Makanan Halal Dekat Kampus di Korea | Halal Food Around Campus – #DaeguVlog

hello I'm back again Oh God son because of the Sun so mmm a lot of you already asking like what things that I eat here is in hella restaurants around here and stuff oh and actually today I want to show you oh the Sun actually I want to show you there is one hell of restaurant which is really good here around my campus and I'm going to eat now and I'm hungry oh and it's really so sad that next week Mexico are going to separate moving again so yeah so later I will share you of my flock again regarding when I will travel to Seoul when I travel to Seoul with these two girls and with my Indonesian friends let's see later so this is the place the place called Maya yeah thank you hey it's like vegetables and chickens and rice and we are waiting for the man hello Marcus oh yeah the salad and we are oh we are sharing the chickens would you like to say hi Shirley hello you have to deduce yourself Yvette from the country that you all are really aware of India famous Bollywood country all right now said it is a teaching us how to eat I should put some too okay I'm gonna give you people funny it's really nice the food and I can eat it with my head but I go look at me like stop it she's feeling everything you know it's like no I'm not filming everything it's just like the main point of things I want going to the toilet please I have to shower I'm not knowing that stop it but yet I mean I kept open more than the word we have learned the dog comes Amida oh but they don't really say you're welcome I'm done eating right now we are going to get we are going to get some icecream for these are over here which over there like the vultures please ice cream so cute even there is haha it's cotton candy flavor yeah it's my favorite flavor and my favorite made man so back here in Korea question Robin is one of the favorite ice cream brands which is is really weird that it is a really expensive that I cannot import

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Makanan Halal Dekat Kampus di Korea | Halal Food Around Campus - #DaeguVlog

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