Majumder the First Halal Shop in Tohoku Region, Japan

Hello guys Assalamualaikum I'm 
Azziza from Japan halal tv Today's I'm in Majumder halal foods and 
this is the only store that sells 100 percent Halal products in Tohoku regions and this is the 
first actually that pioneered the halal business in Tohoku region There are so many kinds of foods 
and so many kinds of snacks there are from India Pakistan Bangladesh and also Indonesia and 
Malaysia wow there's so many products here   And of course, these are the frozen halal certified 
meat so any kinds of meats you can buy here this   oh there are so many kinds of beef here   And this is as you can see there's 
a halal certified over here and then in Majumder you can also find the products 
that not available in the regular Japan market   Like this this one this is galangal 
and this is a galangal from Thailand   This is Indonesian nodles and of course halal
certified and this is very famous in Indonesia   I cannot live with this as well oh this is my favorite "Teh botol" I cannot live 
without this one guys this is very very good   it's a cup noodles from Indonesia okay I'm finished guys let's pay okay guys let's go so yeah if you want to 
find all halal certified products and uh   Maybe like products from your own countries 
and then halal meats and everything you should   Definitely come to Majumder halal foods because 
they have all of the halal products here okay

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Majumder the First Halal Shop in Tohoku Region, Japan

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