(It's A Small World After All Song) So, I just brought him up on our bed now. "habibi"
Yeah, good morning. yeah, it doesn't matter what time we put him to bed,
7am wake up call. Good morning from the shuttle to Magic Kingdom.
Good morning Suleiman. Look at his cute Disney outfit. I have mine on underneath and my ears
are just in front of me over here Yusuf is in his sunset Mickey Mouse shirt. I'm taking you guys along to Magic Kingdom today, ready? Yeah! "Itsy, bitsy Suleiman's in line? Yeah.
Line up for Disney World. so when you arrive at Disney you have
the option of doing a monorail or you could do a ferry the monorail has AC and it's typically faster.
We're gonna take the ferry, because we want the view of the Magic Kingdom – I know, we are so touristy,
but it's our first time so.

You have the choice of either or. They're both included with a park ticket – they're not extra We just entered the Magic Kingdom.
They're already set up for fall! This is crazy! It's still August.
Why Disney? It's too hot. It's a very hot day guys. I just can't believe they've already set up for Halloween.
I'm actually surprised. I wasn't expecting that. Oh, there's a pumpkin Mickey going on.
It's really beautiful though. Yusuf, what do you think? – it's already set up for Halloween! "Oh, it's so cool" Mashallah, this place is so beautiful. I can't get over it. We're at the main entrance, still and then down here,
this is Main Street The very first thing that we'd like to do inshallah (by the will of God) is to go to the it's a small world attraction for Suleiman and to ride on that. It's got AC, I believe and it's indoors so that's two big bonuses in heat like this then I have my Disney ears on there a little bit lopsided, because I'm moving so much but it's beautiful and look they're all set up.

Tada! Awh guys, it's the Disney castle! You can actually dine in there. We didn't really book any dinners, just because – I don't know they're not that good in quality of food,
but they do add a lot of cast So you can see a lot of princesses, if you have
a girl or if you, yourself wanna go see some princesses. go ahead they're all in the castle.
"Right, Suleiman?" Suleiman is watching the castle. Yusuf, what did you just say?
This is the real Disney for you? Yeah, this is real Disney.

Yusuf clearly has a preference for the Magic Kingdom. Venturing now through Liberty Square.
It's just left of the castle. "Queen georgette can't you see the
colonists are angry" "We are angry!" It's nice to escape into the shops for AC.
Right now we're in the Christmas shop and look those children I love Jack Skellington.
I'm like a big Nightmare Before Christmas fan and if you are as well let me know in the comments.
This is so cute! you can get a cute souvenir here Just adorable.

"It's a small world" Exactly, it's a small world. This is the first ride we're doing. we're just inside it's a small world right now – it's got AC! You have to do this on a hot day If you use a Fast Pass. Use it on this, because it has AC and especially if you have a toddler. Suleiman is watching the boats. Suleiman is running free after the ride.
I loved it's a small world. It's so nice. you guys don't actually have to use a fast pass on this, if you come at rope drop and just head straight to the back of the park. It has a very minimal wait time at that point. We used a Fast Pass, because we know Suleiman is not going to sit there and wait He does badly with wait times, so we try to do at least three main attractions Change of plans.

We saw the ferris wheel and we thought why not? it's a very short wait anyways and they take a lot of people all at once. It's favorite song from Disney. I love this – Cinderella's dream is a wish your heart makes Just on the Merry-Go-Round. I'm over here and then Yusuf and Suleiman are right there together. This is a counter-service (restaurant). It's called, Columbia Harbour House. They have really good food. Mostly fried fish. Whoa, look at the lobster roll.
They have housemade chips here. and then I have the fried fish and the fried shrimp – of course and then there's its own sauces. It's just the Heinz, honey mustard. Cocktail sauce is my favourite and then of course, tartar sauce. Yusuf, what's the verdict? Do you like the food? "Yeah, it's good." I'm having the fried shrimp – bismillah.
I've already had two. They're so good look how crispy this is. wow I don't know how they do it so good then we have our lobster roll – I don't know how I'm gonna do this it's so much lobster mashallah.

