Manchester Halal Food Festival – Pitmaster – Afrikana – Proper Burger

Manchester Food Festival is amazing Assalam-o-Alaikum, ladies and gentleman,
Welcome to "Food in frame", with another enjoyable episode,
Sharukh Hussain Khan is here for you we are moving from Leicester to Manchester
Food Festival, and here Brother Zeeshan is sitting along
with me He is my School friend from Karachi and it was planning for ages to meet,
and we have met by this excuse and along with that, I thought to take a
tour of Manchester, so stay with us it's a very good vibe and very busy here,
many options for food I think up to 15 stalls are here so today it's going to be
fun, so stay with me and we will show you guys
from where we will try food so here we have Double Beef Burger
of Proper Burger and it's looking very dangerous, extremely heavy, check this it's been a while since
I had a burger like this amazing, you, check this extremely juicy, grilled onions are melting cheese, quality of meat
Oh My God! amazing, their pickles are crunchy,
and great quality of their meat mouth is melting very superb.

So here we have Fried Chicken with chips
of Afrikana and their special thing is that they have
smoked chips and fried chicken brother, we can't do this with a fork,
we will eat it by hand so, we set aside the fork and see, took their chunky piece and we will take the foremost chunky bite what an idea by someone they have given a Charcoal smoke taste
to Fried chicken and chips this is melted cheese, and
also has a little chili on its top, and the interesting thing is that despite being fried
chicken, the sauce has been added,
but the chicken is not soggy the skin, the coating on it is very crunchy and also have black pepper on it it is the best of till now and very different,
I have eaten it for the first time Fried chicken and chips with a smoky taste very superb, here we have Brisket of Pitmaster,
its flavour is beef so natural sauce and jalapeno and now take the first bite of Brisket, first time I am eating this Brisket
in the UK, check this it's a very superb scene here, if you have watched my Camden Town vlog,
I was expecting food like this there, but here the deficit is fulfilled today you guys check this closely its combination is very soft, jalapeno, cheese, sauce
and it's cheddar-ed beef very superb see it's meat only not dry at all
and on top, I put sauce on it brother, it's a must try there is Foodie with me,
and I felt very happy to meet with him that in this field there are very few
people who motivate you I got a very good
Feedback from him, he said he was saying that I should have more
subscribers and followers, so I said It's only
been three months now I have got very motivation from him It's good, followers are good in 3 months,
may Allah gives you more Ameen Ameen and may you grow further! so I will say that do mine,
but also do their definitely because as in every
industry, positivity and need for genuine people, I
think he is one of them and thank you soo much Shukriya,
JazakAllah so it was our today vlog from Manchester it was a full meaty vlog,
and there was very food process today hopefully, you guys liked it and now the story is near to its end, so we have some mood of sweet and cold
so we took "Sno Tubz" you can call it Gola-Ganda (Ball of Ice) so it's a wish to eat
it whenever I see it, don't know how long ago eat it last time so let's try, and tell you how's it it's looking very fancy, but
this plastic straw in it is of no work it's coming in this,
see here means, it would take 2-3 days to finish it I do not understand, they don’t give a
spoon, so have to lick it with tongue? had fun today, Food was very good its taste was,
it is dropping in a friend's car he will kick me out of the
car right after this vlog ends it has to taste like this basically their flavours are good,
its flavours are very good but they have made a system
to just irritate it is not melting believe me,
you are thinking that I am exaggerating "Will come tomorrow again " see it's not coming if you are thinking
that I am lying or making fun, see this now it comes after melting forcefully and we have taken this 10 minutes ago, we walked here and sit in the car,
because it was quite a tiredness almost it's end of the day,
end of the vlog so, honestly, their flavorus are too good,
no doubt there packaging, I think
they have use a good science that, a little that it would not melt quickly,
but it is not melting, and if had a spoon,
then it will be more good so, overall it is a good product it costs £3.50 and all the meals we eat, Pick Master that we eat was £20, other than that every meal price was £10 so amazing experience and definitely, I think I will definitely go to London Food
Festival, but my experience of food till now Manchester Food Festival is Amazing, meat quality, food quality overall
excellent, very unique I have not tried food like
this at London till now and hopefully, you guys will like today's vlog and on this thing,
don't forget to like and subscribe share it with your family and friends allow Sharukh Hussain Khan from Manchester,
Allah Hafiz ☺

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Manchester Halal Food Festival - Pitmaster - Afrikana - Proper Burger

Manchester Halal Food Festival - Pitmaster - Africana - Proper Burger

I'm here at Manchester halal food festival to enjoy the food. I met Sheikh Foodie the famous Instagram Influencer in the food industry. I tried and review the food of famous brands like Pitmaster, Proper Burger, etc.
Watch the vlog and enjoy the vibe.

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