hey everyone we're now in China welcome back to our Channel and today we'll be feasting on Chinese food don't worry its all Halal. Halal is defined as permissible whereas Haram is forbidden The food that we can't eat are Carcasses Blood and Pig And also those animal that have strong claws and strong beaks Such as Eagle The other one is wild animal or beast that have sharp claws and fangs That are: Crocodile Tiger Bats And animals that usually lives in dirty environment Such as We also can't consume animals that can damage our health such as rats bats snakes And animals that lives in both land and sea That's why we, Muslims can only eat certain crabs Alright guys.

Let's start with our first appetizer A top notch chicken in a packet Alright, let's look here. There's halal You need to find green logo I'll show you pop up let's just look at the ingredients we have Which is Fresh chicken Well, its preserved I don't think its fresh It is sesame flavoured It has Pepper chilli MSG Like i said MSG It comes in a cute packaging Honestly speaking, it has a nice smell it smells like cat food Its very glazy For me, I'm going to rate it 3 and a half over 5 The taste is not bad, I shall say it's difficult for me to chew In my view, I would give this four out of five because it has that mellow flavor that sesame flavor and well I could say it's a bit greasy and you know the MSG is just too strong but overall this is a snack for a lazy ass me Okay done chewing We are now on to our next snacks Which is QQ Chicken Really spicy chicken It means that it is really spicy chicken see all this CHILLI The taste that makes my mouth burn Half spicy and peppery Slightly sweet and sour and a bit pungent as far as I can tell I'll give this four and a half Two and a half I don't really like the spiciness Plus, its too salty I could be right or I could be yellow I
could be blue or I could be purple I could be green or Oh my God, it looks so weird I love chicken feet but Selling chicken feet in a packaging is MINDBLOWN It looks like a freaking dinosaur Doesn't look appetising but we'll try it for you The thing is I don't like the jelly jelly part Oh my God you are eating the bones? Because its very soft Well I guess the reason why it is soft You know calcium.

When you put in with vinegar, it becomes softer The one in red has a biting and sharp taste I would say I'll give this a 1 out of 5 two and a half out of five The taste is there. it all varies but the fact that the chicken feet Don't really look like chicken feet Next dish is this blue packet that looks like otak-otak Its upside down Its a sausage It is not! It is dried tofu 4.8 out of 5 5 out of 5 This looks like bak kwa Bak kwa is not halal but dendeng is a malay version of bak kwa and it is halal Im gonna rate it 5 out of 5 this is what you get If you buy the skewered meat In front of the Mosque usually in China They will sell this kind The taste is exactly the same it's highly seasoned with very nice aroma to it Its called yak meat Oh, it comes in a small packet That is their penis or what No we, muslims, can't eat penis Why not? Why not? It tastes exactly like paru goreng I'll give this a four It may look tough but I assure you, it's a luxurious food we are talking juicy and moist Her face is really disturbing Wow this is super hard It smells like maggi seasoning Its a no-go for me.

palatable edible is the taste
is just okay but not delicious I could break my teeth I could break my jaw alright guys that's it that's the end of the video If you enjoy my video please like and subscribe to my channel Thank you everyone.

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Throwback video of sisters trying out Halal snacks from China.

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