hey welcome to another beautiful day here in kuala 
lumpur malaysia so currently it's friday and right   behind me is the friday street food market so 
only happens on friday right before friday prayer   so let's investigate and see what 
kind of delicious foods they have   as always please hit that like 
button and subscribe and let's go   okay right over here is the start of the 
market and right next to masjid Jamek   just just in case you want to know it's one of the 
most famous masjids here in kuala lumpur but let's   let's see what kind of delicious foods they have 
so over here they have cakes some sort of noodle dishes so many different types of food choices   it looks like there's some tofu and 
some other fried foods they got takoyaki okay i think we're gonna 
have one of these martabak and it's four ringgits for one right yes   and what's inside of it chicken and beef 
all right cool all right i'll be back a lot of people are pushing it's so crowded right 
now oh i am cheese look at that cheesy fries oh there's satay over here man there's so 
many food choices i don't know what to get wow so she's cutting little like little 
donuts and frying it i am balik abba wow look at all these different types 
of food guys like you know you know   when you see so many different types of 
foods you don't know where to start but   i do know where to start and it's going to be here 
the samosa hi brother can i get uh two samosas   one chicken one beef this week i come 
back i'm recording the whole market so one piece is 1.5 ringgits right all right 
cool so three ringgits all right let me   take out my money and what time do you guys 
start every friday right yeah everybody here   what what time uh 10 10 o'clock 2 
30 okay all right thank you brother   all right so we got the first food of the day 
sambusa samosa i mean they have shawarma here too   that smells really nice you get 
one shawarma or seven ringgit   okay so here's the food over here it's 
called samosa this is more of an indian   dish but you know kuala lumpur or malaysia 
is multicultural so anyways let's dig in so good it's crispy and uh it's hot right now 
this is the inside filling i have another bite you cannot go wrong with a samosa 
never ever if you've never had this   you're missing out on life it's so good 
one of my favorite foods in the world that's how it is right now and you can see i 
don't know if you'd see from the distance yeah   over there there's a masjid Jamek which after 
this after i'm finished with this food video   it's time to go to the friday prayer i would sit 
down but obviously it's hard to find a seating   place over here i know there's one seating 
area over there but it's way back and it's   really crowded right now so it's a little bit 
difficult let's try out this other samosa now it's crispy oily and the filling with the 
spices can i go wrong with that all i could   say was that was delicious all right let's 
continue what is this everyone's lining up   with their own tray a lot of different types 
of spaghettis over here you see seems like self-serve like donuts oh wow what is this crispy 
original cheese look at this i've never seen that in my life we're 
gonna go for another food in just a   moment but first i want to show you 
more of the street food market hi showing the markets everyone thank 
you what's over here it's like sushi   sushi no it's yummy how much is one piece one we can get 30 cents i do love sushi 
yeah i think we're gonna go for that   so see they have japanese food they 
have indian food they have thai food   such a variety man i'm gonna have 
to make another video of this place   all right can i get uh four different 
sushi what kind of sushi do you have   okay like spicy yeah like spicy one spicy 
is good how about this one is this crab and two more you choose which one okay um teriyaki chicken okay all right sounds good teriyaki chicken tuna mayo 
crab and what's this one tuna spicy tuna spicy all   right cool all right let's make it simple and give 
her a five here you go sister thank you uh do you   have any tissue on afghan yeah all right that's oh 
yeah let's have a fork i guess all right thank you   all right we got our second food of the day oh wow 
the guys unfortunately not have hands i might give   him something real quick hold on before we start 
this food let me just give him a little bit uh   yeah here we go brother you're welcome   all right now time to dig in okay 
here's the second food of the day wow sushi i love sushi let me 
just use my fingers this one man that was so good i'm not even exaggerating   look i just had the tuna one the 
tuna or chicken there's so much like   taste and flavors on it i'm not really sure 
no it tastes like chicken yeah oh this one oh i'm not making you too hungry oh 
look at this one the crab meat on it let me go over the texture real quick it's very 
chewy meaty of course the crab meat and tasty   last one this is the tuna and mayo you cannot go wrong with uh sushi well let's put 
this away throw it away and find another food to   eat what is she frying oh she's fighting 
these uh rather called honey jackfruit looks yummy let's walk around a little bit more of this 
market and then see what else we can find some fruits mangoes more of that through   oh wow look at this there we have everything 
pre-packaged ready for someone to eat this is what they have different types of meals so 
it starts at like uh eight you know seven actually   seven to ten ringgit which is not bad so all these 
meals are less than three dollars and check these oh there's another mortar by place for tomorrow 
i showed you guys another video actually   the eid video of kuala lumpur and then there's 
a little bit more food stalls over here let me   show you real quick how are we doing on time man 
i'm a little bit pressed for time unfortunately i   came a little bit late today i came here around 
12 30 and friday prayer is going to start about   in a half an hour so i don't know how much 
time i have to show you guys so many things   let's see what they have over here what are those you know what is this no 
it's okay what what is this got some donuts some desserts wow you could 
have your breakfast lunch and dinner here   wow let's see over here a long line of people got 
fried chicken and there's a frying oil over here   look at the line of people wow must be very good let's see uh okay it looks like 
this is the end of the market okay so i literally showed you 
the whole market oh this is the   place i went to uh last time but it seems like 
all of them they do a little bit different   you see they have the metal thing other places 
they don't have the metal thing for it so you   get some cookies over here this looks like a stick 
but it's to clean your teeth it's called this wax   they have some oils to perfume and 
cologne to make you smell nice fair beads and then over here is a masjid Jamek no if you want if you want to get into the moss 
you just have to wear pants and just maybe a scarf   that's what you just have to wear you don't know 
which is very nice oh okay if you want you're free   to go in you just have to like wear proper attire 
hey okay thank you hey you're welcome tomorrow   provided dress free provided dress yeah this is 
occasionally when i come in yes yes yes no problem   brother i'm just recording the market showing 
nice things yeah how much are your coofies   about 15 ringgit from brew huh from afro-america 
welcome welcome welcome all right so i'm see you   later again no you're gonna brave you wanna hey 
i wanna i'm gonna pray later but i didn't the   friday didn't start yet so i just want to record 
the food here yeah 1 30.