Bismillah Hey guys so we just had our lunch it
was really good alhamdulillah (thank God) Definitely recommend going to the Harbor House – Columbia Harbor House. I think it's a great one just got the pineapple dole whip, traditional one that they sell here at Disney. Yusuf is already diggin' in. Look how cute they are. Key tip use the mobile order and then you don't have to wait in line. Just go straight in and get your order. That's the mobile order on the MyDisneyExperience app.
I highly recommend it. Here we go. Bismillah. that's very refreshing on a hot day Ooh mashallah. Yeah, that's why they give you a big
serving. I'm gonna finish it. hey guys, so I just showed you guys what was obviously the parade, because we watched it from a place here called, Pecos Bill. Which is a Mexican restaurant here at our on the premises, it's very affordable. we just got Suleiman one of those rice bowls with vegetables, really good. The chicken one, because what happens is, a lot of people tend to request for kosher or halal so if you just ask at the counter if they have
extra they'll do it for you last minute so we got some kosher chicken for him
luckily Alhamdulillah (thank God) so he had some chicken and vegetable bowl and he loved it.

He ate all of it. and now we're just walking around and I think
we're going to go now to Winnie the Pooh so I'll show you guys that. This is by Adventureland, Splash Mountain is just behind me. Suleiman got scared of it because when he heard the people screaming he thought something was wrong Hey Suleiman. We're just in line now.
We're going to go on Winnie The Pooh. My phone keeps overheating. I'm
sorry if there are some gaps in the vlog. That's just why. Say hi.
You ready for Winnie The Pooh? He's watching Winnie The Pooh. This is actually faster than I thought it would be.
It's an interactive story. This is how they get you. Right after you get off the ride straight into the gift shop. Tiggers, Pooh Bears, Little Piglets.
They're really cute though, I won't lie. Winnie The Pooh was quite fun.
Yusuf, what did you think about it? "There's Dumbo.

Oh, it was awesome"
yeah it's fast it's much shorter than it's a small world so if you're gonna use a fast pass and you're choosing between the two it's a small world I think, is a better bang for your fast
pass, but Winnie the Pooh is still worth it regardless, it was really fun. This area is called Casey's Splash N' Soak.
It's for young kids and toddlers, to come and chill out. Suleiman is just kind of running around in this splash pad and I'm kind of chillin here for a second while Yusuf goes after him and this is a good way for him cool down, because it is really really hot. I think this is one of the few splash areas for toddlers, specifically. So if you really need your toddler to kind of like chill out because of the heat. I highly recommend coming here. you can tell from my cheeks. Like, I am feeling so hot.
My cheeks are so red. Yesterday was hot as well, but today feels even more so.
The temperature reads – in Canadian degrees, celsius.

It says about 35, but with the humidity it's it's 45 – so my cheeks are red. It's very very hot. okay guys so this is Dumbo's Big Top and this is where you can get some good pastries, which I just showed you hopefully a clip of or I'll insert that now and I just bought a couple things. I'm going to show you all. I got the classic Minnie Mouse cupcake. We have a Minnie Mouse cupcake and all this came to a reasonable price, I think, because it's similar to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate in Canada.

This is very similar pricing so I think it's okay.
The very first thing we have the Dumbo cookie How cute is that? And it's super
fitting, because we are in the Dumbo circus tent. this is the Minnie Mouse red velvet cupcake.
so we have our Minnie Mouse red velvet cupcake I'm gonna open this up and show
you. Ohh, look at that! Let's try this out. Really good! Suleiman is right here. Do you
want a bite, Suleiman? He's looking at the Dumbo stuff.
Yeah, he's hot (my poor baby). Yusuf's gonna try the cookie right now. Go ahead. Good, right? "Yeah, it's good." It's a sugar cookie, right? "Mhm, it's good". And the last thing I got was the classic Minnie Mouse cake pop how cute is that? oh my gosh it's adorable. I don't
want to eat it, because it's so cute but I know it's gonna melt in that heat so I
gotta take at least a couple bites Okay, bismillah. Very good. Hey everyone! it's raining, because, of course , Orlando weather.

When it gets really hot – basically it rains every day. It rains for at least five to ten minutes, fifteen minutes, maybe, on a really rainy day but it rains every day almost. So when it does rain make sure that you pack poncho's, umbrellas, stroller covers because otherwise you're just camped inside & it's really crowded and if you wanted to go somewhere specifically like a show or something that's indoors
those are not canceled during the rain so you definitely want to make sure that
you bring things for rainy weather because it will definitely rain on your
trip it rains about 300 days out of the year Suleiman, who are you going to meet now? So in the tent, just here where we are is Daisy duck, Donald Duck – oh and pluto is over there – and Goofy. We're just going to meet them. Look, it's Goofy. We're just meeting Goofy and Donald Duck. I'll take and insert pictures here. It's nice, especially when it rains. Go & take advantage of the very short lines & meet some characters.

