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This is the Nasi Ayam, slightly different from the usual chicken rice that you normally find. I have a feeling that it’s roasted and probably is fried. Marinated in a Sambal Belacan so that it comes out reddish, very appetizing. The usual, sambal, soup and rice. Take a bit of soup on the rice. Cheers! Welcome to Foodie Momma Ph! I’m here with Hafidz Rahman of Lepak One Corner. Hello! Hello! And we’re here Geylang Serai Market. This is my first time here so I don’t know what to expect. Where are you taking me? I’m taking you to the second level. You are going to be exposed to really rich food and delicacies that I grew up eating. Okay, I’m excited let’s go! Let’s go! Geylang Serai is one of the oldest Malay settlements in Singapore.

It is one of the biggest and busiest wet markets Offering cheaper produce with a great selection of Malay and Indian Muslim dishes. Today, Hafidz Rahman of Lepak One Corner is gonna show us some of his favorite Malay Indonesian dishes like.. Nasi Ayam, Nasi Ambeng, Gandos, Otak-Otak, Puto Piring. And we’re gonna wash it all down with some pineapple drink. And his all-time favorite Mata Kucing. Let’s start this Geylang Serai market food feast! Stall number one is Hajjah Mona Nasi Pedang. Here all the dishes are laid out for you to point and choose to pair with rice topped with sambal and gravy. Similar to Filipino Karinderya style. We got the Nasi Ambeng and Picked Opor Ayam, Beef Rendang, Sambal Goreng. Which is a mix of Tahu or Tofu. Tempeh or fermented soybeans and long beans.

Sambal Telur or quail eggs. Tauge or beansprouts. Terung or eggplant and then topped with a rich coconut gravy sambal belado, sambal belacan, serundeng or roasted grated coconut. Mmm… Sedap! Makasi! (Thanks) Thank you! Okay,so we have ordered pretty much everything. -Everything that we can possibly get in here. Those with shorter queues because there’s a lot of people here in Geylang Serai. It’s my first time here. So how do you like it here? All the ambiance? Yeah! And a lot of interesting stuff as well. Yeah so basically we are here on a Sunday which is like the busiest time. So as you can see there’s a lot of stalls.

I heard a lot of cheaper items from the market here. Yes. That’s why people are coming here to buy grocery, local produce and eat here at the food market. Correct so.. -What do we got here? We have here with us is Nasi Ambeng. This is basically like a platter, they usually serve it during occasions for like thanksgiving. So it’s usually served in a big platter like four or five. sometimes after that people can eat on the big platter. The essential this is number one is the rice and then the Begedil which is the potato. Sambal, the sambal goreng, mixed vegetables, Beef Rendang and also the Chicken Rendang. Quail eggs, this is called Urap, it’s made of roasted coconut. There is veggies and tauge. And this is your Brinjal. The guy sprinkled… -This is coconut, Surendeng.

The Surendeng. It’s very savory coconut. I think I’m gonna start with the beef. -Yes. The beef is like really really soft and tender. Cheers! Mmm… You like it? Rich and savory. It’s simmered in coconut oil. I can feel that there’s a lot of kerisik put in there and coconut milk and spices. It’s not too overwhelming.

It’s very well balanced. Very balanced, yes. I’m very amazed that you know kerisik. I tried to cook Rendang already. I made the recipe in the link below. Let’s try the chicken. Cheers! Mmm… Wow! Their gravy is really rich. Reminds me of Filipino Kare-Kare, like how the gravy… -Yeah x2 Have you tried Kare-Kare? I used to work in a FMB restaurant and my supervisor was Filipino. She would always bring food you know like the Sinigang, the Pancit. I love it! Pancit. Wow! Quail eggs with sambal. Mmm… Wow! Sambal Belado with the quail eggs, sweet and a little bit of spicy. It’s really like warm on the palate. I don’t eat lady fingers. Okay I’ll try the eggplant. Because I eat anything. It has a different sambal on it as well. It’s almost like sambal belacan. This is the.. -Sambal Goreng. It’s like Tahu that’s like fermented soybean. Mmm… Mmm! Just the gravy itself is a dish already.

And the taste is really homey. And this is small consider the normal platter, this is for one person, you’ll love our food. It’s very communal. Eat in a circle four or five of you and then just take in the joy of communicating. Yeah! True! And eat it with your hands. Yes, eat with your hands. -The best! Stall number two is House of Gandos which has been operating since 1980s. Famous for their Malay Kuehs like the Original and Ube Gandos and a variety of Malay snacks. This is one of my favorite, Gandos. It’s made out of rice flour as well, this is tapioca(Ubi) and you dip it in orange sugar. Let’s go! For the gandos! So this one I will just put over here so you can dip it. I wouldn’t say it’s barbecued but it’s put in a hot..

