no just they don't have shopped here is afraid that you can catch them you can catch him he's scared Wow look at that guard in the park I mean the park here is very cool it's good for picnicking picnicking hey yeah something like that the King Wow we're going to the theater park it's my first time in my life in Taiwan look there's a lot of seats over there with this age Wow I think we don't they have some kind of like activities or some kind of fade is performing or something like that so people we come here and enjoy just walk here see a lot of chest actually what do you think it's perfect it's very good huh John do you like it let's take a look my poor for the Grapher is everywhere wow I love this place it's pretty nice huh people can come here enjoy their picnic stuff with the sunshine very nice here get the wheel at this city building behind that one a lot of trees and is the clock the city is very clean this place super cool Wow so finally finally finally finally I found his grandma's over there here in Taipei and I believe that Wow amazing her at is [Music] the Taiwan Wow Taiwan I believe that I'm going there I'm going there okay wait do it my stuff there and after that I'm gonna fight here I heard some Chinese women just told me that they some Sudan market around this place right well I love this place so now we understood on the road across look at the the cartoon to animate the animated person crossing the road over there is so funny I think it's kind of a new mosque in here yep [Music] so this is I am Tomas is a member yeah I just crawl in front of Muslim did you read that is upstair since I opted down off the mosque it's very interesting huh say um didn't I find it most I just finished praying so now we're going to verify something to eat for lunch me hey guys let's go John let's go where's John okay we was coming inside the mosque fight good in this town they also have yeah don't use some money five change to deadlock yeah how many company DEP in the further future [Music] depression five times okay so Sunday what is the chicken curry Indonesian style rice and somehow somehow is the paste chili paste is kind of like chicken curry gospel this mine is beef with some kind of like beans and and rice twelve seconds later there's a lot of birds in this park so now we just watching a bird watching guys look at the trees you can see on the trees just a lot of birds huh he's into you guys oh my god they're arresting right right right inside right in the middle of the city super peaceful with fish birds squirrels people 2,000 years later so now in front of the beauty Taipei 101 is one of the landmark in Taipei if you come to Taiwan you should be here taking photos if you want to go out there I don't have to pay five so Taipei 101 building is one of the highest building in Taipei this lot of people here come to take photo and I think if you come to Taiwan should be here is kind of like a landmark of is this scenario of look at the building how it is super super high all right so this last day in Taipei is been around four days or five days in Taiwan so I will end the clips here in one of the Taipei 101 theory this one is the one of the highest building in Taiwan all right so please don't forget to give a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe my channel down below [Music]

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Lost in Taiwan| Ep.6 Taiwanese Mosque, halal food, and Taipei 101 [Click CC for Thai sub]

Just Get Lost: Lost in Taiwan! This Vlog will take you to an amazing place in Taipei. Are there any mosques in Taipei? Hanging out with animals in the public park! Eating halal lunch in Taipei! Is Taipei 101 building the highest one? Just get ready to be lost together!

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