Bye-bye. Good job! Thank you! Alright, so it's done raining. It's still a little bit wet outside, but we're gonna go on the flying Dumbo ride. the thing is, right after it stops raining, all the wait times are short. We had a FastPass for this, I cancelled it we're going to use it for something else and we're just gonna take advantage of the five ten-minute Why not? Here we are. I'll show you guys the Dumbo ride In Tomorrowland, there isn't that much for young toddlers, I think. Most of the rides that I saw here were for older people there's a Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor comedy show that is for all ages, but Suleiman is not the type that's going to sit through a show But if your kids likes that, especially if they like Monsters, Inc – that would be an option there's not too much here for kids and it's kind of just…

Feels like the Jetsons, like a futuristic (or) what the future would look like imagined by the 1950s, basically. So we're just walking around I'm going to be honest. Disney World is just beautiful to walk through. Everywhere you look is perfectly designed. It's honestly very beautiful. This is called, Peco's Bill, we are back here again. At Peco's Bill, you can get "Mexican" food and then you can top your tacos and salads over here at the bar It's actually really nice. I love this place. the food is delicious and it's not that
expensive. So we're gonna eat here for dinner inshaAllah Yusuf did eat a waffle just a little while ago. I didn't record that, because my phone is dying I want to reserve battery.

I will be recording, hopefully, for the fireworks show and Pirates of the Carribean Which we're going to do next inshaAllah. We got ourselves some nachos. Some tacos here. We got him another rice bowl for dinner. It's great. This time I loaded up, because there is a system, where you can top your own. Don't leave without topping your own tacos and nachos. What do you think? You ready to eat? 'Yeah, let's go!" Alright, I got a taco here. Let's try it, bismillah. the only thing it needs, is the Taco Bell sauce.
You know those hot sauces? The mild, medium..? This tastes exactly like Taco Bell. Real good! Alright, so it's super dark and spooky in here, so I hope that it can pick up some light. Yeah so we're just on Pirates of the Carribean right now this is the water ride and it's in the dark Spooky! "well ratatatat speak up or do you
a fancy a swim with Davy Jones?" hey it's the end of the night and
look behind me there, that's the castle we're just getting ready for the fireworks.

It should be starting the next 45 minutes or so inshaAllah Suleiman's just down here and we're just gonna chill here and wait
for the fireworks, which will be over here somewhere and then Main Street is gonna- it's already crazy, but that's where we have to exit so pray for us inshaAllah (fanfare music) "And they all lived happily ever after" "Each of us has a dream." "A hearts desire" "Every breath we take, brings a new hope, a new day." (You ain't never had a friend like me song) (Zappadap Tarzan song) hey, we just finished the fireworks, which I will hopefully have shown you right now and we're getting off the bus we got off the bus 27 it's a free shuttle to the parking lot it's got AC, also free.

So if you don't want to take the monorail and you don't want to take the ferry and you just want to sit on a cool bus.
Bus 27 is the way to go. I'm gonna cap off the Magic Kingdom Disney vlog here. If you like this video please be sure to hit up that thumbs up button. Subscribe for more content because I will be uploading regularly and until then I'll see you guys next time. bye-bye!.

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Come along with us as we discover Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom with a toddler. I'll show you the best rides, attractions and food that your toddler is sure to love and you will too!

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Okay, so which rides/shows did we do? The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History, "it's a small world", Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, Magic Kingdom Parade, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station, Storybook Circus Character Meet and Greet, Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Pirates of the Caribbean and Fireworks and Nighttime Spectaculars.

In between those we hit up Columbia Harbour House (lobster roll), Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe (tacos and nachos), Big Top Souvenirs (Disney themed sweets), Sleepy Hollow (Spicy Chicken & Waffles) and Aloha Aisle (Dole Whip Cup for food. Definitely recommend these spots as the quality was pretty damn good and it didn't cost a small fortune. If you wanted to dine in, then be sure to reserve in advance, but I think that with a toddler it's far easier to not be on a rigid food schedule, that way if it rains and passes change up, you're not stuck choosing between a ride or restaurant. Counter service is actually amazing at Disney and the important part is that its flexible and many offer mobile orders, which cuts your time waiting for food by a lot. Time is everything when you want to make the most of your park visit.

Don't be afraid to travel with a young toddler, I honestly think it's completely worth it. If you do everything based on what (you believe) they'll remember, then you won't live a life at all. Memories are built through experience and experiences like this one do help our children grow and develop. I can definitely say that Suleiman learned at Disney. His vocabulary increased, he's pointing more and he knows the characters (even though he's never watched a single show or movie). It really isn't about that for them at this age. The characters are like giant, moving stuffed toys to them and it was pure joy for Suleiman.

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