-Like a hot griddle. It’s almost like yeah like a griddle. So you dip it in sugar. A lot of sugar. Because the color beautiful. Mmm… Yeah. I love this. I taste some saltiness in there as well. They will put it in fermented tapioca yeah. But I think they use fermented rice but that’s why it’s a bit savory. Sweet and savory at the same time. Yeah. I would love it with tons of orange sugar. Yes. Mmm! The orange sugar is what makes it right? Yeah! This is tapioca, I would say it’s more filing. Cheers! It’s a bit more chewy. Yeah chewy, sticky. I like the texture more. Let’s try it with the sugar. But it’s already sweet. -Yeah. Mmm… I love the color as well, the yellow. More inviting, more appetizing. Stall number three is Maya Pesona Chicken Rice.

Known for their Nasi Ayam coated in sweet and spicy sambal which gives it a striking dark red color. A very simple yet flavorful chicken rice that both kids and kids at heart will fall in love with. Makasi! (thanks) Thank you! So this is Nasi Ayam. Something I had when I was a boy all the way now that I’m an adult. Because of the special way that the chicken has been fried. It’s reddish in color. So this is the sambal they have it in the original the black pepper. But personally, I like the sambal best. So this is comfort food. Comfort food for me. Oh my god I cannot wait I’ve been eyeing the Nasi Ayam because I haven’t had it in the longest time. Whenever I go to Pasar Geylang this is the only thing I eat. Guess what, I haven’t eaten this in like three four years. That’s how busy you are. Especially with this whole pandemic right. This is the Nasi Ayam, slightly different from the usual chicken rice that you normally find.

I have a feeling that it’s roasted and probably is fried. Marinated in a Sambal Belacan so that it comes out reddish, very appetizing. The usual, sambal, soup and rice. Take a bit of soup on the rice. Cheers! Mmm.. The sambal is very sweet. It’s not the regular sambal that you normally find. It really compliments the chicken rice. Mmm! The rice is very fluffy, just a little bit of oil in there. So it’s not like the typicall chicken rice where it’s full on oil of the chicken that has been poached and cooked. Yeah that’s why I like it. Yeah it’s just nice to contrast the already savory and sweet chicken. You like it? Wow it’s good! It reminds me of Ayam Bakar, you know with the black sauce. Aaah! The Kicap(sweet soy). Something like that so it’s on the sweet side as well. But this one is done differently. This is what I have every time I was a kid when I was growing up. It’s the only chicken rice, you know when you’re much younger you always only eat the simplest things. Just chicken rice.

Mmm! Stall number four is Al Karim Teh Tarik Corner. They offer hot drinks like Kopi (coffee) and Teh (tea) and a variety of colorful drinks like pineapple and Mata Kucing. This is very unique in Geylang Serai. This is the pineapple drink. It’s very famous for this pineapple chunks and pineapple syrup. This is called, the literal translataion it’s called Mata Kucing which is cat’s eyes. But it’s just actually just longan, really refreshing. You want to have the sip of your Mata Kucing or your cat’s eyes? Mata Kucing. Is there Gula Melaka in here as well? Yes there is sugar in it. This is so similar to a Filipino drink, it usually has sago which is pearls and then gulaman is like the jellies.

Same color as well. So the thing I like about this pineapple drink is that they always give you a lidi (stick). Ooh! I was wondering why we have sticks like are we gonna use it in the Gandos. That makes sense. Same thing with the Mata Kucing with the cat’s eyes. It’s like fishing. It's basically longan. Mmm… Yeah. On a hot day, oh my god so refreshing! Aaah.. I love that it’s not too Manis. It’s not too sweet, just nice. Stall number five is Otak-otak Kampung which has been around since 1950s and still operating up until today under the second generation.

Offering a traditional kampung style Otak-otak, using Surendeng or toasted and spiced coconut flakes. Which brings a unique crumbly texture and sweetness. The paste is wrapped in banana leaf and then grilled non-stop. To achieve the perfect char grilled flavor and banana leaf aroma. So whenever I go to Geylang that’s the three things I buy, knickknacks for me to bring back home. Which is number one the Otak, you see like fish chunks marinated with like spices and coconut. Barbecued in banana leaf. Really one of my favorite snacks here in Singapore. Really? Yeah! Do you have it in the Philippines? No we don’t. That’s why I like it because it’s very unique and it’s very light.