Right now what time is   it right now oh now it's about one o'clock oh yeah 
we have half an hour yeah yeah all right sit down yeah i just saw those ladies over there it 
seemed like they wanted to enter the mosque   it seemed like it seemed interested but i 
just wanted to tell them like what to wear   proper attire just so like when they go in the 
mosque you know people don't give them a bad time   so i'm back in the heart of the market but i 
just want to show you this funny sign over here   the thing is called something super ultra they 
have the picture has them and the power rangers   the white ranger growing up it's hilarious 
watching power rangers one of my favorite shows   as a kid if you like them too hit that 
like button all right now let's continue on awesome boy thai green tea thai   multi i see hello can i get one thai 
iced tea please five okay get one check out my money they put some syrup on it   and then here's the thai iced tea it's like 
tea mixed with uh condensed milk right here thank you all right thank you sister oh look 
at this guys hi iced tea okay brother i am back   let me get uh one more tub uh please uh which 
one do you think is better let me get chicken   yeah and then also it has the sauce 
yes yes sauce what is the sauce called is it sweet or chili or chili or sweet oh okay i'm not sure he understands me 
all right thank you brother thank you okay so let's let's go find a place to eat 
this oh it's nice and hot that's how i like it   so this one the guy caught up the mortal before 
uh when i had this before just one piece and i   just ate it and he also provided some sauce 
let me first have a bite without the sauce delicious so it's eggy fluffy onions and chicken oh no 
it's starting to rain i don't have enough time   oh no okay i might have to finish that later we 
have to run look how windy it is guys it's a big   storm's gonna happen thank god i showed you the 
market now okay walking underneath this building   oh by the way let me go over the 
thai iced tea real quick this is   the thai iced tea it's really big for 
almost um it's like a dollar twenty   but anyways uh so what's inside of you probably 
wondering why is it orange i heard they actually   diet that color but it's inside uh tea obviously 
condensed milk some spices and some syrup all right guys so i'm gonna finish up the video 
right now because it's raining right now and uh   i'm just i'm finished pretty much for what i 
want to get as of right now i will continue   and come back here again as always please hit the 
like button and subscribe if you haven't already   and if you want to see more videos of calling 
for more food videos that are more organized   just click up on the screen as always 
take care and catch you next time peace

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Malaysian Street Food

Today, we are going to a street food market with traditional Malaysian food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These street foods are one of the most popular street foods in Malaysia. These street food in Kuala Lumpur are halal . These halal street food's were highly recommend Malaysian foods that all my Malaysian friends love. This Street food market in KL and is only opened on Fridays before Friday prayer right next to Masjid Jamek in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. When you come to Malaysia you must try out the Halal street food and come to this friday market, to experience local Malaysian food culture. They have some of Malaysia's famous street foods. These Malaysian street food very tasty and are for a good price. Let me know what Malaysian foods do you like? If you like Halal food and street food, you will Love This Friday street food market in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. these street foods can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultural influences. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such as Bukit Bintang and skyscrapers such as the iconic, 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers.

Kula Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. Its modern skyline is dominated by the 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers, a pair of glass-and-steel-clad skyscrapers with Islamic motifs. The towers also offer a public skybridge and observation deck. The city is also home to British colonial-era landmarks such as the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building

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