You can eat it as a snack or with bread. I heard this one is different because I think this one is a coconut-y. Yes it’s more coconut-y. So, oh! Okay. It’s crumbly. Because of the coconut you can really feel the texture and the light yellow color. Right! Slightly different than the usual one that you get, right? Wow! It’s like the sweet and savory and spicy combined. Wow! Because the normal Otak is usually more reddish right, this is more orange-y because of the spices and the herbs. Yeah! And this is more coconut-y so it’s really good.

Other Otak’s it’s like mostly flour. This one is a bit crumbly and soft. And spicy. I love the heat like it’s gradual but it’s good. Finally, stall number six. Haig Road Putu Piring is a very famous stall featured on Netflix street food series and also listed in the Singapore Michelin guide. Putu means rice cake and Piring means plate in Malay. So it’s a steamed rice cake in a shape of a plate. The process start with molding the Putu Piring which they put rice flour and Gula Melaka filling. Covered with a piece of white cloth and then steamed for about five minutes. Once ready, it’s topped with pandan leaves and served with freshly grated coconut. The entire process is extremely fast which is entertaining to watch while queing. And the family still uses the same recipe and traditional techniques since 1940s. And of course we had to get the best-selling Gula Melaka Putu Piring. Let’s have Putu Piring. Putu Piring. So Putu Piring is made out of rice flour, it’s steamed, inside is Gula Melaka.

I watched the Singapore street food on Netflix and I saw Haig Road Putu Piring being featured there. So I was so interested in trying this. It’s world famous by the way. This is the original one the Gula Melaka right? Yeah Gula Melaka. Take a bit of the coconut. Yeah just like that. Mmm.. Oh wow! Delicious! Coconut-y and the sweetness from the Gula Melaka is really rich and comforting. For this batch what have you liked? Like your top favorite. Top favorite. Without looking at this.

Yeah I don’t have to look at it I just tasted it. So I think it’s the Nasi Ayam. Because I really think it’s really like simple cup of food that everyone can enjoy you know. It’s not so spicy so even your kids you know can come in and try it out. It’s really very awesome and you get a quarter of a chicken so it’s really worth your money. Actually I’m more of a savory and salty person. Me too! I don’t have a sweet tooth so I love the Otak-otak because it’s really spicy and savory. So this is something I always eat whenever I’m in Geylang these three things. This is not normally what we would pack back home because Putu Piring is best eaten when it’s warm. So whenever you go we just normally microwave it or just steam it back again. For a first timer in Geylang Serai, number one for me is the Putu Piring.

It brings me back home. Putu is comfort, the coconut flavor in there, the sweetness from the Gula Melaka. Just hits the spot for me. I like the very unique Otak here. Like you wouldn’t find this kind anywhere else it’s very Kampung like. Mostly coconut, so every bite you taste the sweet salty and then heat at the end. -Yeah. Really good snack. And I’m sorry but I feel like.. -I knew you wouldn’t like it. I’ve eaten a lot of Nasi Pedang but this is closest to the Kare-Kare gravy that we have at home. It’s very like thick. It’s like a mix with the curry and Rendang. It’s just amazing. Really melts in your mouth. Sedaplicious! Oh my gosh you should try that printed on a shirt. So that’s it for today’s video. Thank you guys for joining us! Again thank you Hafidz. -Thank you for having me, thank you for allowing me to show you.. The very busy, you cannot see the busy-ness form here because we are like away from everyone else.

But it’s packed. Guys its Sunday afternoon. It’s packed. Lunchtime, and we really enjoyed having lunch here. And we’ll see you on the next episode. We’re gonna cover a Muslim owned Greek restaurant in Bukit Batok. I’ll see you there! Bye!.

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MALAY FOOD IN SINGAPORE! Geylang Serai Food - NETFLIX Singapore STREET FOOD | HALAL Muslim Hawker

On today's video, Hafidz Rahman of Lepak One Korner takes us to some of his favorite spots at Geylang Serai Market Food Centre. We went to the following stalls and got his personal recommendations.

1. Hajja Mona Nasi Padang - Nasi Ambeng
2. House of Gandos - Original & Ubi
3. Maya Pesona Chicken Rice - Nasi Ayam Sambal
4. Al Karim Teh Tarik Corner - Pineapple + Mata Kucing
5. Otak Otak Kampung - Otak Otak
6. Haig Road Putu Piring - Gula Melaka Putu Piring

You may check out the market to shop and eat at 1 Geylang Serai, Singapore 402001

Try all these dishes and let me know what you think!♥

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